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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Get Busy Out There

With the weather getting warm and in between the raindrops we all get the itching to get out side and have some fun. It is no surprise that May is National Physical fitness and Sports Month With the long winter of being inside now is a great time to renew your commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle. The U.S department of health advises that youth get 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. For some this may be a problem because of where they live, learn and play. 

Physical activity not only offers better physical health but regular activity also provides cognitive health benefits as well. Research has proven that children that are physically active also get higher grades and have better attendance. First Lady Michelle Obama has placed interest in children exercise and fitness for quite some time. Lets Move!! was created to end childhood obesity as well as a brighter future for nations youth. 

There are many activities that you can do to keep our children and ourselves happy and healthy. Our children participate in little league sports. Softball, tee-ball, basketball and soccer are all ways we keep our children busy. How do you keep your children out there and busy??

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Get Ready To Barbq

I realize that May so far has had it's share of rain. In between those rain drops barbecues have started to bloom. The longer days allow the month of May to greet those that grill with National Barbecue month. There has always been that debate of whether charcoal or gas should be used and that debate may never go away. Should the ribs be parboiled or cooked directly on the grill?? That choice is up to your taste buds and cooking style. Those minor decisions are what we all may face but we all should feel honored to welcome in the month to barbecue. 

A great majority of Americans would rather cook outside than inside. Many feel that it is easier as well. Cooking outside is also a great time for friends and family that love great tasting food to get together. It is an affordable past time that all should be able to enjoy. Cooking outside also leads to a healthier lifestyle

Every cook has their go to gadgets and cooking on the grill is no different. Some of the must haves are

spatula or brush  
rubs and marinades   

Family Month

Our family is large in number. I am the second to the oldest in a family of 5 children. My husband is the second to the oldest in a family of 4 children. Our family is large as well as I am the mom of six children. But whether your family is large like ours or small it makes no difference we all have a reason to celebrate. National Family Month is celebrated from the second sunday in May through the third Sunday in June. 

That's right National family week starts on Mothers Day and runs through Fathers day. After all somewhere or another the family started with a mother and a father. Another great reason to celebrate during this time is because school is letting out and families have more time to spend together. 

KidsPeace started National Family Month to draw awareness to every member of the family. KidsPeace is a private not for profit organization that works to help children attain confidence and develop the courage to conquer crises that they may find. During this time period spend more time as family. Whether it be a vacation a stay-cation or simply working together to clean the house. Whatever it may be spend some time with the family you love.

 As the school year draws to a close we start to think about what we will do with the time we have together. A bucket list of sorts of fun we want to have during summer vacation. Some things we include are easy things and others are more complicated that will take more time and ability. The ability to check things off of our list is fun as well. 
What is on your bucket list?? 

Garden Time

With all the rain, many of us may not have all the plants where we want them to be. For the most part that means in the ground. Many of us may know what we want to plant just have not had the time. Others, may not know what they want to plant at all. This post is for all of us that plan on planting a garden.

The gardener should keep in mind that the garden is theirs. It is their place to do what they want to do. There are no rules and no one has to dictate what needs to be done. They can plant what they want to, where they want to and simply do what they want to do. Ensuring that the plants are put in the ground correctly.

What are the vegetables that you and your family will enjoy the most?? Are there veggies that will be enjoyed more than other?? How about trying a new plant or two. Now, with your plan in mind can you grow the plants where you want to. Do a bit of research and find out if the plants you want to grow will grow in your garden. They may fit into the garden in the spring and others like to grow in fall months better.

What will you plant first?? What needs to be planted later?? How much room will each plant take?? All great questions that any good gardener needs to know.

Now, if you have not all ready is the time to purchase your plants and seeds.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Plans To Eat Monday May 23 ----- Sunday May 29


Tonight was a ball game for both of my little sluggers so we enjoyed a meal that included a summer casserole with onions, sausages and peppers. 


will be a busy day for the entire family. With the grade school kids going to the cupcake bakery, me and hubby having business uptown and several working the day will be quite busy. We will meet up at the end of the day at Sonic's drive in. I love to take advantage of deals and tommorow they have a great deal on their awesome corndogs .50 for each. So we will enjoy them and head hone for

a spring time fruit salad that I will have chilling waiting for us all.


We will fix one of my Princess's favorite recipes. She has many now as her taste buds are advancing but will always enjoy chicken nuggets. 


Another night where I am hoping that the day will go good so the night will as well. We will find our selves in the court room with yet another full day. That night we will enjoy watching princess play ball and at the end of the night we will all gather around fire pit for hotdogs and banana boats 


Head back to work, yet I think it will be good and I have to make money as it helps all go round. But the evening will be one to enjoy friends and family as we barbq. Is the spring and summer months not wonderful. Being able to enjoy our dinner outside is awesome. Tonight we will try one of our favorites we found last year. Bacon Wrapped Chicken legs served with slaw, baked potatoes and fried corn.

Saturday: we will enjoy a night out after shopping for items needed for the upcoming wedding. Yep, thats right another child getting married May 11th. So some of the last minute items will be purchased today

We will enjoy a roast cooked in crackpot and crack potatoes 

What are you having this week?? check out more here

Penny for your thoughts

May 23rd is National Lucky Penny Day. The old rhyme of See a Penny, Pick it up.... All day long you'll have good luck has been around for quite some time. My husband is one that pays close attention as he walks and picks up coins that he finds. Our grand-children have followed suit. Whether it be their lucky day or not it becomes lucky with a smile on their face as they have a few cents more than they did before. 

Years ago the penny had some worth. From and collecting them was very worthwhile. Now it takes longer to save them than it did before before enough have been collected to purchase anything. The inflation rate has made pennies less valuable. In 1793 the first pennies were made of copper. Since that time the metal value and cost of minting pennies exceed their face value. There are currently efforts that are being made to end routine use of pennies in several countries including the U.S. What do you think?? 

Some people believe it's only good luck to pick up a penny if heads is showing. A penny with the tails side up should be turned over for another person to find. On the other hand, many people believe any penny you find is good luck. What do you think?? 

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Summer Time Cooking and a casserole recipe

I simply love the spring and summer months. It is a great time to get together with all those friends and family members that we may not see all that often. Family reunions, picnics, and other events that brings loved ones together. These picnics are often potluck style. I love to bring great dishes that may be new to others. This pepper, onion and sausage recipe I share today is one that can be baked inside, shared at potlucks or even grilled. I hope you enjoy!!!!

                                         recipe source from facebook group Darla's recipes   

1-2 bell peppers, sliced
1 package (at least 1 lb) of your favorite sausage links (johnsonvilles, evergood, generic smoked sausage, whatever you like. i used polish sausages, 4 to a pack)
4-5 decent-sized potatoes (i prefer yukon gold or red bliss)
3 tbsp olive oil (yes, it has to be OLIVE oil)
1 small jar banana peppers
1 large onion, sliced
salt & pepper
*optional — 2 tsp dried rosemary (bachelors, ignore this. your salt and pepper will be fine. i know that asking you to procure olive oil was already a stretch.)
*optional — tsp creole seasoning

spray a large baking pan w/ nonstick spray (make sure there is at least a small “lip” that provides a “side” to the pan, don’t use a flat baking sheet.
slice sausages into thin rounds, about 1/5″ thick. if you know how to slice using a “bias” cut, do that. if not, don’t worry about it.
cut potatoes into 1/2″ chunks
slice onion and pepper into strips
place all ingredients on baking sheet and drizzle oil over. use your hands to toss everything together in the oil, making sure everything feels coated.
add salt & pepper and spices (if using)
top w/ sliced banana peppers
bake at 400 for about 30-35 min, until potatoes are tender

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