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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Its o.k to whine or is it


Did you wake up late,,, tired,,, not wanting to get out of npbed... not wanting to clean .... it will all be o.k. Whatever it is go ahead and whine about it. After all it's December 26th and a day created for moments just like this. December 26th is a day for whining. 

In 1986 Reverend Kevin Zaborney created National Whiners day to allow chronic complainers to be grateful for what they had rather than being sad. No better than the day after Christmas to vent off some much needed whining. However if we truly take a look around we should notice that we don't have it nearly as bad as others. 

Often less fortunate individuals welcome circumstances in their lives that others often Whiners about. Tired of having to clean up leftovers?? There are those that struggle to put food on the table. Tired of family constantly dropping by?? There are some that would love to have family. Didn't receive that gift you asked for?? Many had no gifts under the tree. Instead of seeing life as what you do not have consider counting your blessings and Instead of whining be thankful.