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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dont Let Stress Get You Down

 We have all experienced some stress in our lives. Some of us may have had lots of stress that we may need to get help from a professional with. Others may just have daily time to time stress. The way we deal with stress is often the depending matter on if we can deal with it or not. Thus the idea is to find help if needed but if possible finding a way to release ourselves from the power of stress. 

Here are some ways to deal with stress that appears in a moment and a great way to make it go away if possible: The idea is to take a time out from life

  • if the weather is good enough to take a walk get outside and see something besides the 4 walls
  • need a quick pick me up find a good book to offer inspiration and when needed read a quick chapter
  • call up your friend, confident or someone that will understand your situation it only takes a short amount of time to get your mind on something more happier
  • sing a song... this is me I always keep a song on my mind and it often helps the time pass and a smile on my face
  • have a pencil why not doodle some smily faces or something else that makes you happy
  • many of us bloggers like to write so why not write up a short piece that puts a smile on ones face
These are my ideas to help conquer stress do you have any

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