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Saturday, January 24, 2009

giveaway: pretty bows

One discussion that we had at our house while my grandchild was here was on her hair. She was born with a full head full of hair and did not loose any. My daughter stated she thought about cutting her hair and I stated she just needed some cute bows and hair ribbons. I remember those real cute little ribbons that I had put in my daughters hair when she was little and she always loved long hair. But now as an adult she enjoys a short hair cut and keeps it that way. Currently there is a giveaway for miss B's bow boutique being held at the pink chandelier.

giveaway: pink lemonade bag

My daughter and I was talking today and guess what with all the bags that she has for her little girl she is wanting another bag. Why? Because she said that she needed one that was for girls? I told her that I thought that she had one for girls and she replied yes but not a real girly one. So guess what mom is on the lookout for. I am on the lookout for a great diaper bag that she can take around when she travels with my precious little one. Low and behold I found a giveaway for a bag at Therpeutic reviews and giveaways. Pink Lemonade Bag is being offered as a giveaway and Therpeutic reviews and giveaways have wrote a great review of their bags as well.

mom fuse valentine giveaway day 5

Mom fuse valentine giveaway day 5 includes a hand held soduku game and a CD of animal magic check it out.

giveaway: learning material

I have always been a proponent for early learning. When my children were little many of thier toys would play dual row. First for education and second to be fun. Now I have a chance to enter a giveaway for a full curriculim for my grandbabies preschool. Thrifty and chic mom is hosting a giveaway for the itty bitty bookworm (value over $300).

giveaway: director chair

Today my granddaughter came to visit and it was so much fun. I believe that everyone was at her beckon call. Whatever she needed she got our job today was to keep her happy. Do you often feel that your little one directs the family? Don't they deserve a chair of their own? What about a directors chair. You can win that little one a hoohobbers directors chair of their own from Jamies Precious Peas. Want another giveaway that will allow you a tee or onesie head over to sage and savvy where you can win one of your choice from teesforchange.

giveaway: diapering products

Do you know a special one that wears diapers? Do they ever get a bit of red or need some care? Diaper rash can truely be a bit painful to the diaper wearer. Now momma findings offers a giveaway for Lansinoh diaper cream and wipes as a giveaway item.

giveaway: Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender!

Do you love to cook? If so the new giveaway over at funky monkey may b for you. Go over and check out the giveaway for cuisinart smartstick hand blender.

giveaway: leg warmers

I am a gal from the 70s and 80s and have wore mini skirts and leg warmers and sometimes even wore them togethter. Now leg warmers are making their way back among the young people and I love it. In this type of weather everyone needs to stay warm and leg warmers can help do exactly that. There is one new thing about leg warmers and that is the companies that are creating them. For instance mamarunswithscissors is an etsy shop that creates leg warmers. Two of a kind working on a full house blog wrote a review for this great etsy shop and also offer a giveaway for a pair of legwarmers. If you are interested in comparing leg warmer companies you can check out the babylegs giveaway hosted by life in a house of blue and sponsored by babylegs.

giveaway: shoes

Yesterday was great weather and one could nearly go barefoot. Today however is colder and a pair of shoes is nearly required. I love shoes and there are so many styles out there. There is a etsy shop named baby bug shoes that I had never seen before but Two of a kind working on a full house reviewed this company recently and sparked my interest. The second feature of this review was a giveaway. Yes Two of a kind working on a full house blog is hosting a giveaway sponsored by the etsy shop baby bug.

giveaway: soda pop

I found a site offering the makings for soda pop. I can remember as a child my grandmother would make her own soda with a kit similiar to this. Would you like to win a kit and attempt to make your own soda? Well the blog two of a kind working on a full house is hosting a giveaway supported by the soda club.

Friday, January 23, 2009

#1. What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever made with bread?

well the one thing I am going to make is corny dog muffins will be posting recipe next week as well

#2. What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever done with mac and cheese or pasta?

besides using it as art material we have served pasta and mac and cheese in nearly everyway from casseroles to meatloaf

#3. Is there a food you eat other then it is intended?

eat icing straight out of can without cake or anything.

#4. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever seen?

just watch t.v I have seen lots of wierd foods

join 4 foods on friday here

friday 5

Friday 5 is a series of 5 questions to be answered and you can find more here

What types of blogs do you usually read?
I like homemaking blogs, giveaway and reviews and family blogs

What kinds of products do you usually buy when you shop online?
books, groceries, clothes

What kinds of online videos do you usually spend time watching?
religious or old songs but listen to many and lots of debate

Besides Friday 5, what weekly memes do you particularly enjoy?
I participate in several blogs a day just look at my blog and you will see

Where do you like to go for streaming online music?

friday fill ins

friday fill in is a meme that I chose to follow today

Oh, I am so _____!
busy, time just seems to be flying

2. _____ changes, big and little.
many changes (life)

3. During _____, I _____.
the day I have been very busy running errands, taking time with family

4. _____; are you kidding me???
my daughter is coming tommorow

5. Right now I'd like to be _____.
visiting my daughter

6. _____ is my favorite gadget.
my george foreman grill

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____!
looking forward to see my daughter and her family when they come tommorow and go to church on sunday

for more friday fill ins go here

giveaway: persnickel tea

The name of this tea sounds like a character in a book that I read as a child. Persnickety seems to conjour up thoughts of stylish women drinking coffee or tea with their pinky fingers held out in front of them. Persnickity may also make you think of a great time of just being able to be classy and relax with in your skin. Whatever you think of when you hear the name of this tea persnickel tea the thing to do is go and try it. With names of teas like girls like out and little black dress makes one think that it is to make one feel like they are sexy and younger. Want another reason to try this tea check out the giveaway at Frugal Mommies of 2 girls.

giveaway: personalized onesie or tee

feisty, frugal and fabulous is holding a giveaway for a onesie or tee from green baby clothing that can be personalized.

momfuse valentine give day 4

Today at momfuse you can enter to win day 4 giveaway which includes a roadmice computer mouse, cocoa zen chocolate body gift set, and lolita mug. SO head over and sign up at Momfuse for your chance to win.

giveaway: kids coat and hat

Jamies precious peas blog is hosting a giveaway for a hat and coat set from these are really super cute so go check out the coats and enter the giveaway.

giveaway: grilling time

Get ready for grilling time. Man I can hardly wait I love all of the great food that we make during grilling time. Now it may be a bit easier with two great giveaways going on over at Jamies Precious Peas. Texas Select Seasoning and Irish smoke. Had not heard of either one but hope I win so I can try them out.

giveaway: bib and blanket set

We all love those little baby blankets that are so cute. I know I could not resist the urge to keep baby blankets around when mine were little and still have a few for when little ones come over. Now a chance to win a baby blanket and bib set from three pine design hosted by Jamies Precious Peas blog. If you love these then you have to check out the gracie ruffle skirt giveaway sponsored by marie-madeline studio etsy shop. These are darling and are being hosted as a second giveaway by Jamies Precious Peas Blog.

valentine cookies and giveaway

Valentine's Day Cookies from Abbys recipes

2 c. sugar
1 c. shortening
4 eggs
1 c. buttermilk
2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. vanilla
4 or 5 c. flour
4 tsp. baking powder

Cream sugar and shortening. Add eggs and mix; add soda, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and vanilla. Alternate flour and milk. Refrigerate overnight or a few hours. Roll rather thin; bake at 375 degrees until golden brown.

So you say no time for baking cookies? Well What about winning some? You are in luck!!!!!!
There is a giveaway going on for great tasting valentine cookies from cookie boutique. Head over to Busy Mom to sign up for this giveaway.

giveaway: something pretty and useable

Have you seen the new pottery pieces being created by museware pottery? Well let me tell you these are some really nice pictures. I am from a historic town where pottery had its own name Whitehall Illinois. Have you ever heard of whitehall pottery or crocks? Well let me tell you I am proud that I am from that little town and love it very much although I do not live there any more it will always be home. The funky monkey is holding a giveaway supported by museware pottery for $100 in product. The thing is there are many things that you can get from this company that are under $100. so go check it out. Jamies Precious Peas is also giving away something that seems very vintage to me. They are offering a giveaway sponsored by infused. You need to see these glass jars/bottles they look so cool and the best part is you have a chance to win.

giveaway: baby sling

Does your little one love to be loved and cuddled yet you do not have enough hands to do everything? Well why not try a baby sling? One that really rocks is the rockin' baby sling. There is a great review and giveaway being hosted by soothie ranch. Soothie Ranch is holding a giveaway for one rockin' baby sling (over $100 value).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

giveaway: diaper clutch

do you carry along a makeup clutch? well if you are a mother of a baby or todler there are probably other things that you carry with you. An ingenious invention called the diaper clutch, a bag that is designed just to carry a diaper along to places whereever you go. This is a great idea and the best thing is that mombuzz is giving one away to a lucky reader.

slow cooking thursday saucy chops

I just found this recipe that I plan on trying out real soon and thought I would share it was from taste of home

Saucy Chops

8 chops 4 T oil

2 t garlic powder 4 c catsup

1 t salt 1 c brown sugar

1/2 t pepper 2 t liquid smoke hickory flavor

Season chops. Brown. Drain. In bowl mix catsup, sugar, smoke. Pour 1/2 of the mix in crockpot

Top with chops. Pour rest of the sauce over chops. Cover and Cook low for 5 hours.

for more great crockpot recipes check out family corner blogspot

glitter graphics
Free Glitter Graphics, Bible Verses Glitter Graphics

This is a verse that I learned a young girl in fact I learned a song (a round) that went with this song. I love this song but not always do I think about it. When the days of winter get cold, the water pipes break, the car wont run, and I just have a bad day not always do I remember to give praises to God. I need to remember no matter the day the truth is that he did make it and he is worthy of all the praise.

giveaway: shoo shoos

Tiny feet need to be warm to and shoo shoos have some of the cutest shoes you will ever find. These are so super cute I would love to get my granddaughter any of the pairs available. No better way to try something out than to win them so I located a giveaway. Frugal mommies of 2 girls are hosting a giveaway for a pair of shoo shoos shoes.

giveaway: shopping money

Do you not love to shop? If you do then your like me. If your like me then you will love bubblecakes. What does the name bubblecakes sound like to you? Think of bubbles? Nope thats not what I found on the site. What I found on the site was some very pretty and adorable baby blankets. Right now Frugal mommy of 2 girls is offering a gift certificate of $40 to bubblecakes.

giveaway: retote

Do you ever think about the used wrappers and juice boxes that you throw in the trash? Well Peanut butter and pickles reviews wrote a review about a company called terracycle and I was really suprised. Terracycle will send you 4 envelopes where you place your used juice containers or wrappers and they will donate .02 to a charity for each they recieve. This is great and I love the idea. Terracycle also construct an item called retote. Guess what they are made of? Yes that right refuge that has been tossed out. At this time Peanut butter and Pickle reviews is holding a giveaway sponsored by terracycle for a retote. So head over to peanut butter and pickle reviews for a great review of a terrific sounding company and product and a chance to win.

giveaway: rufflebuts

As I have said before I have a darling little granddaugter that is only 4 months old well nearly 5 months now. Well anyways this little angel is what we consider a princess. One thing that we like to do is dress her in ruffles and bows. What better way to do that than shop at rufflebutts and if you read any of my giveaway post at all you know i consider the best way of shoping is getting one for free. Right now the blog catch the drift is offering a lucky reader a pair of rufflebutts bloomers, so go over and check them out.

giveaway: help to clean those boogies up

Asthma and allergies run rampant in my family. Thus allowing plenty of colds and children with runny noses. Boogie wipes would of been very useful when my children were little and something I want both my niece and nephews and my granddaughter to try. Well if I am lucky enough they will recieve the opportunity to try them for free. Right now the blog momma findings is offering a giveaway for boogie wipes.

give away : coloring object for your child

Does your child color on items they are not supposed to? I know all the remedies available for cleaners of coloring marks in places they are not to be. With 6 children and only 2 eyes one has to know great secrets like that. I love the giveaway currently going on at feisty, frugal and fabulous sponsored by color me. It is a pillowcase that can be colored by your child. For once your child is able to be creative and color on something other than paper or coloring books. So head over to feisty, frugal and fabulous and sign up for the color me pillowcase.

give away: soap

When I was a young girl my mother sold avon to help make extra money. In fact she sold fuller brush, tupperware, toys, and others. Well anyways back to my point, my mother sold avon and we would get these cool avon bottles among other items that were shaped as animals, ice cream, flowers to name a few. O.k my point is dont we love bottles in shapes of items that they are not really? Well what about soap? The etsy shop Lovelee soaps creates soaps in many outrageous and fun shapes. Right now feisty, frugal and fabulous is holding a giveaway sponsoring the popcorn soap from Lovelee. So head over to the blog feisty, frugal and fabulous and enter for your chance to win.

give away; loop to loop belt

Do you know someone who could use some help doing there belt? Have you ever been in the bathroom line in a kindergarten class? These young ones are so funny they need help to do their belts, button thier pants etc...... Well the loop to loop belt would reduce the need of help. Right now feisty, frugal and fabulous is holding a giveaway on thier blog and the sponsor is loop to loop so head over and read the review and sign up to enter the giveaway.

heres 5 that I found


what can you find

go here for more

little bit more about me

1. Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?

Yes I have hobbies, kids if they can be considered hobbies we do alot of things like walks, games, yard work, art work, etc... I also coupon,save, menu plan and love to cook and find great recipes

2. What do you like to do for fun?

Once again children, church and cooking would be somewhere in the top

3. Do you go out much? Where do you like to go? What kinds of things do you like to do?
we have family night once a week but other than that no. We do travel at least once a month for a few days at a time during the spring, summer and fall. We own a RV but stay home december through most of march.


I am thankful today for the children that I have. Allthough they may fuss when together at times the love for each other often shines through. At the present time we are without transportation at this time and because of the severe weather could not get to the church that we had been attending. I guess that I had better thank GOd for the paths he puts up when we have limited choices available to us. A preacher from another church stopped by last week to invite us to church and said that they would be glad to pick us up. Great we get to go to church, which is a Sunday event that I think is a must because it is not a church that we follow rather a loving God heavenly father that we worship. Anyways, I discussed it with my kids who at first said they would go but did not know how they actually felt. It was not until after church that they continued to talk about the service and how much they really liked it. I am so happy that they love church and worship service. We will be riding the bus back to that service this Sunday once again and I know this time that they truely know what we go to church for, not meeting friends but to worship GOd.

for more gratituesday post visit heavenly homemaker

shard here 

momfuse valentine give day 3

Mom fuse is hosting a series of giveaways for valentine day. Todays giveaways include Mcraes sauce and handbag from handbag heaven. I love to try new sauces and my husband loves them when he cooks and noone can ever have too many handbags. So head over and sign up for a chance to win.

giveaway: Kozypal

Kozypal shopping cart covers are a terrific idea. They are safe for your child to ride in because you know that it is clean it also protects them from the metal of the shopping cart. So many times little fingers get pinched by the metal or heads get knocked against them. I remember when I used to go shopping with my little ones many times they would fall asleep if I did not have a blanket with me then they had no where to lay their head. With kozypal they can just relax and so can you. Funky monkey is hosting a giveaway supported by kozypal for a gift certificate for $25.

giveaway: cupcake

Cupcakes are not just for eating any more. Well, at least not since I found the cupcakes at serahs. These cupcakes are for taking a bath with and relaxing. Now you can win one of these cupcakes by entering the giveaway hosted by funky monkey.

giveaway: journal

Do you have a busy life? Do you find yourself making list to keep up with your busy life? Would a journa make your life easier? Well you can win one in a giveaway hosted over at sageandsavvy and supported by trulymom.

giveaway: childs room wall clock

Do you love to decorate? Would you love to be able to see your child decorated by your inspiration? Well have you checked out Olive kids? You need to there are several cute inspiration inspired decor items found there. Now from blessings abound you can win a childs room clock sponsored by olive kids through a give away on the blessing abound blog.

giveaway: get ready for baseball

Do you love baseball? We are approaching spring training and Iknow my brother is itching for it to begin. For the spring and most of summer and into fall all you will hear from my son and brother is baseball this and baseball that. I love baseball as well. My mother always made sure all 5 of her children played softball/baseball when we were of age. Thus I turned around and each of mine have been on baseball/softball teams as well. Learning how to play may be the difficult part but there is now a great game out called Play Ball The Board Game which allows parents and children alike to learn the rules of the game while having fun. Head over to life in a house of blue to enter a giveaway for a chance to win this game.

giveaway: legos

Did you like legos when you were a kid? Do you still like legos as an adult? Well I know many adults and children alike like legos. It is very interesting in our house. We have built diesels out of kits and have always loved legos in this house. I believe if we look in the closet we still have some lego blocks. Well here is another question for you do you like batman? would you like to build a batman out of lego blocks? If you are not for sure if you could do it would you like to win that set? Well listen up because heres your chance to win a giveaway for a batman lego set a life in a house of blue. Head over to life in a house of blue read her review on the kit and enter to win the giveaway.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

giveaway: hair needs

Does your child love to wash their hair? If you say yes I would have to say that there will come a time when they will not or will in to big of a hury to do so. That is when the shampoo and conditioner dous come into play. The funky monkey is offering a giveaway for So Cozy products including a 2 in 1 shampoo and a detangler. The detangler is great for little girls hair, I know I have used my share of detangler spray. Funky monkey also offers wett giggles soap as a giveaway.

giveaway: cloud B sea turtle

My daughter has allready found a difficult situation with her new born (well actually almost 5 months) daughter. She finds it difficult for her to sleep in her nursery. Well what is there to do she is trying everything. The one thing I just found that she has not tried are ther products at Cloud B. Right now The funky Monkey is offering a review of Cloud B and a giveaway of the Cloud B sea turtle. So head over there and hopefully you will have a great nights sleep. While sleeping be sure to keep your toes good and warm by winning a pair of the littlemissmatched socks that the funky monkey is offering as giveaway as well.

giveaway: Somi baby sleep sack

Do you ever wonder if your baby is covered up while in bed asleep? I used to always count on the feeted pajamas with the zipper down the middle to make sure that they stayed warm while asleep during the night. Our winters in Illinois can often be cool. Well now they have the sleep sack and my daughter will not have the worries I had if she places her baby in a SoMi baby sleep sack. Right now there is a giveaway over at Feisy, Frugal and Fabolous to win one of these great sleep sacks.

giveaway: safety products for kids

Have you seen all the great products that are out for kids? Well all you have to do is head over to the classy kid website and you will instantly see what I am talking about. Well want a great chance to try these products? Well head over to the blog fiesty, frugal and fabolous and you will find a great review and giveaway for several of these products.

give away: superhero cape

Faster than a speeding bullet this giveaway will be done. Do you love the characters that you grew up with? My dad used to always say that all a child needs is a great hero. I remember playing super heros, cowboy and indian and all those great old games when I was a kid and my dad was a bit sad I think when I outgrew all that stage and started looking toward hollywood for my hero status. Is your child still in that super hero stage? Wouldnt you love to be able to present them with their own cape? Well you can if you win the giveaway over at Little Window Shoppe. The giveaway is being sponsored by Plum Pear Apple.

giveaway: peace of mind

Dont you love to snuggle in the winter time? In great warm blankets and what about a soft pillow. Well now you can win a pillowcase to go over that pillow that you love. Two of a kind working on a full house are holding a giveaway sponsored by tailoredtadpole. Well while you are resting no need to worry about first aid as they are also holding a giveaway for medibag 4 kids.

Wordless Wednsday moms birthday

My moms birthday is coming up soon

fat burning friday

Me and my husband have been doing rather well on dieting. I only wish that the weather was better and we could get outside for more exercise. We had some great days though and are learning how to cut the calories in our daily diets. I even made a switch for our entire family. We are a southern style family and love our iced tea well, we normally used 1 cup of sugar in our tea and I decided to cut that in half thus for every glass a tea I drank the calories would be 1/2. The kids did not recognize the change and no complaints were heard so the tea will stay that way. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! One more way to cut calories, this time for the whole family.

For more fat burning friday head over to mommy snack

giveaway: lucky me tee

Do you often find your self in blue jeans and teeshirts? I do many times if I am not heading nowhere and it is not extremly cold that is what you will find me wearing. Now I need to tell you that there is a giveaway for a luckytee brand tee going on over at Mommies with cents.

giveaway: candle

What is your favorite scent? Do you like perfumes, fruits, nature, or baked goods? Well when the candle sales go on in our school district the girls know that I will normally buy most of what they are selling. I do love candles. Sweepstakes 4 Bloggers is holding a giveaway sponsored by scentsy for a car candle. Head over there and sign up. Momfuse has also started a series of giveaways the first consisting of a cookbooks for couples, lotion, and a dvd. Check it out

giveaway: safer product

Mudpies and MaryJanes wrote a very interesting review for the teenie weenie sippy cup from the greenfeet company. First you should head over there and read their review and then sign up for the giveaway for the teenie weenie sippy cup supported by greenfeet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

giveaway: something to walk with

Spring is coming I am sure it is right around the corner. All we have to do is hope and wait just a bit longer. Well now to help you out is an insight of a stroller giveaway from Bumbleride. The chance to win can be found at the blog I never grew up.

giveaway; teach your child something new

everyone should learn something new and now you can win a giveaway to win a cd set of africa. head over to Peanut butter and a pickle for a chance to win.

mom time 09 giveaway to pamper yourself

Everyone needs to pamper theirselves. It is very rare with 6 children that I was able to pamper myself while they were young and even now if I get a few minutes alone time it is exactly that a few minutes. I love my children with all my heart and soul but even I need to be pampered. Now with mom time o9 giveaway at Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go I am getting a bit closer than I was. The items to sign up for at Jolly Mom include $100 gift certificate at Spa and Salon at Spa wish or the Ped Egg or Pampered Toes that will pamper your feet that you spend way too much time on. Then after you feel so pampered maybe you could win some mommy makeup from Jolly Mom blog.

giveaway: a chance to make a difference

Would you love to make a difference in this world? It is as simple as reducing the amount of trash you have. Think about all those sandwich bags, aluminum foil and plastic bags that are thrown away each and every day at lunch time across the world. Well there is a way to reduce this trash and one way is to purchase the Kids Conserve Lunch Kit another is to win that same lunch kit in a Jolly Mom giveaway.

giveaway: styling aide

I have girls that love their apperance and to look good for the Lord as well as set a shining example for the world. Now we have the chance to win a duality iron by T3 that I am sure the girls will love. Now you can enter the giveaway and get the same chance of winning by going to the funky monkey and entering.

giveaway: SKOY cloths

Do you hate spending money on a roll of paper towels that will not last as long as you think they should? Would you love to have a cloth that could be used over and over? Well try out the SKOY clothes and see what you think. Want a free chance to try these out? Well you have the perfect chance if you win the giveaway sponsored by SKOY at Funky monkey.

giveaway: shoes

Shoes, in the winter time we need them, in the summer time we still need them and now you can have a chance to win a pair of shoes from Keen by winning a giveaway at S.I.M.P.L.E

giveaway: lotion

Do you have dry skin? I know I do. I have dry skin for many different reasons (1) I am a diabetic, (2) the weather does not help (3) my hands are in the weather lots of time and (4) i have naturally dryer skin than most people. Diabetics are notirious for having dry skin and this becomes a problem if it cracks and sores form. The winter weather leaves my hands chapped and hurting while being red. I have had this problem for several years now. Because I am a mother who does not have a dishwasher and cleans her own house my hands are often found in water. This does not help and allthough I know to dry my hands off good after washing the soap off I do not always find time to do this. My skin has always been dry I guess I should count my blessings while I did not go through a period of oily skin or acne when I was younger I now pay the price with extremly dry skin. One giveaway at SAHM reviews may help to ease the pain on my hands, feet and all over. SAHM reviews is offering Skin MD natural, a great sounding lotion, for giveaway. So yes I have entered and so should you. If you want to help your little one keep thier skin nice and soft then there is a giveaway for you as well. S.I.M.P.L.E. is holding a giveaway for a basket of Burte Baby products from the bodyshop. Yet another lotion giveaway is being held over at Mommies with Cents, this giveaway is for Cetaphil Skin Care Club

giveaway: hard back cover of Curious George

Do your remember curious George and the man in the big yellow hat? He was one of our favorites and now we get to introduce these characters to my grandchild. Cheif Family Officer is offering a giveaway for the book Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon.

giveaway several different products momtime 09

Do you think about all the germs that we are around everyday? Do you ever notice the wipes beside the grocery carts at the store? Do you carry gel in your pocket so you can wash the germs off your hands? Now you can win a pocket purifier from purely products in a giveaway that go graham go is holding. Jolly mom is offering a giveaway for Lush gift set that will pamper you I am sure. Go Graham Go offers a skeeda bag as well. These look super nice and noone can ever have too many bags.

teusday tip jar

I have a tightwad tip for you as I did just yesterday. I took a whole chicken and boiled it so that the meat easily fell off the bones. I now will use this meat to create 2 meals. One will be a chicken casserole as follows

chicken meat
2 stuffing mix
2 can veggie (we like corn)
1 jar or can of gravy

We will lay the meat down and then top that with the veggie followed by the stuffing mix that has been prepared and pour gravy over all or you may place the gravy under the stuffing mix. Place in 375 degree oven and bake til all is warm. normally 30 minutes

for more tips check out Tuesday tips
for more tightwad Tuesday tips head over to raising 4 godly men
for more kitchen tips head over to Tammy's recipes for kitchen tip Tuesday
for more tips of all sorts check out work for me Wednesdays at rocks in my dryer
frugal friday tips at biblical womanhood

giveaway : book

There is a very interesting book being offered in a giveaway at Island Review. The name of this book is Parenting is your highest calling by Leslie Leyland Fields. As parents this may be very interesting in knowing exactly what the bible says about being a parent.

tackle it teusday: kitchen organized

I had a bit of help this week and so considered it and began to go to work on the kitchen. I rearranged lots of items and moved lots of things. I wish I had pictures but since I do not have a digital camera can not post. But here is what I did. I sorted out a large drawer of utensils and placed them in 2 older jars one for spatulas and another for serving spoons. I placed the veggie peelers, can openers etc... into an older cookie can where they can stay organized and moved all measuring cups to their own cupbard shelf. I know hava a drawer with only baking items, measuring spoons, etc...... I replaced a cabinet full of spices with glasses, mixes, and other neccessaries. I had long wanted to move the plates and bowls to an easier cabinet and this was done as well. I straigtned the can goods, mixing bowls and serving bowls now have their own shelves. I love my little kitchen now and have sworn to keep it that way.
Well that is what I tackled and succedded in wish I had pictures. That is one of my goals to save to get a great camera

For more tackle it teusday visit 5 minute for mom

feet or feat for heads or tails

The meme Heads or Tails asked to write about heads or feet. So I was thinking about the many different feet at the inaguration. The white feet, black feet, red feet, yellow feet, the dirty feet, clean feet, shoed feet, and hopefully no unshoed feet. Well, today is a special day we are swearing in a new president. I hope that the new president can help turn around the economics of this new world. But so many feet must be cold and getting tired standing forever just waiting you must think that they must be so excited that that is what keeps them going. Well these little feet will be sitting in this chair watching it all on computer.

giveaway: snack and juice

Remember when our mothers would serve us juice and a snack. I remember when one of the spotlights of bible school was when we would get our juice and snack. Now 2 of the giveaways to be found on the blogs today is lil debbie 100 cal snacks and welchs aqua juice. Wow low cal, great tasting are only a few reasons to try them. But how about winning them, right now at All because they fell in love you could win the aqua juice and at the "cent" sible Sawyer you can win the lil debbie 100 calorie snacks. So head off and try to win your snack today. Wait a minute just found Sarah Lee cheesecake giveaway so head over to Feels like home blog to enter to win.

Monday, January 19, 2009

giveaway: pookie puncho

Giveaway: Pookie Puncho by Mom fuse at just a moms take on things.

giveaway: sharmooz

Do you ever wonder what laying your head down on satin would be like? Well now you can enter a giveaway for a sharmooz satin pillowcase at Giggles n sugar kisses.

I won and so can you

I won a baby boomba from soothie ranch. This is to cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blog saving some is having a cool giveaway for an organizer for an expecting family or an organizer for a family. This thing looks super cool and I would love to have it.


Originally uploaded by shopannies

FOR TODAY January 19,2009
Outside my window...
I see an empty field and a coldness that sorounds it traffic is going by but no walkers today a sure sign to tell it is cold
I am thinking...
I need to get water on today so I can clean my house. Deep cleaned kitchen saturday but have lots of work to still do
I am thankful for...
A roof over my head, good friends who help out, and children who are God fearing
From the kitchen...
I can see dishes that need to be washed, straigtning that needs to be done and a supper that needs to be cooked tonight that consists of truckdrivers biscut and gravy
I am wearing...
a sweatsuit
I am creating...
decorations for valentines day
I am going...
to the store later i need just a few items
I am reading...
joyce myers devotional
I am hoping...
it was just a bit warmer
I am hearing...
quite voices talking in the house
Around the house...
it is a bit cold and my kids are here just bummed unable to go outside
One of my favorite things...
my new fridge that we just bought I have never had a new one
A few plans for the rest of the week:
church on wednsday and sunday meeting on tuesday
picture is in the next note it is of my granddaughter all bundled up because baby its cold out here

monday musings

Don't hate, it's too big a burden to bear.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Day and Tomorrow we celebrate the inauguration of Obama. I believe that Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of us. NOt only him but our Lord up above in heaven I believe would also be happy. He created us to love each other and to praise him and I teach my children everyday. So today take a minute and ponder the relationships going on in this great word of ours

giveaway: bibbies

Do you know how messy babies getting while feeding themselves in the highchair. Well I do. I used to give mine little fingerfoods to eat all the time and man would they be messy. We have even had clothes ruined because of the messiness well, now dilly dally has created bibbies. A safe way to let your little one feed their self without all the mess. Me and my boys are hosting a giveaway where one lucky reader will win a bibbies for their little one in thier life.

giveaway: cleanup helper

Have you ever heard of a wupzey? Well a wopzey is a mothers dream. It is a terrific idea that was created to help create less mess from babies who it in highchairs and for their mothers who have to clean the mess up. Well now you can win one of thes from sageandsavvy just head over and enter their giveaway.

giveaway one that touches my heart

I live in a house of animal lovers and so when Sage and savvy introduced thier latest giveaway it touched my heart. Their latest giveaway is for endangered species chocolates. You need to check this out. Another one of my favorite things to do is to cook and bake. I have many recipes listed on my site and I am always looking for more. Now Sage and savvy are offering a give away for spices from TSP spices.

This week we did not have our regular eat out night so we have 1 of them in spare if I so choose but for sure Saturday will be out to eat day with my daughter coming to town.

M eggs mcmuffin
chicken patty sandwich
truck stop biscut and gravy (recipe can be found on this blog)

T sausage and biscut
leftovers if any (meeting in the afternoon so maybe no one home)
chicken dressing casserole, biscuts, cupcakes

W sausage eggs
leftovers or soup
leftover night as all should be gone to church

Th cinamon toast
cheesy pasta casserole, cupcakes

F pbj
chicken pot pie

S crockpot casserole
out ot eat

S breakfast at church
pancake and sausage
roast, potatoes, biscut, cake

that will do it for this week not to glamorous but food and eats so all in this house should be happy

monday morning meme

1. You have just been hired to clean your own home, what is your first complaint?
theres no water on in this house how are we going to clean (plumber coming today my pipes froze and busted the other day)

2. Are you able to ignore a ringing telephone? How often do you allow a ringing phone to go to voice mail? Do you answer your cell phone, out in public, every time it rings? Or do you silence it and get back to it when you’re in a more private area? How often would you say you’re on your home phone? Your cell phone? Do you like talking on the phone or do you view it as a necessary communication tool?
for me it is hard to ignore a ringing phone thank goodness it has a silencer. I only allow this to happen if i do not know the number. Yes (not in church or somewhere silent). no home phone only cell phone. I talk on phone not as much as teens but I do use phone quite often

3. When did you last go for a bike ride? Do you own a bike? Do you encourage your children to ride bikes? Given the most popular New Year’s resolution of losing weight, would you consider putting bicycle riding as one of your exercise options? Why or why not?
last bike ride was last fall, and yes I do own a bike yes my children ride bikes yes it is one of my exercise options when the weather gets warmer

4. If you had to name a smell that always makes you nostalgic, what would it be? What sorts of memories does the smell evoke?
honey suckle or rose there is another that when I smell it I remember my grandmother.

for more head over to write from Karen
1) Who is the person you know with the best sixth sense?
I would have to say my son who I believe has always been able to tell things that others could not

2) If you could be the sole confessor to anyone on earth and you could never betray their trust, whose confessions would you want to hear?
I am not for sure if I would want to hear a confession but maybe Billy Graham to see what if anything he ever did wrong. TO me however this is between them and thier lord

3) What one person most affected the choices you have made in your career?
Well, my grandmother and my husbands aunt. I became a nurses aide because of the aunt but a great mom because of my husbands grandmother

I picked these questions up from curious as a cat

giveaway: baby bee diaper bag

Blessings abound are offering a giveaway supported by baby Bee for a diaper bag. Now you have to see these diaper bags because some of them look more like school bags. Man the way things change. Anyways I think that my daughter who normally cares around 2 to 3 bags will love it if we win this giveaway. So head over and sign up for your chance to win.

giveaway: boon

Have you seen the great products at Boon? I love several of them they have several different items any mom needs for their little one from potty benches to silverware. These are real nice and great looking products. Now Blessings abound comes along to offer their readers a giveaway from Boon. The giveaway is for the silverware and interlocking plate and bowl. By the way I won a loopa bowl from Go Graham Go and recieved it the other day. Since my granddaughter is 4 1/2 months old she is getting ready to use this bowl and I am sure her momma will be delighted about it. But head over to Blessing Abound and check out their ongoing giveaway maybe you can win your little one something really nice.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

give away: bubble bath dough

Do you love to take long baths? I do and so do my girls. Long soaks in the tub make us feel great and relaxed. Fiesty, frugal and fabulous now wants to offer the readers bubble bath dough from red leaf on etsy to one lucky reader through a give away.

giveaway: baby legs

Do you remember the leg warmers of yester year? Remember how warm they kept our legs and boy did I wear them I had so many different colors and styles. Now baby legs come out to keep your little one under cover and warm. Feisty frugal and fabulous is now offering a lucky winner a pair of baby legs.

giveaway: bath product

Bath luve helps make bath time for baby happier by keeping the water warm while recieving a bath. Bath luve is being held in a giveaway by Mom most traveled.

giveaway; blue memory blanket

We all have memories of our children when they were babies but we often pass on the clothes. Well now they have a great way of taking those clothes creating a blanket and being able to share those memories in a visual artful way. Willowcreek Baby are the ones responsible for creating such a memorable blanket. Sandier Pastures are having such a lovely giveaway at thier blog where one lucky visitor will win a memory blanket.

giveaway: pampering or learning item

Have you ever been pampered where there is a company that I believe sells items that pampers a baby. I love it Sharmooz even sells satin crib sheets OH WOW!!!!!!!!! Imagine my little one sleeping on satin. Well I also know that new mothers often have questions that they would love to have answered. SO what is a better giveaway than either a pamper companies pillow case or a book to offer a book with lots of other mothers questions and the answers that were shared. Well right now that give away is going on at Mommy's idea. Another item that Mommy's idea is holding for giveaway is for a bump babies tee. SO go check it out. Wait one more that you may be interested in especially after you have that little bundle or joy or really anytime is the chicks and chickens lullaby DVD/CD set. This set will keep both you and the little one in a great mood and be active at the same time.

giveaway: boon

Do you have tons of stuff in the bathroom and in the bathtub? When our kids were little we had so many toys that it was not even funny now it is shampoos, conditioners and bath aides. It never changes the bathroom always has more thing in it than it has room. Now Boon has developed a bug pod to hold all those items for you and An Island Life is holding a giveaway where one lucky person could win one.

giveaway: pillsbury

Right now is the perfect time for some great pillsbury biscuts. Well here is a great recipe that I tried tonight.

Pepperoni Bites
2 c shredded cheese
1 c pizza sauce
2 T milk
1 c pepperoni
2 pk Grands biscuts
1/2 c parmesan

preheat oven to 350 degrees Mix first three ingredients and set aside. Flatten the biscuts into large round circles. Place spoon of sauce in each. Seal Brush with milk and sprinkle parmesan over all. Bake in oven for 15 minutes.
Now what I think I will do next time is to take one biscut and top the sauce covered one and seal it on top.

For a great giveaway head over to SAHM Reviews as she is having a giveaway for a starter kit for pie making from pillsbury.

giveaway: journal buddy

Do you remember how hard times were when we were teens and pre teens? Do you remember the highschool years? Well there is one thing that is trying to make these difficult years a bit better the journal buddies are devised to build self esteem in young teens. The blog An Island Review is offering the journal buddies in a giveaway to 2 lucky readers. Head over there and check it out.

Sunday Stealing meme

I found this meme over at a site called sunday stealing. If you would like to join or steal the meme yourself then head over here and get started.

1. Is there someone you'd like to be kissing right now?
well not right at this instant for have the love of my life in the next room. Me and mr right have been married for 22 years.

2. When you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean?
extremely quiet at one time in my life may of been that I was plotting but now it is that I am just enjoying life sitting back and taking in what God has given us

3. What are you listening to right now?
Church, my family, my granddaughter, and nature,

4. Are you a big fan of thunderstorms?
I used to be really scared of them but I have a cousin who is a storm chaser and a husband who loves tornados

5. Do you believe in perfect?
sometimes yes I believe that there was only one perfect person and that he is in heaven sitting on a throne and lives in my heart but I believe one must strive for as much perfection as can be met

6. Are you a jealous person?
I have to say that I once was and on occasion still find myself jealous but I believe that we have what we have and we are who we are as long as we live the way we are to live then what is there to be jealous of

7. What was the first thing you thought this morning?
get up out of bed and get ready for church

8. What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
my children, friends and those that are in need

9. Are you satisfied with what you have in life?
yes I am able to say yes I will continue to strive for more but at this time in life I can say yes

10. Do people ever think that you're either older or younger than you actually are?
I have to say yes that I think so they used to think that i looked younger but now since people often think i am my sisters mother i either look older than i should or she looks younger anyways she only 2 years younger and that really makes me wonder

11. Do you think men truly understand women?
No, I deal with this issue daily as I have 6 children and a husband 3 of those children are boys and I try to teach them how to treat and understand a woman but it does not always work

12. How about women understanding men?
Yes I think at least women try to understand men

13. Did anybody ever call you handsome or beautiful?
yes a few people in my life

14. What is one fact about the last person that called you?
she is my sister in law that is a mother to 2 boys that she did not have to be when their mother walked out on them and their dad my brother was in panic until he found her and she made their lives complete

15. Other than your current one, what’s the longest relationship you have had?
this is the only one I have ever had except for friendships that I have had since maybe kindergarten

SIDS and giveaway

There are far too many babies born into this world that are stricken down by a silent killer called SIDS Statistics show that 2,500 babies are found to be stricken by Sids each year in the U.S. More and more research is beginning to develop ways of avoiding this terrible situation and I for one am both mistified and suprised by what they are finding. Halo the developers of the sleepsack to help stop the sudden infant death syndrome have a great website with more information about not only this terrible syndrome but also how to avoid it. You can also win a sleepsack over at the Soothie Ranch. The Soothie Ranch is holding a giveaway where one lucky reader can win a sleepsack.

give away: shoes

Do you have to remind your children to put their shoes on? I am a sort of girl that would rather go barefoot. In fact I had a friend just tell me that she was never going to stop wearing her flip flops. My father always had to get on to me to get shoes on my kids feet because they are like me and always took their shoes off. In this type of weather we definetly need our shoes. Wouldnt it be great if we could win a great pair of shoes? Well right now we can. The soothie ranch is hosting a giveaway for a pair of see kai run shoes. The winner will be able to select what pair of shoes they would like to get for their little one.