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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dear Santa

I was very surprised this year to see that Santa came to town as early as he did. It seemed as soon as Halloween was over Santa made his first appearance. Yes, he will be back for return visits and this time we will be ready with a note for him to take back home. Yes, that's right we write Santa a note each and every year.

Whether the note be about how good they have been or what they want for Christmas it does not matter. It only matters that in the lines that they write Santa they tell him what it is they seriously want for Christmas. A letter to Santa adds a bit of magic and makes Christmas personal for each child. In addition, its a great way for a bit of a lesson on how to properly write letters.

When you are ready --- normally around the last of November first week of December sit down with your child and plan on how you want to write this letter.
What will you include in the letter. Should it be fun, what excuses can you come up with so that you can have as many presents as possible. Have each child include what they want in the letter, as a special touch perhaps they should mention what their sibling wants as well.

Countdown through the year, what cool things happened?? Were they on a sports team or learn a new skill?? Santa loves to hear what ever they are into. Have they had good behavior or struggled a bit?? Take time to tell Santa what went wrong as well. This may help behaviors slack a bit

If your child is old enough it is a great time to teach a bit about letter writing. If not old enough have them help you know what to put in the letter. Writing the Santa letter is a perfect photo opp as well It will help keep a memory for sure. Once wrote it is time to mail letter

One fun way to send letter is to drop it in an envelope and address it to
Santa Claus
P.O. box 56099
North Pole  Alaska 99705

Parents don't forget to write your children back. Have them check the mailbox daily until the letter (you sent) arrives. It is a priceless opportunity to create family memories  after all Christmas is for kids

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Happy Holidays

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  1. My kids write a letter to Santa each year and it's always so fun to see what they'll include. Pinned.


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