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Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1-7 menu plan

Monday Menu Plan over at is a regualar feature of listing the weeks menu plan. I have loved this group for a long time but this time decided to join it. You all should take a look and get some ideas for your self. But here is my menu for this week:

This week will be stretching the budget because of Christmas however Saturday will find us eating out with my daughters family as a treat.

will not be at home til supper
S: polish sausage crock pot (new recipe will post later)

B: oatmeal
L: leftovers (only me and dh home)
S: hash, salad, jello (easy old recipes)

B: granola bars
L: ramen noodles
S: hotdogs, fries, cookies (will start christmas cookie list here) kids will be at church

B:granola bars
L: ramen noodles (lunches around here are often quick if at all)
S:swiss chicken, biscut, salad, cookies

B: cinamon toast
L: hotdog on bun
S: tatertot casserole, salad, candy cane candy treats

B: cereal
we will be gone most of the day

B at church
L southern steak w/ milk gravy, potatoes, biscut, cookies or candy or both (sunday dinner always a nice affair)
S hotdogs on bun this is often quick and let us relax from the week

well that is this weeks menu cant wait to see what you all post

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  1. Welcome! So glad you decided to join us. There are a lot of newbies this week.



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