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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Miracle Suit

I find myself in need of bathing suits alot. Trips with the children wether winter or summer there is always a pool on these trips. The problem is that I am nearly 40 and have been pregnant 4 different times in my life. I try to eat right and exercise but this does not always happen. So what I need is a suit that will help me look and feel attractive. It takes a special suit to do this that is why I turned to the Miracle Suit.

The Miracle Suit promises to help you look like you lost 10 lbs. in 10 seconds. I believe it is the most form fitting suit I have ever seen. Hiding what I would love to hide and examplifying my good spots as well. Miratex is a special fabric that helps Miracle Suit to create such stunning suits. Besides suits Miratex also helps Miracle Suit create bath cover ups. The breast part of the Miracle Suit is helped by underwire in the foam padding. The wire in the suit I received you do not feel or see you just know that something is there helping you get a better uplift and fit. There is sure to be a suit created by Miracle Suit for every personality.

To purchase a miracle suit of your own please visit this link to find a retailer where you can purchase a Miracle Suit. Both online and offline stores available.

Power of Your Love (oh how he loves us)

love this song so pretty and the words have deep meaning

Please visit Signs, Miracles and Wonders to hear more great praise songs

Earth Babies review and giveaway

Earth Baby products are wonderful products developed just for our precious little ones. The Earth Baby products are tested to be non-sensitive and provide the best hypoallergenic care for your baby's skin and hair. My daughter has several allergies and because of them can only use certain creams, soaps and shampoos. Because of my daughters allergies princess has severe allergies as well. That is why we are always looking for wonderful products on the market that Princess can use, that smell great and we love. Earth baby is so safe that your newborn baby can use these terrific products without worry.
Earth Baby product include wipes, lotions, detangler, refreshing mist, bath gels, diaper rash creme, sunscreen, and shampoos. The wonderful Earth Baby products were developed by a grandmother, Florence Nacino a world famous researcher and chemist. Florence wanted to create a natural line of products that are hypoallergenic. Earth Baby is committed to using certified organic and natural fruit and vegetable based ingredients in the soap, shampoo and hygiene products.

I absolutely love Earth Baby's Philosophy

(taken directly off of Earth Baby's website)
Earth Baby’s simple philosophy:

•Use the best organic, fruit and vegetable-based ingredients to formulate the most effective hypoallergenic hair and skin care products for babies.
•Give a portion of profits to charities to support orphaned children and medical missions that provide free surgery to needy children.
•Support the Tarsier Foundation to protect the endangered Tarsier monkey, the smallest in the world.
Florence Nacino’s vision is to help mothers everywhere express their love for their children through the caring use of Earth Baby to support this simple philosophy

Great news,
Earth Baby wants to give one of Annies Home readers the opportunity to try their choice of product. Earth Baby is offering the winner of this contest their choice of product under $30.

Mandatory Entry: tell me what you would select if you were the lucky winner.

Extra Entries:

Contest starts now and runs through October 3, 2009. Please remember email must be in comment or on blog. Good Luck

Friday, September 11, 2009

As we remember 9/11

It seemed like a terrible T.V. show playing out that terrible morning of 9/11. I was working at a nursing home in a small little town. I turned on the T.V. so a resident I was caring for could watch T.V and on the screen I saw a building burning out of control. It was at that moment when that tower was building that another plane flew into the second tower. How terrible. The day would play out for weeks as each day we watched the struggle on T.V. Let us never forget the lives that were lost that terrible day and fly that grand flag forever.

PeaceLoveMom review and giveaway

Peace Love and Mom celebrates all we do as moms. As a mom we are the peace keeper, the energy of the family, the thermostat of the family and the all around care giver of the family. Why not celebrate all that we do. Peace Love Mom has the perfect products to help us show the world that we love being the mom as much as they need us to be the mom.

The wonderful tees, thermals and tanks available for moms and kids alike help to show the bond between mother and child.
Three moms created the Peace, Love Mom company with one goal in common. They wanted to celebrate motherhood with all moms in mind. These three moms were quite different but they could all agree that the job of being a mom was to be celebrated. The three moms brought their backgrounds together to come up with some very creative designs that will inspire and empower mothers everywhere.

Want to celebrate the fact that you are a mother? Want to show off your happiness to the world? Then purchase one of these wonderful Peace Love Mom tees or other products for your self. For a limited time Peace Love Mom is offering free shipping and a notepad with your order over $25 just use the code BTS or Annie09 will save you shipping charges off of any order of $25 as well.

Win the Peace Flower Mom White Burn Out Tee

How to win: visit the PeaceLoveMom website and let me know what your favorite product is.

Extra Entries:

Contest starts now and will run through October 1, 2009. Good luck. Open to U.S. only. Leave email address in comment or on blog

Germy Wormy giveaway

I recently reviewed the wonderful product Germy Wormy and you can read that review here Just in time for the flu and allergy season Germy Wormy has notified me that they would love to offer one of Annies Home readers the Germy Wormy DVD and a 10 pack of the sleeves.
Let me share a few facts that the CDC has published as late as September 4, 2009.

  • More people have visited their doctor for influenza like illness as of late. In February during the 2008-2009 flu season the doctors visits were at their highest, In April 2009 the new 2009 H1N1 virus emerged and the numbers of doctors visits rose. In the summer the numbers of doctor visits lowered but the numbers were still higher than what is normally expected in the summer.

  • The total number of people hospitalized due to influenza are higher than the normal expectations during this time of year

  • Most state health officials are reporting regional or sporadic influenza activity with six states (Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina) and Puerto Rico are reporting widespread influenza activity at this time. Any reports of widespread influenza activity in August are very unusual.

  • Almost all of the influenza viruses identified were the new 2009 H1N1 influenza A viruses. These 2009 H1N1 viruses remain similar to the viruses chosen for the 2009 H1N1 vaccine and remain susceptible to antiviral drugs (oseltamivir and zanamivir) with rare exception.

Presented with the facts the question is now what do we do to help from getting sick? With the number of those getting sick rising what exactly can we do to protect our selves and those that we love.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water may use alcohol based sanitizers. Avoid putting your hands close to your nose or mouth (this is where germy wormy would be useful for your little ones)

  • Cover your nose and mouth every time you cough or sneeze, and avoid anyone coughing or sneezing (once again germy wormy has the tools to teach your little ones)

  • Face masks can be used when in crowds or when helping a sick person, they are not needed when not around others. They prevent you from inhaling contaminated air.

  • Also, the use of the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza can help prevent the disease from 70 to 90 percent. Recommendations for using antiviral drugs for treatment or prevention of swine influenza will change as we learn more about this new virus. (the problem with this is that many people are allergic to Tamiflu so prevention if at all possible is the key)
Germy Wormy wants to help you to teach your children how to protect their selves and the ones they love from the terrible germs that cause flu and sickness.

watch a short snippet of the germy wormy program at work

As I said Germy Wormy would love to offer one of Annies Home readers a chance to win the DVD and 10 pack of sleeves. In order to enter you must tell me why you would love to win the Germy Wormy package.

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Contest starts now and will run through October 1, 2009 Remember email must be on blog or in comment. Good luck to all

Bath Luve giveaway

Bath Luve the product that helps to make bath time easier and funnier for both baby and mom. I have previously reviewed Bath Luve and you can read that review here Please take a look at the wonderful products that Bath Luve sells and imagine your little one in warmth while receiving a bath. The drastic temperature change

The Bath Luve comfortably covers your baby and supplies the needed heat to allow you to give your little bundle of joy a bath. Less fussing means better bath time for both mom and baby.

Want to win a bath luve of your own?

Here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry: visit the bath luve site and tell me something I did not tell you about and let me know which one you would choose

Extra Entries:

Contest starts now and continues through October 1, 2009. Please remember to include email in comment or on your blog. Have Fun and Good Luck .

Gap Outlet

Gap Outlet - Semi-Annual Baby Sale

TwitterMoms Exclusive: Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale Savings!

As a mother of six children I learned one very important detail in the economics of family. A large family financial situation is often a tight situation. By learning the lesson of how to use money wisely is a very important task. One way I learned to use my money wise was to shop wisely for my childrens clothes. Now that I am a grandmother I am passing this same wisdom down to my daughter in hopes that she too will be able to use her money wisely while her daughter my little Princess wears the cutest styles available.

Here are a few of super important tips to use when shopping for childrens clothes

  • shop off season. At the end of every season stores will often place the latest styles on sale. I look for items that can be transfered into the next season. For example little tees that could be worn under winter shirts or sweaters. I have been lucky enough to find items as much as 75% off in the end of the season sales

  • I love to buy the brands that I trust and know will last. If I can find great savings on these brands even better. With raising six children it has helped to buy the better brands that will last through the wear of the first they were bought for as well as the sibling that comes after them

  • Look for great sales in the Sunday ads. These sales at back to school times, pre christmas sales, and start of summer sales as well as the normal sales can help you save those dollars as well.
I hope that these 3 tips will help you just a bit. As I leave I want to show you the super cute look of Gap Outlet.

The Gap Outlet has style to create outfits like these.

With style like this and the savings that Gap Outlet affords you how could you not get the little one in your life some super cute outfits?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Breaux review and giveaway

Are you one of those people that likes to be pampered? Well I am not a person who does not like to get dirty but I am a person who loves to doll up as well. Our little ones are like that as well they are rough and tumbly, and love to play hard but at the end of the day they don't mind to get pampered a bit as well. Baby Breaux provides the wonderful pampering tools every baby loves.

we received the Baby Breaux Baby Pudding. The baby pudding helps to keep the little ones skin soft and relaxed. Oh the cuddly feel of fresh skin is what I believe the Baby Breaux baby pudding attempted to achieve. The wonderful smell and soft feel is safe for the little one as well as Baby Breaux took care to not include paraben and phthalate free.

Along with the baby pudding other wonderful products that the Baby Breaux company sells are
  • Baby Frosting - deliciously smelling for the bath

  • Honey Lavendar Lotion - shea butter and honey rub comes to gather to make skin sooth, baby silky soft with safety in mind as well.

  • Bottom Pop - a lovely blend of sweet almond oil, shea oil, and kokum butter comes together to form a silky barrier in the bottom pop. The Bottom Pop helps prevent or sooth diaper rash. Chemical free, no fragrance or synthetic preservatives.
A blend of sweet almond oil, shea oil, and kokum butter create a silky barrier in this balm. Use to prevent or sooth diaper rash by rubbing on their skooshy tooshy. This product is chemical free - no fragrance or synthetic preservatives.
Baby Breaux also sells cute onesies and tees to help express care for your little ones.

Any of these super cute items would make for a wonderful gift for your little one, birthday or baby shower.
Buy you can purchase any and all items that Baby Breaux sells by heading over to thier website at

Win: One of Annies Home readers will receive a gift pack created by Baby Breaux owners.

To Win: you must visit the Baby Breaux website and tell me something that I did not tell you about Baby Breaux

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contest starts now and will run through October 1, 2009. Good luck email must be included in comment or on blog

Thursday 13

Today for Thursday Thirteen I will list of 13 foods we will be serving at Princess birthday party being hosted by her nana and papa.

  1. pink popcorn
  2. pink party punch
  3. hotdogs
  4. hamburgers
  5. steaks
  6. texas potatos
  7. cowboy beans
  8. slaw
  9. pasta salad
  10. cake for princess
  11. princess cupcakes
  12. lollipops
  13. birthday cake

want more great list of 13? Head over here

Pert and Womans Day Team Up for Giveaway

Pert and Womans Day have teamed up to bring you a wonderful contest. One where one lucky winner will walk away with $20 worth of Pert hair products. Simply follow this link to get a chance to enter

thursday thunks

Dying, Buying, Eating, & More

Welcome to the September 10th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 999 and the color of a butterfly sitting on a red rose.

1.A 90 year old man's dying wish in South Carolina was to be buried in his car. Link If you were told tomorrow you have 3 weeks to live, would you have any dying wishes or something special done before you died?

I only want to make sure that my children are taken care of and then yes I would love to be burried in the family cemetery where we are from

2. Do you pay for more stuff using a credit/debit card or cold hard cash?

cash, cash and only cash

3. What's cuter- a baby lizard or a baby snake?

dont like either a earth worm is too much for me

4. You go out to eat by yourself at a restaurant. While waiting for your food do you people watch & easedrop on others conversations, read a book, use a laptop or chat with people around you?

Sorry but yes I am a people watcher and ease droppers or if someone is with me I chat while people watching and ease dropping

5. If you see someone walking around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe, do you tell them or just laugh?

giggle and have someone else to tell them

6. You are talking to someone you just met but you can't understand them at all because of their accent. Do you tell them you can't understand them or just smile and nod?

smile and nod, nod and smile

7. Mudfest! Park filled with pools of mud and an obstacle course of mud. Do you go and play in the mud?

water parks yes, mud parks dont think so

8. Have you ever had a headache so bad it effected your vision?

migranes where I could not see straight

9. Would you fit in more with the circus, Hollywood, Broadway, or comedy circuit types?

comedy circut I love to crack jokes and quick wit but have no real talent

play along here

Great sale on Layers Clothing

Have you been able to check out the contest on my blog sponsored by Layers clothing? If not be sure to do that by following this link

In the meantime why not go shopping at a totally cool sale on Layers clothing website Such a great sale they are terming it the final sale.

Easy and Quick Slow cook pork chops

This recipe is super, quick and easy 3 things I love in my recipes

Slow Cooked Pork Chops
4 (in my case 8) chops
1 (in my case 2) bottles of your favorite barbq sauce
position chops in crock pot. Cover with Sauce. Toss around using hands so that they are covered well. Cook slow 8 hours. Cooks that great taste in
shared this recipe on the blog Ann Kroker as well as on the blog Vanderbilt Wife

Wonderful Coupons

Thanks to the Coupon Princess I can share with you a source of valuable coupons. The coupons available are:

1. Hunts Tomatoes .75/3
2. Rotel $1/4
3. Acts 11 Popcorn Balls $1/2
4. Peter Pan .50/1
5. Kids cuisine $1/3 (funny.. my boy loves the blue plates these come in, and will not let me throw them away..*smile*
6. Snack Pack Pudding $1/4

All coupons expire 11/15/09 amd all of them say DND, these are all Smart Source printed coupons.

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

Grace's Kitchen Friends

Do you love no bake cookies? Well if you are familiar with the no bake chocolate cookies then you need to tast these wonderful no bake peanut butter cookies. Whether its for the lunch box or for an afternoon snack these cookies are great for take along or stay at home. DELICIOUS!!!!!!


2 cups sugar
1/4 cup margarine
1/2 cup milk
1 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups rolled oats

In lg saucepan, mix sugar, margarine, and milk; bring to a full boil over med heat.
Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla, stir til peanut butter is melted; stir in oats.
Working quickly, drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper covered newspaper

I am sure your children will love these.
Here are some tips that you can have your children help with

  • pouring (skill needed for K and above)

  • measuring (great math skills gained here)

For more great recipes check out the blog Feels Like Home

Have a Coke and a Smile Freebe alert

Want to get a free coke? Thanks to Coupon Mommie and Money Saving Mom you can. Just follow the directions below

:Log in to MyCokeRewards (or sign up for a free account here).

::Click on the "Pick Up Points" tab

::Click on the "Get 25 Points" tab next to the T.G.I. Friday's logo.

::Sign up for the "Give Me More Stripes" program.

::Once you've signed up, you'll receive an email confirmation with a code that is good for 25 MyCokeReward points. Add these to your account and then you can choose to redeem them immediately for a free 20 oz. Coke, 18.5 oz. Dasani Essence, 32 oz. Powerade, or 20 oz. Minute Maid.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall is in the air

Its that time of year when the asthma begins to go wild. Here is the little one as he lays in the ER with a hacking cough. Just look at his cheeks you can tell he is sick

for more special pictures visit the blog 5 minutes for special needs

Zoo Trip

My brother and sister in laws little ones pretty good looking family but quite a handful I am sure.

Here he is my brother and the kids

in front of the elephant the baby must have been asleep in this picture

Of course no trip to St. Louis complete without picture of the arch

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner


winner of the yoplait whips prize pack is
Shannon said...
Love the key lime pie!! From the freezer

winner of the $25 gift card to My Good Greetings
kayshem17 said...
I would love to spend $25.00 towards photo cards for Christmas. I love photo cards.

winner of the shabby apple dress
DG said...
subscriber 3

winner of the dreamsacks washcloths

ihchicky said...
I learned that their mission is:
"To provide wonderfully nurturing natural products while consciously caring for people and our environment"

I found this info here:

A Boy and His Dog

This is a picture of his nephew and his dog. How cute they are. Best friends by choice.

for more great pictures visit the blog 5 minutes for mom and Seven Clown Circus and Cheaper Than Therapy

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cheesy Mexican Beef and Potato casserole

this is a recipe I found in one of my favorite catalongs Kraft Food and Family

Velveeta tex mex beef and potatos

lb hamburger

red pepper, chop

onion, chop

taco season mix

1/2 c water

4 c frozen hash browns, I love ore ida

10 oz frozen corn

1/2 lb velveeta

heat to 350 degree Brown meat, peppers, onion, Drain Return to skillet Stir in taco mix Add potatoes, corn and cheese Mix Spoon in 13x9 casserole Cover Bake 20 minutes Stir Bake uncovered 15 more minutes

find more great recipes

Book Review: Max Lucado Fearless

Title of book: Fearless Imagine Your Life Without Fear
Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: September 8, 2009
format: hardcover
pages: 224
genre: nonfiction

Publisher Thoughts on the book:
Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word terror. Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Over sized and rude, fear herds us into a prison of unlocked doors. Wouldn't it be great to walk out?

Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, or doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, where you could trust more and fear less.

Can you imagine your life without fear?

My thoughts:
I believe Max Lucado has done it again. Known for writing great books with the Christian life as a directional, Lucado has created another great book directed at life as it is. I can remember right after the events of 9/11 how fearful we were. Now with the jobs and housing problems looming over the air fear leads to stress and stress leads to more fear. We all know that we are to depend on our Lord to protect us and to fend for us. That through faith we can lead a more ample life and fear only hinders that life. How great it would be to put full faith in him as we should and instead have faith to help us face the day.
What a wonderful book and for me it was a book that I read and wanted to share. It was a book that I wanted my daughter who is a young mother, my teens who are in college and my husband as well to read. It was a book that I wanted to share with all and my excitement made everyone I shared with want to read the book as well.
Max Lucado opens the world through bible verse, illustrations and carefully wording that allows us to see how fear paralyzes us and does not allow us to move forward even though it is safe and if fear were not present we would do it easily. How careful and brilliant is Max Lucado to demonstrate through bible verses as proof and illustrations as demonstrations to show us how are lives could be so much better if we gave up fear in our life.
I believe while this book is for sure christian related I believe that anyone should and will be able to find meaning in this wonderful book.

10 Bad Habits You Can’t Break

Here is a list of 10 bad habits I can't break
  1. snacking
  2. chewing on my fingers
  3. chewing gum and popping bubbles
  4. late night snack
  5. raising my voice when talking
  6. jumping before I find out what is actually going on
  7. using my debit card for more things than I should
  8. giving advice where it is not needed
  9. talking when I should just listen
  10. sharing my opinion when not asked for

these are my 10 as you can see my mouth is often my trouble area If you want to join in and have some fun go here

mooshu trainers

As many of you know I am a grandmother. I love to dress up my little Princess in the cutest styles that I can find. Mooshu trainers belongs on the list of cutest and top of the line shoes for the little ones. Princess received a pair of Mooshu Trainers Bow Shoe type sandal.

These super cute MooShu Trainers came to be when a precious baby girl was born into a world where a mother could not find exactly what she was looking for. The problem was the beautiful little girl was born with a foot that was wider than most baby shoes. Therefore normal shoes were too tight on her feet. Then the mother found a type of shoes known as Squeaky Shoes. Now that this mother had found a shoe for her baby she wanted more. So she created a type of shoe that width, flexibility, and thickness. Now these great shoes come in styles ranging from Mary Jane's to sandals to tennis shoes.

You can purchase a pair of Mooshu trainers from an online site which you can locate by following this link or locate a near by retail site by following this site

shoo Shoos Review and Giveaway

I so love the thought behind the wonderful Shoo Shoos group. The Shoo Shoos company was created over 10 years ago to help lift up disadvantaged communities. Now Shoo Shoos has sales in over 20 countries. Shoo Shoos has always been and will always be committed to providing you with best baby footwear available for your precious little one. With all the great colors and styles available who would not be impressed by the look and the little ones can trust that the soft inside of the shoe will be comfortable as well.

That's right for a limited time you can order any of the $24.95 or $19.95 pair of baby shoes and then buy up to 5 clearance items for only $7.95 each. Now this sale makes sense to me. Great looking shoes at a tremendous buy
Top 3 reasons why Shoo Shoos are loved:
  1. natural leather
  2. elasticized ankles
  3. recommended by pediatricians

The great folks at Shoo Shoos would love to offer one of Annies Home the chance to win a pair of shoes from Shoo Shoos.

To Enter you must: Visit the Shoo Shoos website and let me know what pair of shoes you would choose if you were the lucky winner.

Extra Entries:

Contest will start now and run through September 28, 2009. Remember email has to be where I can find it. Good Luck

UPrinting Wall Graphic Printing giveaway

With my children away at college they want to decorate their dorm rooms but have so many rules to follow it is not even funny. That is why I love the idea behind the U-Printing Wall Graphic. U-Printing the same group that makes the wonderful large format posters now has found an even better way to display your treasures in the form of a wall graphic. With the wall graphic the picture they choose to display can go up easily without wear and tear and without breaking any of the rules. U-Printing creates the wall graphic using high quality adhesive fabric made by Photo-tex. The Wall Graphic is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. So this means ladies that we can now decorate that wall connected to the patio that looks so bare. Just think what our friends will think when they see that we also took time to decorate not only the inside but the outside. Don't worry the sun wont harm the print either since the material it is made from is UV protected and unlike a paint job or most murals the
U-Printing wall graphic can be repositioned.

Have I gathered your attention? Well, here is a bit of good news that you will be most interested in then. The U-Printing group would love to offer two (2) of Annies Home readers a 24"x24" wall graphic of their own. ($5 handling fee applies)
To enter you must tell me how you would use the wall graphic if you were to win.

Extra entries:
This contest will be a short one and will run through September 14,2009. Please remember to include email. Good Luck.

Letter Perfect Embroidery review and giveaway


I love the many personalized items that are on the market for little ones. I have seen tees, sweatshirts, etc... for the little ones with either their name or other information that I.D.s the little one. Letter Perfect Embroidery creates wonderful personalized items that are not only stylish but beautiful.

To celebrate the birth of a new member of the family Letter Perfect Embroidery has created wonderful personalized blankets with the childs name, birth date, and measurements. This blanket is sure to be cherished way after the early days of the baby.

What about a little friend personalized especially for your little one? Sure to be a big hit to please everyone. Both the personalized blanket or the personalized animal would make great birthday, Christmas or baby shower gifts. Wow the surprise they will have when they see that the gift was created just for them.

Letter Perfect Embroidery goal is to make you Letter Perfect and therefore would love to offer one of Annies Home readers a chance to choose the Letter Perfect gift for their little one from either the kid zone or baby bazaar. One of Annies Home readers will be able to win a $35 gift certificate to shop at the kid zone or baby bazaar section of the Letter Perfect Embroidery website.

Mandatory entry: head over to the letter perfect embroidery website and choose what you would select if you were the winner.

Extra Entries:
  • follow my blog (2 entries)
  • subscribe to my blog (2 entries)
  • follow me on twitter and tweet about the contest (1 entry per tweet) leave link in comment
  • blog about the contest (5 entries) leave link in comment

Contest starts now and will run through September 29, 2009. Remember email must be in comment or on blog. Open to U.S. only. Good Luck.