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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Not Yet A Doctor but So Very Close

With all the health workers today it can get a bit confusing. Have you ever considered the difference between nurse practitioners and physician assistants?? 

Both Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are there to take care of patients. There are many differences between the two as you can clearly see. A nurse practitioner normally starts out as a nurse and grows on that. A Physician assistant will attend medical school. However, both of them can do similar jobs within a range.

A nurse practitioner often has spent time as a nurse and has gained a feel for patients. With emphasis on disease prevention and health education nurse practitioners handle assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Physical assistants are often focused more on disease with biological and pathological components of health. Like the focuses on the two being a bit different one major difference is that physician assistants must practice under supervision of physician.

Physician assistants must work under the authority of supervising physician. Nurse practitioner's do not require such supervision and can work independently. Physician assistants must work the same hours as the M.D. Nurse practitioners can make their own schedule hours. Physician assistants are built on a structured, team based direction.

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