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Saturday, March 14, 2009

N-fini Shapewear Review

I hate to admit it but my body size would be called full figure. Well if you look through the great line of women in my family you would see that they were all full figure women. One can not battle against genetics. Anything that can make my life easier being a full figured women and looking good is a friend of mine. I recently was introduced to n-fini. What a great idea for ladies with full figured bodies wanting to stay looking great. N-fini will do just that help full figured ladies look flattering in whatever they wear.
The comfort of wearing N-fini is compared to none and double that with control power and you have a wonderful garment. The combination of tummy control, bottom shaping, thigh slimming, chest lifting, and torso smoothing leaves one looking great in any outfit. Upon inspection of the great garment we received I noticed the smooth quality work that completed it. I thought great I hate to have rough lines upon my body. N-fini instantly became one of my favorites as the spandex like material felt great and normal. It also slimmed my stomach and mad my bottom look round as it is supposed to. It has been to long since I have looked so good. LOL
I refused to wear the girdle contraption that my mother and grandmother wore even if it meant control would be a possibility. N-fini was all that was needed to complete the look I wanted to achieve. The creator of the N-fini wants the wearer of her N-fini created garment to feel toned, sexy, confident and comfortable. I believe that she has achieved her goal as all of the above was what I felt while wearing my N-fini garment. It is not the company that was pleased here but the person wearing the garment.
If you want to look great, feel great and confident and have others comment on how good you look then you should try N-fini.
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  1. Hey, have you tried Slimpressions? I LOVE these garments! So clever. Slims my jelly belly, back fat and ARM FLAB! (got mine at by the way. free shipping there.)


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