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Friday, December 5, 2008

more decoration give away

There is a snowman ornament and a cool onesie being given away over at there is a second give away for a sled ornament teamed up with a cute tag go over and check it out


I have just put up the tree and sorrounded the living room with lights I love this season. last year was just awful but this year is great. My kids keep saying how little I did last year

A great give away for decorations is over at go check it out

Cookie exchange Mexican Wedding cakes

As a 16 year old mom. I needed christmas recipes that were not only cheap to make but easy. This is one of my favorite cookies to make since that time. My mothr in law ofcourse thought they were a bit dry but I loved them and so do the kids.

Mexican Wedding Cakes

1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup butter, softened
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups all-pupose flour
1 cup finely chopped pecans
1/4 teaspoon saltpowdered sugar

Pre-heat oven to 325 F. In a large bowl combine 1/2 cup powdered sugar, butter and vanilla. Blend well. Stir in flour, nuts and salt until dough holds together. Shape into 1-inch balls. Place inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake for 15-20 minutes until set but not brown. Immediately remove from cookie sheets. Cool slightly and roll in powdered sugar. Cool completely and reroll in powdered sugar.

Over at
there are tons of christmas cookies to try out. Looks like lots of fun.

crockpot cheese dip

I created this recipe (sort of ) based on other great recipes that my children loved and what I thought went in it. It tasted great

2 lb hamburger, brown
1 can rotel tomatoes
2 lb velvetta
2 c shredded cheese

melt last 3 together and mix n meat. You may add salsa if you wish but because my entire family does not like spices we meet somewhere in the middle. Anyways, dip tortilla chips in it and it taste great

my thankful thursday top 10

Allthough it is friday I am gooing to list what I was and am thankful for. I ran out of time with doctor appointments etc... yesterday but here goes

1. I am happy that all of my presents for my daughters family are wrapped
2. I am thankful for my entire family
3. I am thankful that God gives me the strength at times to deal with an extended family with emotional problems
4. I am thankful for my son landing his first job and a good one at that
5. I am thankful that my middle son loves to play sports, has a great girlfriend, and still makes the grade in school
6. I am thankful that my middle daughter is graduating from highschool this year (believe me there were a few times in junior high I wondered if she would ever get here)
7. I am thankful for a husband that has helped me battle through the years in good times and bad
8. I am thankful for my sunday school class where we can all talk and share about whatever is on our minds
9. I am thankful for the Christmas season and the fun that is in the air
10. After yesterday I am happy we have the ability to go to the doctor and get medicine so the sick ones can get better

that is my first top 10 and next week will leave another top 10

Thursday, December 4, 2008

who doesnt love the poppin fresh boy

I know and those who know me no I am not refering to my husband. But the pillsbury products that seem to keep growing. Over at they are giving a basket of sorts away. In this basket there was a free coupon for pillsbury product so go over and check it out

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

free digital flip camera

They are giving a free digital flip camera away over at you should check it out and try to win they are telling about their favorite holiday. I can remember one I was about 6 years old and just recieved all these wonderful toys from santa. but that was not just the best part the best part was playing with my new toys with my dad. I can remember this as if it was yesterday. He is gone now and I miss him terribly. I wish he was here with us at this time of year he just loved christmas and always made it special. Another one I can remember is when I was a teen mom and my dad took it upon himself to make my babys christmas special you would not believe how much he bought her. I could not believe it. He made it special by not only doting her with tons of gifts but also going to my tiny trailer where we lived and placed a basket of vegetable and fruit there knowing we had little to nothing. I love him for that and will never forget it.

Christmas shoe

It was almost Christmas timeThere I stood in another lineTrying to buy that last gift or twoNot really in the Christmas mood.Standing right in front of meWas a little boy waiting anxiouslyPacing around like little boys doAnd in his hands he had a pair of shoes. And his clothes were worn and oldHe was dirty from head to toeAnd when it came his time to payI couldn't believe what I heard him say.Sir, I want to buy these shoes, for my Momma pleaseIt's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her styleCould you hurry Sir? Daddy says there's not much timeYou see, she's been sick for quite a while.I know these shoes will make her smileAnd I want her to look beautifulIf Momma meets Jesus tonight.They counted pennies for what seemed like yearsAnd the cashier said, Son there's not enough hereHe searched his pockets franticlyThen he turned and he looked at me.He said, Momma made Christmas good at our houseThough most years she just did withoutTell me Sir, what am I gonna do?Some how I gotta buy her these Christmas shoes. So I laid the money down, I just had to help him outAnd I'll never forget the look on his faceWhen he said, "Momma's gonna look so great."Sir, I want to buy these shoes for my Momma pleaseIt's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her styleCould you hurry Sir? Daddy says there's not much timeYou see, she's been sick for quite a while.And I know these shoes will make her smileI want her to look beautifulIf Momma meets Jesus tonight.I knew I caught a breathe of heaven's loveAs he thanked me and ran outI knew that God had sent that little boy to remind meWhat Christmas is all about.Sir, I want to buy these shoes for my Momma pleaseIt's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her styleCould you hurry Sir? Daddy says there's not much timeYou see, she's been sick for quite a while.And I know these shoes will make her smileAnd I want her to look beautifulIf Momma meets Jesus tonight.I want her to look beautifulIf Momma meets Jesus tonight.

Love this song. I cry every time I hear it. But over at
they are giving free shoes away. What a cool thing to do go check it out
Another giveaway that is for the young ones. I love these because it shows what I am in store for buying lots of gifts for that little girl I call princess. That little princess is driving her momma a bit crazy because she is teething but head on over there and check the giveaway out at

There is a give away going on over at give away. Is that not catchy or what? However, this give away if for a terrific $100 gift certificate at Targets. Once again it is over at

looking for christmas stocking give aways or softer skin

there is a terrific give away over at go there to enter the giveaway that is being offered. You can either use the items for stockings or keep them yourself and treat your skin against this winter weather

wordless wednsday

Here are a couple of mamas and papas cuties. We truely love these two.

Come join in on the stocking swap located over at
It is so true that mothers nearly always either fill their own stockings or it doesnt get filled at all. Promises lots of fun. Come over and join

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Talking about babies

Talking about babies and the things they can use you should check out this cute give away over at This looks so cool bet I could impress a baby that I know with thids wwhat do you think? Check it out and enter to win.

baby items what are they

I purchased a bumbo seat for my 3 month old granddaughter last night. Her mother believes that she needs one but I remember how I helped her mother learn to sit up. It was via the use of pillows that sorrounded her. Man the way things change if anyone has any info that can help me would love to hear it.

candy cane almond bark

When I first made this recipe it was out of neccesity we were not doing well and the children still expected to make christmas candy. In order not to dissapoint them I had some almond bark that i had bought some where probably on sale and I had some extra candy canes that we did not put on the treet and made candy cane almond bark. Now it is loved by everyone and sold for high prices it is very easy you just have to break up your candy cane in tiny bits and mix into your melted almond bark. Spread out on greased or wax paper lined coookie sheet Allow to dry and break into pieces. This is so fab. I am going to add it to the Tempt my tummy blog over at so you go visit as well and see what good things are there

Monday, December 1, 2008

Love this giveaway

This giveaway is for a book but I especially liked the way that she posed the question to write about what are we thankful for this season. I have had such a great life that there are so many things to be thankful for. The giveaway is a book I have not read but sounds interesting so ofcourse I would love to win it is A PaperBag Christmas so go over to and enter for your chance to not only win but to put down what you are most interested in.

another great give away

I can feed my family of 8 at Subway for about $20 and they will feel as if they are full. I love the fact that subway is so economical and healthy for my family. Their is a giveaway going on at for subway coupons go there to enter.

great giveaway

I just found this site and the fun of entering giveaways like the one over at Lucky Lady bug you could actually win a coupon for a free velvetta better yet is the book she is also given away terrific. Stick around and check her site out for great information that we all can use.

December 1-7 menu plan

Monday Menu Plan over at is a regualar feature of listing the weeks menu plan. I have loved this group for a long time but this time decided to join it. You all should take a look and get some ideas for your self. But here is my menu for this week:

This week will be stretching the budget because of Christmas however Saturday will find us eating out with my daughters family as a treat.

will not be at home til supper
S: polish sausage crock pot (new recipe will post later)

B: oatmeal
L: leftovers (only me and dh home)
S: hash, salad, jello (easy old recipes)

B: granola bars
L: ramen noodles
S: hotdogs, fries, cookies (will start christmas cookie list here) kids will be at church

B:granola bars
L: ramen noodles (lunches around here are often quick if at all)
S:swiss chicken, biscut, salad, cookies

B: cinamon toast
L: hotdog on bun
S: tatertot casserole, salad, candy cane candy treats

B: cereal
we will be gone most of the day

B at church
L southern steak w/ milk gravy, potatoes, biscut, cookies or candy or both (sunday dinner always a nice affair)
S hotdogs on bun this is often quick and let us relax from the week

well that is this weeks menu cant wait to see what you all post

todays shopping plan

Like the name says shopping annies I love to shop but there is a talent to shopping. Here is my list that i planned

hanes underwear/bra $15 get $5 RR (christmas gift for daughter)
russel stover candy tin 5.99 x 2 get %10 rebate (once again christmas probably for grandma)
wriggley gums with coupon and store add get 2 for .60 (stockings)
All detergent on sale and $1 coupon get for .79 great buy
holiday pencils 6/$1 (stockings)
window decals 1.99 get 1 for .01 so pretty windows

energy shot 4.99 and get 4.99 ECB (so free)
Dawn b1g1 $1.49
Progresso soup $1.49 B1G1 and have $1.10 off 1 coupon
pajama pants for all 5 of the younger ones 2/$10 (christmas)
color workshop makeup $8.99 (want to see what these look like)
Betty crocker Brownies (maybe $1 ECB)

video games $20 each (christmas for 2 youngest)
monopoly game (christmas request item)
chicken breast $6.00
wheat thins $1 off 2 coupon so 2 boxes for $2
butter cookie tin $2.50
candy canes .88 (don't know how many boxes yet)
dial wash $3.00
old spice deoderant 3pack $5 (christmas stocking boys)

hormel chilli $1 ( I do have armor coupon though so see which one is better)
hamburger $1.99 lb x 4
duncan hines cake mix (stock up time) have .50 shortcut coupon + 2 .75 off 3 coupons and 1 .50 coupon so we will end up with 7 cake mixes for about $4.00 (g00d buy)
almond bark 2/$5
pillsbury fridge biscuts 1.99 but with .50 coupon that doubles to $1 get them for .99 (these are good)
can vegies 2/$1 (remember when these used to be 4/$1)
buy 3 cokes for $12 get free pizza (not sure on this one)
progresso (shortcuts and $1.10 coupon off 1)
steamers .50 coupon

Now to what i need: (goals)
milk $3
granola bars 2 boxes $4
5 hotdogs $5
5 hotdog buns $5
swiss slices $2
meatballs $6
cheese sticks $6
pizza rolls $6 did find coupon .35 off 1
salad dressing $3
tots $2
room soup $1
fries $2
cube steak $8
can milk 4/$2 hopefully do have coupon

well that is plan will give results later