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Saturday, October 3, 2020

0keep warm with coffee

 This time of year when the weather is getting crisper with a chill in the air I enjoy a good cup of coffee. Others need a cup of java to wake them up in the morning. Still others look for the energy from Joe to help make it thru the day. However while many enjoy a good cup of coffee it is still a puzzle where coffee originated.

Most coffee growers around the world acknowledge that for centuries coffee were grown in the Ethiopian plateau. Legend says that a goat herder first discovered the power coffee beans could share It seems that the goats had ate berries (beans) from this bush that gave them extra energy and did not sleep at night. With this information the herder shared the information with the abbot of a nearby monastery. After gaining the information he digested the berries himself and found that he stayed alert through the long hours of pm prayer and had to share all about what he had learned with the other monks. 

It was the Arabs in the 15th century that would begin to grow and sell coffee beans. The love of these beans quickly grew to areas such as Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey. Coffee houses began to pop up in cities around the Near East. Not only was it the drink they wee after but to get out and socialize as well. In addition those visiting these places from around the world would bring it to their homes around the world. 

Europeans would visit the Near East and take back with them stories of the amazing dark black beverage. The popularity of coffee grew and it was not always met with a warm reception. Fear and suspicion of the "bitter bean" was even compared to Satan himself. Clergy members would condemn it until Pope Clement VIII gave it his approval. Like in other countries coffee houses would be built and grow in popularity in places such as France, England, Austria, Germany and Holland. Perhaps today you would find it odd to realize that coffee would replace the common morning drink of beer and wine and offer not only the chance for a better day but also offered a chance for stimulating conversations. 

In the New World even before colonies had formed the New Amsterdam citizens of what would would be known as New York met up at coffee houses in the 1600s. In fact it was a revolt by the citizens of this area who would revolt against the tax the King George III would impose that would offer tea drinkers a chance to think things over. The Boston Tea Party of 1773 would lead Thomas Jefferson himself declaring 

"Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world." - Thomas Jefferson

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