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Friday, May 3, 2024

Animal Lovers Be Aware stories about koalas, horses and disabled pets.

 Animal lovers all over the world will be ready for this weekend with all the awareness activities that are upon the animals. 

First of all, perhaps you have seen the super cute koala bears at your local zoo. how cuddly they appear. Their word Koala means no drink and that may possibly be related to the continent they live on. While Austria is not the hottest area it is definitely one that does not receive a great amount of rain. likewise, the koala bears food is often eucalyptus leaves that are considered toxic and extremely poisonous while, the koala bears have a difficult area to live the WWF organization is trying to draw attention and help the wild koalas before they are extinct. 

koalas are marsupials and are classified as such. They are related closer to the kangaroos than other bears. While wild bears live in social groups often near each other koalas choose not to be social. Their great sense of smell helps them greatly within their habitat. Unlike other bears that hibernate Koala bears sleep 18 plus hours a day and do not hibernate. They can live up to 15 years in the wild under the right habitat but due to statistics the numbers are starting to decline. 

By raising awareness into what is going on where the beautiful koalas live is the place to begin and is fairly easy via social media. Using drones to tract the area where the koalas live will help bring awareness of what is going on. Planning and saving the trees where the koalas live is also very important as it is where they live. Ensuring the animals health is important as well because they are spreading disease in the community. 

The way the world looked at animals, pets include changed when the animal welfare laws of 1972 were created. Disabled pets are still here to love and while like humans are very loveable but need extra care and help. Adaptive equipment, training and support for both the animals and pet owners as well, and groups for support all help disabled pets and their owners. 

This weekend May 3rd and 4th the Kentucky Derby will be hosted in Louisville Kentucky. The race as taken place with the first one being ran in 1874. Three-year-old fillies will take the stage ready to run the best race they can. Owners' spectators and others are all taking bets on which horse will win. The race has taken place at Churchill Downs since Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark started them all those years ago. The gates opened for all to be welcomed in to watch the races at 9 am and the first race took place shortly after. 

Have a great day with lots of animal love today as you enjoy the rest of the day. 

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Relax your Stress and Anxiety while Gardening

 Anxiety disorders are a group of mental disorders that involve excessive, irrational feelings of anxiety and fear that interfere with daily life. Some of the symptoms that are often seen with these disorders are

  • chronic fears or thoughts
  • panic attacks 
  • fear of attacks
  • physically reactions, trembling, sweating, fainting, rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing, nausea or diarrhea
  • sleep issues
  • worries
  • avoidance or unexplained pains

Anxiety disorders are often related to genetics, environment of the individual, psychological as well as developmental factors. Some of the specific disorder names are anxiety disorder, social phobias, specific phobias, and panic disorders. Treatments for these disorders range from counseling to medication. General anxiety disorder has long action and can not be cured but can be treated. 

One popular treatment is garden meditation. Spending time in nature can help with many illnesses including physical, mental, and emotional Researchers find it a very interesting topic for research. similar to gardening itself garden meditation can be done a few different ways. Meditation can be done while gardening outside in the yard, inside with house plants ,  or even simply being out in nature sitting on a park bench. Perhaps many knew that doing these things helped calm us but did not know that we were self meditating. 

Both gardening and meditation are great ways to relieve stress.  It has been shown that working in the garden has more stress capabilities than many other ways of relaxation. In addition, being outside in nature where the sunlight can shine down helps to increase the hormone known as serotonin. Serotonin helps elevate mood , calm and focus. What a great reason to spend more time outside this spring and summer. 

Take your outside time personal and serious. Take a break from your phone and other distractions.  Listen to the sounds of nature around you and take it all in. Likewise your plants should take a priority during your gardening time.  In the end you will have a beautiful garden and be calmer as well. 

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