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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Salute to all those who spread the Good News

Here I Am, Send Me

Oh lord, there’s just so much to be done.
Oh lord, so many souls to be won,
Oh lord, this world is falling apart,Dying for love from a broken heart.
Here am i, send me,
though there’s really not that much I can do.
What I have seems so small, but I want to give it all to you.
Oh lord, you said the harvest was great,
But lord, looks like the workers are late.
It’s getting hard to understand,How they ignore your great command.
Here am i, send me, though you said the ones who labor are few,
Still my heart hears the call, and I wanna give it all to you.
Oh, to reach the ones nobody does,
Give up my pride and even work in the mud,
I wanna be like those who spilled their blood,
And gave it like water to you.
Oh lord, there’s just so much to be done.
Oh lord, so many souls to be won,
It seem this world is falling apart,
Lord won’t you send me?
Oh lord, there’s just so much to be done.
Oh lord, so many souls to be won,
Oh lord, this world is falling apart,
Crying for love from a broken heart.
Here am i, send me, though there’s really not that much I can do.
What I have seems so small, but I want to give it all to you.
Here am i, send me,
Though you said the ones you’ve chosen are few,
Still my heart hears you call,And I wanna give it all to you
This past Thursday four of the greatest men I know headed off to West Africa to help share the Good News to those who had not heard. God Bless these men. We should all share the Good News with our neighbors, friends, and anyone who needs to know.

Pocket Purifier Giveaway

Pocket Purifier
Spring is in the air and little hands will be traveling out and about soon. Moms and Grandmas and those who love our little ones will be trying to ensure safety in the best ways we know how. One of the newer ways that I have found recently is the Pocket Purifier. The Pocket Purifier helps ensure safety to your little ones. To read my original review please visit here
Allow me to remind you of some of the great reasons that the Pocket Purifier is a great way for you to protect your little one:
  • The Pocket Purifier uses UV light to rid objects of dangerous germs
  • The Pocket Purifier contains a UV-Lid which helps protect the eyes and skin of the user and helps to increase the germ killing function
  • The Pocket Purifier does more than simply cleaning can do
  • The Pocket Purifier can be used to clean masks, kitchen utensils, telephones, nail clippers, scissors, baby toys, pacifiers, cribs, strollers and nearly everything that young hands can place in their mouths
  • With all the power that a Pocket Purifier packs it only requires 4 (AA) batteries and is so easy to carry around and easily fits into a pocket

Buy: The Pocket Purifier can be bought several different places possibly near you

Win: The makers of the pocket purifier would love to offer you a chance win a pocket purifier of your own.

Mandatory Question: (must be answered to enter) Where is the nearest place near you to buy a Pocket Purifier? (visit here to find out)

Extra entries

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  • contest will run from March 14 through March 31,2009
  • must leave email or have available on blog or entry will be thrown out

Al Dente Pasta and Sauce Giveaway

Contest is now over: winner has been emailed:

I recently wrote a review for the Al Dente Pasta and Sauce that I loved. Not only did I love it but so did my kids. You can read the review that I prepared earlier here. Let me remind you of a few of the great reasons that I loved Al Dente Pasta and Sauce.
  • The speed of cooking the noodles which was exactly as the bag says 3 minutes.
  • The healthy atmosphere of the product no sugar in the sauce but rather sweet grated carrots.
  • The fact that as a diabetic who can not take in a lot of carbs Al Dente makes a great low carb pasta.
  • Another one of the top reasons I love the Al Dente Pasta and Sauce is because they take the time to care enough about the great ingredients that go into their pasta and sauce

Would you like to treat your family to the great Al Dente Pasta and Sauce? Well you can

Buy: You can order Al Dente Pasta and Sauce from their website here

Monique from Al Dente Pasta company wishes to offer one of Annie's Home readers a box that would include two flavored pastas and one sauce.

To enter to win all you have to do is follow these simple guide lines first answer the mandatory question:

Mandatory Question: what two pastas would you choose if you were the winner.

Extra entries:

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There are several ways that you can win but if you do not leave your email you will be disqualified Open to U.S. and Canadian readers. Contest will run from March 14,2009 through March 28, 2009 Good Luck!!!!!!!!

N-fini Shapewear Review

I hate to admit it but my body size would be called full figure. Well if you look through the great line of women in my family you would see that they were all full figure women. One can not battle against genetics. Anything that can make my life easier being a full figured women and looking good is a friend of mine. I recently was introduced to n-fini. What a great idea for ladies with full figured bodies wanting to stay looking great. N-fini will do just that help full figured ladies look flattering in whatever they wear.
The comfort of wearing N-fini is compared to none and double that with control power and you have a wonderful garment. The combination of tummy control, bottom shaping, thigh slimming, chest lifting, and torso smoothing leaves one looking great in any outfit. Upon inspection of the great garment we received I noticed the smooth quality work that completed it. I thought great I hate to have rough lines upon my body. N-fini instantly became one of my favorites as the spandex like material felt great and normal. It also slimmed my stomach and mad my bottom look round as it is supposed to. It has been to long since I have looked so good. LOL
I refused to wear the girdle contraption that my mother and grandmother wore even if it meant control would be a possibility. N-fini was all that was needed to complete the look I wanted to achieve. The creator of the N-fini wants the wearer of her N-fini created garment to feel toned, sexy, confident and comfortable. I believe that she has achieved her goal as all of the above was what I felt while wearing my N-fini garment. It is not the company that was pleased here but the person wearing the garment.
If you want to look great, feel great and confident and have others comment on how good you look then you should try N-fini.
Buy: you can buy N-fini shapewear on line by visiting this site

small talk six

Small talk six is a weekly meme that establishes and carries each week for us. Each week a question is asked and then answered by fellow bloggers. This weeks question is:

6 things you love that are green

1, Green apples. I love to bake with these and we also love them with caramel dip
here is a great green apple recipe borrowed from fellow blogger 1actressinoregan

Fresh Green Apple Turnover Cookies”*
Ingredients: 1 and 1/3 cups of ricotta cheese, 1/3 cup of confectioners’ sugar, 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of whole wheat flour, 2 large eggs, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice, ¼ tsp of salt, zest of one lemon plus a tsp of zest, 1-2 tbs of non-fat milk, 1/3 cup of Splenda, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, 1/3 cup of sugar, ¼ tsp of vanilla extract, 1 tbs plus 1/3 cup of margarine, 3 medium Granny Smith apples peeled cored and cubed, and 3 tbs of golden raisins.

1) Mix the cheese, the flours, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, milk, 1/6 cup of sugar, 1/6 cup of Splenda, 1 egg, 1 tsp of lemon zest grated, vanilla extract, and 1/3 cup of margarine in a large mixing bowl.
2) Plump the raisins in hot water for 10 minutes. Drain well and pat dry with paper towels.
3) Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Set out a couple of greased cookie sheets.
4) Mix the apples, remaining margarine, remaining sugar, remaining Splenda, remaining lemon zest, and the juice in a large saucepan over low heat. Once it starts getting bubbly, simmer for about 5 minutes or until the apples begin to soften. Stir in the raisins and let them cool completely. Discard the lemon zest.
5) Roll the dough out to ¼ inch thick. Use a round 3 inch cookie cutter to stamp out circles. Spread with a tsp of the apple filling leaving a ½ inch border around the edge. Brush the border with the beaten egg and fold over pressing firmly. Brush the tops with the remaining egg. Arrange on a cookies sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on the sheet for 2 minutes and then transfer to wire racks to cool. Dust with the confectioners’ sugar.
6) Enjoy these delicious cookies with all the wonderful sweetness of life.

I would love to have a great green lane of trees going down to a wonderful house out in the mountians some where. Do you just not love the serinity in this picture?

3 I love that my son loves these enough to decorate his simple room with them

4. I love green grapes and they never last long around our house

5. Although it looks pretty ugly and wierd on the outside it is sweet and good tasting on the inside. It is sort of like people you must first meet them and find out what is on the inside of them the outside apperance is not always correct

6. I love pickles my favorite kind are bread and butter pickles from a local amish settlement

for more small talk six visit here

Giveaways I found today

Well Friday the 13th is over and as far as I can tell nothing weird or bad happened:

Friday, March 13, 2009

great deals I found

I just came home from weekly shopping and could not believe the deals I found in the meat section once again. I believe me and my sister scour to see just what we can find. We found hamburger patties on sale for nearly 1/2 price, ground beef on sale for $1.60 lb. , turkey roast for $3, some great sandwiches that I had never saw before that were $1 box, and the list goes on and on the one thing I want to express is look for your groceries in unexpected places. Really look we saw today that one item was higher in one area and yet in another space the same exact item was lower in price. GO figure?

for more frugal friday ideas visit here

Agoo Baby Leg Huggers Review

It is a great time to be a baby or a mamas baby. The terrific and cute products that are out on the market for little ones is amazing. One of these great amazing items are Agoo Leg Huggers. Leg Huggers remind me of the 1980's leg warmers but definitely serve a purpose for the little ones. Can you imagine being down on all fours crawling around? Well little ones do it all the time which is why I highly love Leg Huggers for the little ones.

The great Leg Huggers for babies are much better than the leg warmers that we grew up with in the 1980's. There are several reasons why Agoo Baby Leg Huggers are so great but here are some of the main reasons:

  • Agoo Baby Leg Huggers are breathable which helps to cut down on the tightness and heat

  • Agoo Baby Leg Huggers help to wick away the moisture which is common which was common when leg warmers were popular

  • With the dangers of the sun and safety a major issue these days Agoo Baby Leg Huggers are UV protective wear.

  • Do not worry about the great Agoo Baby Leg Huggers retaining odors from wear because these great leg huggers are Odor resistant

  • Agoo Baby Leg Huggers are antibacterial. Since I have a son who is involved in athletics and sports I understand how sweat and clothing can help to pass bacteria it is such a relief to know that the Agoo Baby Leg Huggers resist bacteria.

  • Upon inspection of the Agoo Baby Leg Huggers the first thing I noticed was how soft they were our little one did not fuss to put them and the Leg Huggers came off with ease as well after wearing them for a little while.

  • No chemicals or pesticide has been used to treat the fabric that was used to create Aggoo Leg Huggers

One of the reasons that the Agoo Leg Huggers are so great is because they are created with love using bamboo. Agoo created their Leg Huggers to be not only cute but functional as well. Leg Huggers are designed just as their name states to hug a babies leg to create a warmth and to stay up on the leg. They are to resemble a hug around the leg when you hug your baby you hold on tight and give the warmth of your love. Agoo Leg Huggers are perfect for the little one who is crawling around providing a comfortable cushioned look and fit. What more could you ask for? You are always looking for protection for your little one now with Agoo Leg Huggers you can protect your little one from scrapes and scratches on their little legs while ensuring warmth and comfort.

Buy: you can order Agoo Baby Leg Huggers online here

Keen Footware Review

I am ready for spring as many of you who read my many post already know. I am so ready to get out and walk, garden, hike and enjoy myself. If you are like me there is a great shoe company that I need to share with you. This great company is called Keen footwear. What great shoes they make for individuals like you and me. I recently received a pair to review and can tell you that these shoes are great in construction, comfortable to wear, and have the perfect wideness for big feet like mine.

Take a look at these great shoes created by Keen footwear. These shoes are meant just for the waterfront but look at the support that it also adds. I love to walk on creek banks as well as swim and these shoes would be great for either. Easy to slip off but also sturdy enough to support you in slippery areas.

This great Keen Footwear shoe resembles the style of shoe that I received. I absolutely love them. They are nice enough to wear with blue jeans to activities but also wearable and sturdy enough to use as a great walking pair of shoes. I selected this style of Keen footwear shoe because of the amount of walking that I choose to do. Not only is walking great for the body but also for the environment. Keen footwear shoes are comfortable enough to wear while walking several miles a day in order to save on gas. I also rest my mind by knowing that Keen footwear does great for the world as well. Keen footwear is definitely a company that cares and gives back.

Because Keen footwear understands and was created for individuals that love the outdoors and the activities involved in it they created a system known as hybrid.ology. Hybrid.ology allows Keen footwear shoes to help you eliminate the problems that may interfere with you getting the most out of life. From tired feet to unexpected down pours Keen footwear has built a solution for you. Keen footwear has developed waterproof shoes, protective toe shoes, used cork to help create a green world, shoes that create less noise and shoes that help keep your feet warm and dry in all weather types. Oh what great shoes Keen shoes are.

Buy: Keen Footwear shoes can be found in stores near you by looking here or online by checking here so if you have that great active life or know someone who does remember Keen footwear when buying great shoes.

Aloha Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
Here is my weeks question for you:
The spring weather has went into hybernation and once again we are left with cold weather to help brighten my day my question is what is the weather like where you are?
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giveaways I found Friday March 13

This is friday the 13 scary (no not if your not superstitious)
  • The blog fraase family hosting giveaway for a fleece carseat cover you need to check these out but if you are not lucky enough to win she is thinking about opening up etsy shop in April

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ultimate recipe swap

Potato Soup

6 medium potatoes

2 medium onions

6 cups stock or milk

1 T butter



Peel and dice the potatoes and chop the onions. Melt the butter and gently cook the onions and potatoes in a covered saucepan until soft but not coloured. Add the liquid, adjust the seasoning to taste, Top with parsley season and serve

the other way we love potatoes is fried potatoes which is very easy, peel and slice potatoes and fry in pan may add little onion if you wish but these are great

hash is a third way where potato is main ingredient. If you search this blog you will find the great recipe but it is simply boiled potatoes mixed with browned hamburger

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thursday 13 things I need to do

For todays thursday 13 I am going to list 13 things I need to do

1. straighten my daughters room

2. straighten my sons room

3. straighten kitchen

4. wash dishes

5. straighten bathroom

6. finish laundry

7. dishes

8. vacum living room floor

9. call my mother

10. walk to store to get few needed items

11. call my mother

12. call my daughter (done)

13. go to sports banquet with son

for more thursday 13 please visit the blog happy to be at home here

A Thousand Words Thursday

This little girl said her first word today at the most appropriate time. As her momma took her into see her daddy before heading to work Katelynn looked at her daddy and said DA. Cool this little girl made her daddys day and her momma was hoping she would of said ma first. Better luck next time Susan LOL

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Giveaways on other blogs

These giveaways are all on other blogs:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape Review

Have you ever given a little one a bath? Then you probably know that the one giving the bath is also nearly getting a bath at the same time. Now there is a great product that will help you from getting totally soaked. The Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape is found useful while giving the little one a bath. There is less of a chance of getting your clothes totally soaked when giving your young child or baby a bath while wearing the great Spa Time Baby Cozy Care Cape.

Bath time is time to share relax and have a time of unwinding. The Spa Time Baby Cozy Cape allows you to relax, nurture and pamper your little one while drying your baby in a safe, easy and comfortable manner. All too often when picking up a young child out of the tub you will place a towel on your chest and hold them very tight while wrapping the towel around them and often get soaked while holding that soaking wet little one. Now with the Spa time Cozy Cape you have no need to worry about getting soaked while carrying your baby. The unique design of the Spa Time Cozy Care Cape helps to keep your shoulder and arms dry and the heat of your body will naturally keep the towel that will be used to snuggle your little one warm.

Spa Time Baby Cozy Cape instructions for use include:

  • simply slip the cape over your head with the water proof panel facing in to prevent getting wet from those natural splashes of water

  • When your baby's bath is done, simply wrap your baby lovingly in your arms and wrap the cape around them.

  • Use the cozy cape to gently pat the little one dry while securely holding them

Besides the great cozy cape Spa Time Baby also sells mats, caps, and cloths along with other great bath products that your little one desires

Posh Malibu Couture Review

Do you have a little princess that you know? We have our own little princess here. Her name is Katelynn and she is my granddaughter. I so love this little girl so of course I try to always giver her the best. When it comes to cute hats, headbands, and hair clips Posh Malibu Couture falls into this category. We recently were sent several items for Posh Malibu Couture and I must say I have never seen such great products. They were very very cute and well constructed. My grand-daugther will look great in the beautiful items that we received from Posh Malibu Couture.

These terrifically cute beanie caps remind me of the good old days when flappers ran the streets and the hats of yester year were here. We received a great beanie cap and upon inspection the hat was quality constructed. The flower on the cap seems to pop out and make an even broader statement. These caps will help to make some awfully cute pictures. Easter is right around the corner and often a great Easter outfit includes a hat. The crotchet beanie cap from Posh Malibu Couture would fit the job perfectly. The great Posh Malibu Couture are "one size fits all" and are for infants to tweens. These great caps which grow with your child are available in white or pink with either a flower or feather attached.

Posh Malibu Couture creates some of the cutest flower clips that I have ever seen. I attempted to confiscate one for my jewelry box to keep for myself but my daughter caught me and reminded me they were for the baby. I can say that Posh Malibu Couture creates these clips so that they will stay in a busy women's hair so you know they will stay placed in a babies hair. Oh so cute the only problem you may have with the Posh Malibu Couture clip is if they snug greatly the clip may come out but it would have to be a hefty snug since the clip is a tight hold on these great flower clips.

Posh Malibu Couture carries a few items that can not be found anywhere but on their website. The great elastic headbands is one of those great items. I love the look of this elastic headband with the camo band and white flower. It seems to say to me the princess can be a tomboy but stay as pretty as a princess as well. They definitely send a message of beauty as all the Posh Malibu Couture items do. Posh Malibu Couture crochet headbands are 3-4 cm wide and keep their elasticity as well as stay soft and comfortable on your baby's head. These great crochet headbands come in 10 different flowers and numerous colors. Posh Malibu Couture elastic headbands are 5/8 inches wide and keep their elasticity and are soft and silky to the touch.

If you need somewhere to keep all those clips that your princess has Posh Malibu Couture carries that as well. The clip holder might as well be as pretty as the clips and can also be used for decorative purposes. Posh Malibu Couture clip keeper suits both purposes and looks great. What little princess would not want one?

For that special day Posh Malibu Couture carries just the right thing as well. Weddings often find little girls involved in weddings or dreaming of their own. Posh Malibu Couture creates items that help make wedding day special for that pretty princess as well.

Weirdness Wednesday

1. What makes a person sexy to you?

I think the inside of a person is more sexier to me what they do to make me smile will impress me more than a great body or look.

2. When having the 'number of sex partners' talk with a potential significant other, would you be turned off if they had slept with more than a certain number of people? If yes, what is that number?

I am married to a man that knew I had never had sex before and I knew he had not as well. It is very important to me that I married a man with this in mind. My children are currently going through a true love waits course in their youth group and I am very proud of them

3. Once and for all, pocketbook sized dogs and the people who carry them in pocketbooks. Cute or crazy?

crazy I believe all though I have had family members who have carried around small pooches way before they were cool

4. Do you give up anything for Lent? If so, what?
Do not observe lent

5. If you live with someone, what is the one thing you will never let them see you do?

I live with 6 kids, a husband, a sister and a pooch, most of these individuals have seen me do most of everything especially the husband who has lived with me for over 22 years. Not for sure what I would say here because there are things that no one will ever see me do but those are my standards and if you visit this blog much you know that I am a Christian and have those standards.

Upclose of my granddaughter several months ago

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giveaways March 11, 2009

These are great giveaways that I found while looking on the blog today;
Winner for the story time felts has been selected and emailed. I am waiting for reply. Winner has 2 days to reply to email. If no reply prize is forfieted.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

great economical recipes

I would love to share a few very easy, quick and economical meal ideas with you

1 lb brown hamburger
3 lb boiled not mashed potatos

Mix and serve over a slice of bread

Tuna mac
1 can tuna
1 box mac cheese prepared

mix and serve

Cheeseburger Mac
1 lb brown hamburger
2 box mac and cheese prepared

mix and serve

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Talented Tuesday

This week we are thinking about Prom and I decided to highlight my son and his girlfriend. Here is a darling picture of them last spring.
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Neat Solutions Table Toppers Review

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or have ever helped take care of a little one then you know how they can spread their food out on the table when eating. I remember when we would take our little one to restraunts how we would have nearly the whole table covered by napkins that we had opened and spread out. The reason for this was so that when they were eating they would not lay their food on the table and then place it in their mouths and often it was to protect the table from mess as well. Neat solutions created a great product called table toppers that replace the old napkin scenario in a much nicer looking place mat table topper for your child.

How nice these table toppers are not only are they great for traveling with but they come in packs of several. These table toppers as neat solutions labeled them are little sheets of neat. The great table toppers protect children from germs on the restaurant table tops thus creating a more sanitary eating surface. No fear in the table topper moving like the prior napkins would since the table toppers have a surface back that allows the table topper to stick and stay in place securely. Best of all the table topper can be transported in your diaper bag or travel bag. Think of the table toppers as the security blanket that travels with your child wherever they may go to eat.

The table toppers come in attractive and kid loving patterns. Styles such as the sesame street pattern that we received, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh and Baby Einstein.

We try to protect our little ones every way that we can but when we go out to eat the food often touches the table. So we protect them in every way under the sun then allow that same protected child to eat germs right off the table at the restaurant we treat them too. Seems like there is a problem. We all know that babies love to play the drop and pick up game, we know those paper napkins we place on the table to cover the table will not stay there. However, the table topper with the sticky back stays in place.

I know how you love that little one as much as I love my children and grandchildren. So why not protect them every way that we can. By using table toppers while eating out is one great way of eating out.

Slimpressions Review

I first saw Slimpressions while window shopping on the web one day. My daughter was dreaming about prom that is right around the corner and wanted to look perfect in her dress. Slimpressions is a terrific product that will help everyone and anyone look great in an outfit they love. Slimpressions helps create the appearance of weight reduction that would help boost the confidence and spirit of any woman. The Slimpressions helps to make just those right curves in the places where they are supposed to be while controlling those where they are not to be.

Slimpressions come in three different styles to fit three different sizes of individuals.
  1. The Haves helps you control and maintain what God has given you
  2. The Have nots which helps promote what little you have been blessed with by promoting and adding curves in just the right places
  3. The Skini minis which allows even the smallest frame to be built up and look great

Slimpressions is owned by a company created and owned by women for women. Who better to know what women need and love. So whatever body type you have check out Slimpressions. For everybody who has ever wanted to change their body type Slimpressions is for you. Go visit the Slimpressions website to see where you can buy these great items or order online. Slimpressions has given each of Annie's Home readers a promo code to save 25% on their purchase. This promo code expires April 30,2009 so to get a great look while saving money hurry to Slimpressions and check out using the promocode SHOPANNIES2009

Blush Topless Undershirt Giveaway

I recently had the great opportunity to review the Blush topless undershirt. What a great product. I hate it when my shirt raises when I lift my arms. This leads to embarrassment and leaves me unable to have a great time. Blush topless undershirt allows me to not have to worry about any skin showing while having a great time while cheering at a sports event or waving hi to someone from afar.
Please read my review about the great Blush topless undershirt here. Let me remind you of some of the great pointers that the Blush topless undershirt possess.
  • The spandex like material in the Blush topless undershirt allows the person wearing it the ability to know that if the top shirt rises a bit that the undershirt will stay in place.
  • Not allowing any skin to show allows the person wearing the Blush topless undershirt to remain modest.
  • The Blush topless undershirt allows a pregnant mother to be to contain her belly within the Blush topless undershirt to retain their personal modesty

With all of these great reasons do you desire the great Blush topless undershirt? The Blush topless undershirt is the perfect item for any gal or to buy someone as a great gift.

Buy: To find a store near you or to order the Blush topless undershirt please visit the Blush website here. For an extra bonus saving Blush has agreed to allow my readers the opportunity to save 20% when purchasing 2 0r more Blush topless undershirts. When ordering use the coupon code word welovebloggers

Win: Blush would love to give one of Annie's Home readers a Blush undershirt of their own.

How to win:

Mandatory Question (must answer to qualify for any extra entries):

Please visit the Blush website and let me know what color and size you would want to win

Extra Entries:

  1. follow on blogger (leave comment for 1 entry)
  2. subscibe to blog (leave comment for 2 entries)
  3. grab button place it on blog (leave comment where it is for 3 entries)
  4. follow me on twitter and tweet about giveaway (leave comment with link for 2 entries)
  5. blog about this giveaway (leave comment with link for 4 extra entries)
  6. contest will run from March 10 through March 31
  7. open to u.s and Canada
  8. must include email or have it accessible on blog
  9. winner will have 3 days to claim
  10. Good Luck and Have fun!

giveaways March 10

It is actually March 10 and one of my great giveaways ends today. So be sure to check out the story time felts giveaway here on my blog. For some other blogs giveaways check these out:

Monday, March 9, 2009

make something monday

I created a fruit pizza not to long ago and boy was it great. The kids loved it, my husband loved and I loved it as well. I want to share another great recipe that I will be making this week. It is an old recipe that I have had for quite some time but still an all time favorite

M&M Cookies

1 1/2 c sugar 1/2 t vanilla

1 1/2 c brown sugar 6 T hot water

3 eggs 5 c flour


Mix all and pat out into giant cookies you may also make into regular size cookies if you prefer. Bake 350 degree oven for 13 minutes.

Does any one remember these being called monster cookies? Just wondering as I do

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Jack and Lilly giveaway

Contest is now over and winner has been emailed

Shoes! Shoes! Marvelous Shoes! I love shoes in the winter. I love shoes in the summer. Everyone needs a great pair of shoes! Please take a look at my review on Jack and Lilly shoes here. After reading such a review over a great pair of shoes what else could do but desire a pair of Jack and Lilly shoes. Lucky for you one of Annie's Home readers will receive the chance to win a great pair of shoes from The Jack and Lilly shop.

These Jack and Lilly shoes come in a grand assortment of styles and colors. Shoes for boys and shoes for girls are all lovely and nice and share many common features:

So you think you would love to have a pair of these shoes for your little one?

Buy: you can buy these great Jack and Lilly shoes from many different stores or online by visiting the Jack and Lilly website

Win: one lucky reader of Annie's Home winner will win a pair of Jack and Lilly shoes of their choice

How to Win:

MANDATORY QUESTION: visit the Jack and Lilly website and let me know what your favorite pair of shoes are

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Please include a email if no email or email is not accessible on blog then you will be disqualified Contest will run March 9 through March 30

Open to everyone everywhere. Have fun

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday is a weekly meme hosted by McMama @ my charming kids blog. Each week you can read what others may or may not of done as well as add your own. This becomes very exciting and engages most thought and humor.

This week did not bring disappointment. It is not as if I expected good news this week. You see my daughter was not to get refund check and be able to come and see her mom and dad. No I was not looking one bit forward to seeing my grandchild. That was all the drama that was seen in the refund check dilemma. The IRS did not question the birth of my grandchild and my daughter and son in law do not have to prove that my daughter gave birth in September. NO! This would never happen.

Not only that but I do not have a rash on my neck and my husband did not tell me that poison ivy is all ready out. OH MY!!!!!!! I am not highly allergic to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. No it is not me that every year has to have a shot to get rid of it and go on a regiment of medications to break the side effects of the poison ivy. It is not me who loves to be outside but every time I am end up breaking out with something at least once or twice a year.

Well lets at least leave on a note that I am not proud of at all. I am not at all proud that my children are participating in the true love waits meetings and future ceremony at church. No this would not make a mom proud of her teens who want to wait for the right one that God has planned for them. This would not touch a moms heart so much that she is traveling with them to Chicago Illinois to a convention called Dare to Share. I am not looking forward to this one bit. We do not have fun every year.

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giveaways March 9th

I found these great giveaways while traveling through great blogs March 9th

Monday Menu

sloppy joes, bun, fries, peas, peanut butter bars
wrestling banquet
eat at church
goulash, garlic toast, green beans, jello
eat out as family
sloppy joe pizza
roast, vegies, rolls, coconut cake
this will be a busy week therefore we will be having meals other places at times.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

giveaways sunday march 8

Giveaways I found this great Sunday Afternoon:

Peek A Boob review

I inherited my mothers body shape and my daughters have inherited mine. At times this may seem great and at others it may seem a pain. Wearing certain styles of clothes would be one of those times where my body shape would be considered a pain. Now comes a long a great product called Peek-A-Boob that allows us to wear those clothing styles in the style they were created.

My mother in law used to be called the safety pin lady because she always had them on her shirt so if anyone ever needed one she had it. Now I do not carry on that ritual for my daughters simply because I am not going to wear safety pins on my shirt. I will however keep a tin of peek a boobs in my purse. These little tins are so cute and whats inside them is even better.

The little peek a boob strips will help you keep the buttons on that favorite button down shirt from gaping or that slit in your favorite skirt from flying open. This will allow ladies to maintain their modesty while looking great in trendy stylish clothing. The Peek a boob product was invented when the creator campaigned an attack on the shirt gap. Tired of this exposure and the inability to wear clothing that she loved something had to be done. So in 2008 the peek a boob product was created.

Buy: You can order the great Peek A boob product by visiting this website here

EcoSmart insect repellent

As spring time comes closer I fall more and more in love with the warm days approaching. The one thing that I do not care much for are the insects that come with warm weather. Organic insect reppelent by EcoSmart will help make those days better with the insect repellent they created. Organic insect reppelent by EcoSmart truly care about every member of the family and is safe to use even for the youngest members of the family.

EcoSmart insect repellent will help keep bugs away and out of the party for hours and there is no need to worry about its safety. Organic insect reppelent by EcoSmart uses no deet or other synthetic chemicals. Parents can rest assured that organic insect reppelent by EcoSmart is created using an all natural formula by using organic plant oils. So while playing outside, hiking, camping or just lounging organic insect reppelent by EcoSmart will keep the ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and other pest away for hours.

Laura's Brownies Review

How lucky were we to get to taste test Laura's Brownies? Man were they good. They tasted as sweet as candy and rich as chocolate. You need no more than one brownie to get your feel of delicious with Laura's Brownies. Just a simple name for a one of a kind special dessert. We received a box of 9 Laura's brownies which were just right and as anyone knows who reads this blog one for everyone in the house with an extra snack for me LOL. I loved them, they were so sweet and the caramel that seemed to bring it all together was a great treat for me.

I first heard of Laura's Brownies while watching one of my favorite shows Rachael Ray. They looked so good and sounded great that I just had to try some. As I read the about me section on the Laura Brownies website I soon found out why they are so good. It seems that the Laura's secret recipe brownies have been baked by love by the Gourmet Touch for over 20 years. That is a lot of practice going on there so that may be the secret behind the great taste of these brownies. Laura's Brownies are cooked with no nuts for those of you who are allergic to nuts. Laura Silvera, a passionate baker, started the company the Gourmet Touch to show her love for baking to others. The Gourmet Touch while located in Los Angeles, California ships their great brownies everywhere.

Would you like to buy some great Laura's brownies? Just take a look at their great Easter tin or their passover tin. They remind me of days gone past. With Laura's Brownies we can have our brownies and eat them too.

Are you feeling hungry? Want your own brownie? Here is how you can get it. Travel over to the Laura's Brownies website and pick you some up as well.