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Saturday, February 14, 2009

giveaway: patricia ann designs

Do you love to shop? Would you like to shop for your little one on someone elses dime? Feisty, frugal and fabulous blog reviewed the designs of patricia ann. There are many different style and choices located at Patricia Anns In order for you to get a taste Patrica Ann designs is sponsoring a giveaway on the Feisty, frugal and fabulous blog for a $25 gift card.

giveaway: see kai run shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes style for every season. Spring is coming and yes there are shoes just for the spring time. See kai run has their own spring line as well. The Ladybug soup blog reviewed see kai run shoes and you can read that review here. See kai run shoes are sponsoring a giveaway for a pair of shoes at the ladybug soup blog.

giveaway LTD chix tee

Everyone knows that moms wear many different hats. It is a hard job being a mom. LTD chix are celebrating all moms do with their tees. Frugal mommy of 2 girls reviewed the LTD chix tees and you can read that review here. LTD chix wants another great person mom or not to win a tee of their own so they are sponsoring a giveaway on the Frugal mommy of 2 girls blog.

Bummas Review

I found the perfect wipe for your little babies bottom. These wipes are called bummas and they are so soft that wiping your babies bottom will feel tender and refreshed.

Let me tell you a bit about the bummas. Bummas were created out of necessity when the founder needed a soft wipe for her babies bottom. She was offered several bits of advice but never exactly what she was looking for. She created these soft absorbent cloths to be what she was looking for. Just the right touch to dry her little guys bottom. Thus she created bummas.

My granddaugther recently had a stomach virus and these tender Bummas wipes worked great against her bottom. Regular wipes often contain cleaning agents that will burn your babies bottom but these soft Bummas wipes were great. So when stocking up your needs for new little one remember bummas wipes.

Bummas wipes come in 4 attractive collections. These 4 collections are (1) the girls, (2) the boys, (3) the wild ones, and (4) calm ones. The girls are hues of pink just like girl wipes should be pretty and pink. The boys contain hues of blues and greens after all blue and greens naturally blue is for boy. The wild ones are an assortment of the brighter colors a mixture of all. The calm ones are remind me of the cool days of autumn browns greens and oranges. You can pick your favorite. I chose the girls because Katelynn my granddaugther is a princess to us.

Great reason why you should use bummas include (1) Bummas eliminates the use of talcum powder. as a nurses aide for many years talcum powder when mixed with urine has the ability to burn
(2)Bummas wipes are 100% Cotton - Woven Velour Terry Cloth. Nothing softer than terry cloth I love the summer shorts that I have had for many years that are terry cloth so imagine what your baby will feel when you wipe your babies bottom with soft terry cloth bummas wipes
(3) Bummas wipes are Handy 5” x 7” size. Just the right size to use on the baby
(4) Bummas wipes are durable. Just throw them in the washing machine and use them again.• Won’t pill, shrink, or fade. These are great and come out of wash as soft as they went in
(5) Bummas wipes will last until your little one is out of diapers and beyond Great lifetime for baby wipes when you normally are used to tossing them out after use.

Other great uses for bummas wipes include (1) using them for burp cloths (2)great for little noses. (3) Great for baths as a baby wash cloth!

With all this great information how could you not try Bummas wipes.

giveaway crayola

The blog 3 kids and us continues today on day #13 with the giveaway of Crayola Beginnings. I love crayola always have they sort of color the world for me. My eldest daughter uses coloring as a stress buster. The blog 3 kids and us reviewed crayola and the Crayola Beginnings and you can read the review here. A Crayola Beginnings is being offered in a contest where the winner will win a sing and color set.

giveaway: twisted silver

I love jewelry and the jewelry at twisted silver is something special. The blog an island life recently did a review on twisted silver and you can read the review here. Twisted silver is sponsoring a giveaway on the island life blog for a pair of earrings.

giveaway: leapster 2

Early learning is fairly important matter to me. You see the earlier they start learning the more they love it. When you can place fun and learning together even better. The blog dirty shirt reviewed the leapstar 2 and you can read it here. The dirty shirt is also offering a giveaway where the winner will recieve a leapster 2.

giveaway: bikini kitchen

Yes that is right I did say bikini. Spring is in the arir and before long there will be those wanting that great tan. On top of that prom season will soon be upon us. The dirty shirt reviewed the bikini kitchen and are offering a giveaway for bikini kitchen body butter.

Saturday Special

One Word To Start A Sentence Or Statement~~Fill In The Blanks~
1. Could this be the day that we will remember forever?
2. This day our whole family will be in the same house once again
3. Work hard to keep a great family in touch makes for a happy life
4. Out for supper do not think so we will make our meal here tonight

Saturday special is a weekly meme found here

Review and saving code Child to Cherish

Valentine's Day has arrived and before you know it spring and Easter time will be here. Today I would love to share a great gift company with my readers named child to cherish . I was recently sent a bugs keeper bank from the lovely child to cherish company. I loved it!!!!!!!!! I will use this as my granddaughters first bank at Grandmas house. If you are looking for great gifts as well Please visit child to cherish. Thank you Child to Cherish.

As you can see the details on the butterfly are terrific. But it is the details on the box that you can not see as well in this picture. Let me tell you that the details on the bug container are just as great as the details on the butterfly bank itself. The bug container has a solid bottom so that it can sit alone (after all while bug catching you have to sit the bucket somewhere). I can not wait to go lightening bug catching with my precious grand-daugther as I know we will have a great time.
If you are looking for a terrific gift for your little one for an upcoming surprise then please visit Child to Cherish. At Child to cherish they have gifts ranging from blocks and banks, hand print and pet paw keepers to crayon keepers and accessories. Child to Cherish has offered Annie's Home blog reader 10% discount if they use the code as10 So if you are looking to buy a gift for a little one in your life then remember child to cherish and save a bit while you shop.

giveaway: carlolyns apron

Do you cook or bake alot? Would you like to stay clean yet look great while you are in the kitchen? Carolyns aprons may be for you. Moms enterprises has reviewed carolyns aprons and have posted their review on their blog here. If you would like to get a carolyns apron after reading the review moms enterprises blog is hosting a giveaway where one lucky reader will recieve a apron.

saturday six

Saturday Six is another weekly meme which is to get the creative juices flowing.

If you had been born more than 100 years ago what six things would you of liked to have done?

If born 100 years ago it would have been 1909 this would not have been a distressing time to grow up in as the womens movement was right around the corner. I would have found myself involved in that first off. Second I would find myself in an era that was a bit whimsical to me and woud make the most of it by caring for my sibling so that they would end up doing great. Third there of course would be chores to do as the convience of today would not be there. Fourth I am for sure that walkign would be in the cards as there were not that many individuals with cars. Fifth I could for sure tell you that we would not live that far away from our loved ones because the loved ones would of been involved either in the farming or mining work that was Illinois years ago. Sixth this being valentines there may of been a big dance or something because the town of my size provided their own entertainment.

dont forget to sign up

Dont forget to sign up for my upcoming giveaway for fuzzibunz you can reach it here

saturday nine

Saturday nine

saturday nine is a weekly meme and this week is all related to valentines. You can read more and join here.

1. Do you have Valentine’s Day plans?
yes, you can say family plans

2. Do you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone special?
bought one for all of my kids

3. What, so far, was the happiest event of your life?
have had several in my life from babies being born, getting married, graduating college, my own daughters wedding

4. What is the best job that you ever have had?
being my own boss as consingment shop owner

5. What would be your fantasy job?
large antique shop owner

6. What would you think would be the worst job?
nursing aide again (did this 13 years)

7. What foreign countries have you visited?

8. What foreign country would be your fantasy trip?
would like to see australia

9. Since leaving your home growing up, how many places have you lived?
many different houses but with the same man

Friday, February 13, 2009

giveaway: usborne books

Teach your child to read and they will learn to love it. One of the best ways to start this is to read to them while they are little. My kids all love to read and that is why I am so happy to share about the usborne book giveaway. The blog moving forward reviewed usborne books and is hosting a giveaway for $25 gift card for usborne books.

giveaway: coyuchi

Sage and savvy recently reviewed a company I had not learned alot about. Coyuchi is a rather new company or at least new to me. There are several nice items locatd at coyuchi. A giveaway for a jumpsuit for coyuchi is located on the sage and savvy blog.

Day 12 baby shower

The blog 3 kids and us has been delighting us with a baby shower. As she is expecting soon she is sharing her loves and wants for th baby with us. Today is no different as it is for the christy ring sling. The ring sling is great and my daughter would love it as she carries her baby with a carrier constantly Head over to the blog 3 kids and us for a chance to win a ring sling

giveaway: PZI jeans

This one is for mommas or anyone else you love who needs this. For me it would be for me but my girls would try to get them. I like to wear my bluejeans and tees. I even still wear my blue jeans and pearls like I did in highschool. Frugal mommy of 2 girls reviewed PZI jeans and you can read the review here. PZI jeans are sponsoring a giveaway on the Frugal mommy of 2 girls.

giveaway: Baggu

Are you ready for spring? Shoes, bags, clothes all will be changed with sping coming on. A great place to get just the right color of purse or bag is baggu. Baggu was recently reviewed by the blog Mudpies and Maryjanes and you can read the review on their blog here. Mudpies and Maryjanes is sponsoring a giveaway for a baggu bag.

giveaway: littlemissmatch

Little miss match is a great company and they make many fun items. I love the designs and the whimsy in their products. The not so blog has reviewed little miss match and you can read that review here. The little miss match company is sponsoring a giveaway on the not so blog where the winner will win a set of PJS>

giveaway: picaflor kids

I love the cute little kids clothes that they are coming out with. Feisty frugal and fabulous reviewed a new company by the name of picaflor kids. You can read the review of this new giveaway here. Picaflor has some really cute items on their site and you can enter a giveaway on the feisty, frugal and fabulous blog site to win your choice of a hoodie or a London coat.

thursday 13

I found a new meme and they are allready on the letter F
1. Father- I was a fathers daughter or a daddys girl I miss him very much
2. February - several birthdays as well as valentines day is in this month
3.Fire- my fathers in law house caught on fire about a week ago Thank God noone hurt
4. Firefighter- my son in law is a fire fighter but not in the town we live in since they do not live here
5. Friday - the day I am filling this out since I just found it
6. Fat- what i need to loose a bit of and will as soon as weather will cooperate so i can walk
7. festivals- we love to attend these with family
8. Flea market - the business alot of my family is in
9. Farming - the other business my family is in
10. Frugal - always looking for more ways to be
11. Fresh - what I like to feel like
12. Fries - with a side of burger
13. France - A place i have no desire to go but my daugther does
want more Thursday thirteen go to

giveaway @ east coast washine

East coast washine is hosting their first giveaway and you could win a Hawaiian Decorative Take Out Gift Box filled with 1 Island Wahine soap bar and a matching bottle of Island Wahine Body Lotion. You will also receive a Hawaii's Flowers 2009 Calendar! Sounds like some great items I love the idea of the calendar so that would be the best for me the girls could fight over the rest. Please visit east coast washine to sign up.

Valentine has always been a great time at our house. Junie B. Jones was loved by most of my children but especially by my daughter Krystina. SO in honor fo valentine day I wanted to tell you about one of our favorite books Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine by Barbara Park. If you know anything about Junie you know how her life story has always went and this book is no different. Your child will be delighted and mistified as they read the book and try to find out the answer to the mystery? What mystery? Valentine mystery? Well yes it seems that Junie has recieved a mushy Gushy valentine and she has no idea where it has or who has sent it. Your child will be delighted as they read along to find the answer. I know that my daugther loved the ending but I would not want to ruin it for you so you will have to go read the book to find out.
for more literary thursdays visit hilldds blog.

friday fill in

1. It seems like love is in the air
2. let me know when you're done, please? (often said in the morning by the bathroom door at my house)
3. If I thought you would not come here I'd go see you ! ( what would be said if my daughter said she would not come for a visit)
4. Good times and love is what I think of most when I think of you.
5. To me, Valentine's Day means family and love
6. my lord gives me strength.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my sisters birthday , tomorrow my plans include valentines babysitting and family fun and Sunday, I want to go to church!
For more friday fill ins head over here

frugal friday (frugal wedding idea)

Love is in the air. Must be getting close to valentine day. I found out yesterday that we would have a spring wedding in our family. I remember my daughters wedding and how frugal conciess she was. She made her wedding favors which were hershey kiss spoons, found her dress (which was beautiful) at a bargain basement sale, and used the decor that she found at the church. These are just a few ways to have a frugal yet lovely wedding. In the next few weeks I plan on including frugal ideas for great weddings. This week I will give instructions on how to make the hershey kisses spoons since they will go great for valentines day as well.

Put a Hershey's Kiss on a plastic spoon, tie with netting and a bow. Hole punch a little tag which you will tie in with the bow that reads "Kisses from the Mister and Misses" or "Kisses from the Newlyweds - Thank you for joining us today" or something similar My daughter included the bride and groom name and the wedding date.

For more frugal friday ideas head over to the biblical womanhood blog

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

My question this week is what do you plan on doing for valentines day?

My answer is that we will share a family feast. I will have this earlier than normal though because my mother and brother are going to a concert and my daughter and son in love will be going out as well. Not sure if any of my other kids have plans yet.But I know where i will be after supper me and my husband will be babysitting our little valentine.

Want more Aloha Fridays or maybe join in head over to Island Life and play along

Thursday, February 12, 2009

giveaway: super duper diapers

The blog Moms view reviewed super duper diapers. If you are interested in using cloth diapers as well you may need to read the review located here. Moms view is also hosting a giveaway for super duper diaper wet bag. What a better idea than staying green, keeping your child healthy than to have a special place to keep those super duper wet diapers while on the go.

giveaway: beau coup

I just found out that my brother in law will be gettin married in a few days. In fact the date will be 2 days after my sons birthday on May 8th 2009. Right around the corner so lots of plans need made. The Dirty Shirt did a review on Beau Coup and posted it on the blog here. Beau Coup is hosting a giveaway on the dirty shirt blog for $25 worth of shower or wedding goodies. THis could come in real handy.

giveaway: childish

Do you ever just want to crawl up on the couch with a big warm blanket? Do you ever worry if you do you may look like a big baby? Well what do you think about those little ones who can not help theirselves? Sure they love to crawl up covered up but maybe they dont like the sissy blankets we use to cover them up. Maybe they still want to look tough like biker tough or steel man type tough. Now with childish and the pink skull blanket they can do they. Oh you say not a boy well dont you know real men wear pink? You better head over to Momma In Flip Flop Blog to keep those little ones reps safe and secure.

giveaway: trendy tadpole

Found another great giveaway for a great onesie with saying on them. I just cant get enough of those funny onesies. I just bought 2 for my granddaughter for valentines day. One says what happens at grandmas house stays at grandmas house lol. Trendy Tadpole creates lots of great and funny onesies for little ones. Frugal mommy of two girls reviewed the trendy tadpole and blogged about it here. The trendy tadpole is also sponsoring a giveaway on the frugal mommy of two girls blog for a onesie or tee for your little one.

thousand word thursday

This was the sight outside my window 2 weeks ago. The weather today is rather nice weather changes like life does rather fast.

Thursday Thunks

1. You are driving down the road and there is a puddle in the road. A big puddle. Not one that will really wreck your car or anything, but a big puddle. There is no other cars in front of you or behind you - do you drive through the puddle or drive around it?

I would drive around it after all I still have to wash the car and do not know what the water would do to the underside of the car

2. Go to Google Images, type in any word that comes to mind and post the 1st picture you see.
I posted the picture of puddle at the top of this blog. Like it? Makes me want to play in puddle and make mud cakes

3. A college calls you up and says that you have been selected to take get any degree that you want on their dollar.... what do you choose?
To complete the one I started teaching or social work
4. Are you blogging on a laptop or desktop?
5. Which store, excluding a grocery store, do you shop at most often?
6. My daughters tried out for the school musical last night. Were you ever in a school play/musical? Which one?
Yes I was in oklahoma in the 6th grade and several in elementary because everyone was
7. I read yesterday that a school PTA group wants to try to ban white bread, cakes, brownies or any other "treat" from their lunch menus... plus make kids' lunchboxes brought from home not include any "junk food". Thoughts on that one?
O.k but it will be just like drugs and the kids will find them and get them somewhere can you imagine cookie dealing before school lol
8. How many people can your kitchen table seat?
we have 8 chairs but have set up to 12 before
9. What time is it right now?
11:16 a.m
10. Walk out the front door of your house/apartment, turn right, walk 2 blocks. What do you see?
houses and a daycare center
Thursday thunk is a weekly meme you can find here

giveaway: cricket and monkey

When I was a young mother we would visit my in laws quite often. They would throw a palet of blankets on the floor and let the baby play. The cricket and monkey company have created a great travel and play mat for the little one to play in comfort. The blog 3 kids and us reviewed the cricket and monkey play mat as part of their baby shower. The day 11 giveaway at 3 kids and us is a cricket and monkey play mat of your own.

The blog Feisty, frugal and fabulous is also offering a blanket of sorts as a giveaway. The go blanket is a blanket built just so to take whereever you need to go. We go lots of places so it would come in useful. Head over to the feisty, frugal and fabulous blog to read the review about the go blanket and enter the giveaway.

giveaway: no mommys perfect

Do you ever have days where you feel you just cant do anything right? Do you ever have times where you try and try and all still goes wrong. There is a company that feels right with you called no mommys perfect. Feisty, frugal and fabulous reviewed this company and you can read the review here. No mommys perfect would is sponsoring a giveaway on the feisty, frugal and fabulous blog as well where 2 winners will be selected for either a onesie or a great tote.

thursday 3

1. Do you watch TV? If so, what kinds of things do you watch? If not, why not?

I love reality tv shows,

2. If you watch TV, what are your favorite types of programs? Which ones do you watch? If you don't watch TV, what do you do instead?

I love the view, cold case, reality shows, food tv

3. Can you imagine a world without TV? What do you think it would be like? Do you think it would be a better place to be?

Yes I can we have not always had the money for cable and we could do with radio or talking to eash other more

thursday 3 is a weekly meme you can find here

Fuzzibunz giveaway

This Contest Is Now Over

A few days ago I reviewed fuzzibunz and told you how much I loved them. You can visit my first review here. Fuzzibunz are not only great for your child but also great for the earth. Did you know that disposable diapers are landing in landfills in staggering numerous amounts? Cloth diapers have seemed to disappear from the thought of many new moms. But I believe that fuzzibuns will help bring the meaning of cloth diapers back home. You see fuzzibuns are different than the cloth diapers of yesterday and I love them. The pocket design and the stature of the fuzzibunz itself resembles a disposable diaper shape. Another great reason to try fuzzibunz is because they grow with your child. The fuzzibunz that will fit your infant will also fit your toddler. What a great concept. The snaps on the fuzzibunz helps this come to reality. Snaps that are not only plastic and safe but guaranteed for 6 months. Where else can you get that sort of guarantee? On top of that the softness of the fuzzibunz will keep your child happy and content much better than that plastic that can rub against your child's behind and create diaper rashes.

Great news!!!!!!!!!!! Tereson Dupuy the owner of the fuzzibunz company has decided to allow one of my Annie's home readers a fuzzibunz of their own.

Win: Here is what you have to do to win
Mandatory Entries:
1. visit the fuzzibunz site and tell me what color you would choose if you won. (1 entry)
2. go back to the fuzzibunz site and tell me something else that they sell other than the one size diaper itself (1 entry)
Extra Entries:
3. sign up to follow the shop Annie's blog. (2 entries)
4. share a funny diapering story (2 entries)
5. follow me on twitter (shopannies) twitter the giveaway (2 entries)
5. Blog about the giveaway and leave link in comment (4 entries)
for each entry you must leave another comment.
Open to both canada and U.S.
Contest will run from February 12, 2009 to February 19, 2009
Winner will be chosen on February 19, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. and posted by February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TMI Tuesday sounds like something my kids would say but is actually a meme located here

1. What do you think is the un-sexiest part of the body?
well used to think it was my behind but now that the song (you know what one) has come out dont think so any more so would have to say my smile.

2. Toilet paper: over, under, or what the hell are you talking about?
have no idea what this means

3. Have you ever called in sick to stay in bed with a sexual partner?
yes my husband when we were first married

4. Did your parents have a "birds & bees" talk with you? Id so, at what age?
nope I talked for them.

5. What is one thing a someone could do to you to rock your world?
love me tell me sweet thoughts and how they feel

heads or tails meme

Heads or Tails is a weekly meme that you can read here

THis week theme is love.

It takes me no time to talk about love. I love everyday and everything but one of my most loved things is my new grandbaby Katelynn. I love her from the day that I found out that she would be born. You see my daughter had been told that she could not have a baby. SO shocker, GOd said she could LOL those doctors were wrong. This little girl was born September 2, 2008 in the afternoon. My daughter went through 24+ hours of labor before she was born. We were so excited. We loved her so much. She was the biggest baby in the nursery at nearly 10 lbs and boy did she shine. I will never forget that day and I cant wait to visit with her this weekend. It will be my first real babysitting time. Yeah she will be all mine and papas for the night. Cant wait. Well there is a love experience

want to read more head over to heads or tails

ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday is a weekly meme held over here

I have started late and this week they are already on the letter D. SO I choose diabetic diet
I am a diabetic and can only tell you that if I had found out 20 years ago that I was a diabetic I would of not of been as happy as I am now. The world has changed and Splenda has been invented. If you have never used splenda let me tell you it is truly the next best thing to sugar. It taste great. You can cook with it or simply use it as you would sugar. Diabetes is not a fun thing but if I had to be one I am glad that there is splenda.

I want it wednesday meme

I want it wednesday is a weekly meme where you can put down what you want.

Today all I can think about is that I want to see my granddaughter Katelynn. Last weekend she was sick and I was not able to visit her. This weekend her parents are to bring her to my house so I can babysit so GOd willing I will be able to see her. The thing is they live about 3 hours from me so we can not visit everyday. I do get to call her everyday and find out how she is. She is not old enough to talk yet so her momma tells me. All I know is that I want to see my granddaughter katelynn

wordless wednsday as seen from my window


giveaway: shoo shoos

Little feet would be wet if they were barefoot outside today. Little feet need to be covered. Shoo shoos are adorable shoes that come in many fashions, styles and sizes. Sage and savvy blog reviewed the shoes and you can read it here. Shoo shoos are sponsoring a giveaway on the sage and savvy blog as well the winner will recieve a pair of shoo shoos

works for me wednesday

This week I was busy cleaning and came upon the boys flip flops. You know the hard plastic name brand flip flops that the boys wear. Well they needed washed badly before my kids could put them back on. The reason they needed washed was because the has been in the closet and dust had gathered up on them. I did not want to waste the time to sit down with a rag and scrub them so I took a chance and threw them in the washer. Perhaps one of you knew they would be fine I did not. When they came out of washer they looked great like new. The boys were very suprised. I now know what to do to clean the girls when it comes time.

That was my work for me wednesday want to read more or add your own? Head over to the works for me blog at rocks in my dryer.

giveaway: thats caring basket

Valentine day is fast approaching. In fact it is coming this saturday. Are you ready for it? There is a company that can help you out called thats caring. Thats caring is a great company that shows its hearts for the earth all the time. It has lessened the packing that items come in for one thing and to find out more visit Jamies precious peas where a full review can be read. Jamies Precious Peas also is hosting a giveaway for a thats caring basket.

giveaway: From Me tees

Do you tell your significant other that you love them? I do at least 3 times a day. But want to really tell them and let the whole world know as well? You need to check out the great tees over at From Me Tees. During the bloggy carnival @ dont try this at home From me tees were reviewed and a giveaway is being held where the winner will win a pair of body shorts or thongs.

Talented Tuesday

I recently was able to visit this little angel. Her talent is being my niece (the only 1 in the family for years). She has recently learned how to pull up and start to walk. So mommy watch out before long she will be getting places you dont want her in. This little girl also has the talent to capture her brothers and her uncles attention. You should see her work her powers lol. Anyways this little girl will be a heartbreaker in her own time. SO world watch out my little niece will take the world by storm. GO AUTUMN GO!!!!!!!!!
for more talented teusday head over to two of a kind working on a full house.

a few new giveaways

Giveaways, a great way to have fun and get great items as well. Not only do giveaways offer those entering something but also the sponors of the giveaways. Sponsors need attention to be given to their products and here are a few sponsors of todays giveaways;

Sweeps 4 bloggers hosting giveaway sponsored by Denny's for $10 gift card
2 of a kind working on a full house hosting giveaway sponsored by Glade for a glade sweeper
A busy mom on the go blog hosting giveaway sponsored byGem Affair for a heart pendant set
Does Mommy Love it blog hosting giveaway sponsored by Mommystars shirt for a shirt.
There Once Was A girl BLog hosting giveaway for $50 gift card.
An Island Life hosting giveaway for threadless tee.
mudpies and maryjane blog hosting giveaway for honeydrop drink and tee sponsored by honeydrop

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 kids and us baby shower gift #9

The blog 3 kids and us baby shower has been giving us many great gifts. I love todays gift as well. Todays gift and review was for the spatime cape and cap.

giveaway : lunch pack

How many of us know how important a healthy lunch is? Well when we work or when we take care of children all day long lunch is very important. It is the food that we put in our bodies that give us the energy to suceed. When we are away from home we need something to pack that healthy lunch in. The lunch pack kit from the Balanced Day Lunch Kit was reviewed by the blog My organized chaos. The Balanced Day Lunch Kit is also being offered in a giveaway on the My organized chaos blog.

giveaway: little miss clips

I think baby hair clips are adorable. I loved them and still do and now that I have a granddaughter guess what. She will have so many clips it wont even be funny. I won one just yesterday from Jamies precious peas and cant wait to get it. Now Feisty, Frugal and fabulous reviewed little miss clips you can read the post on their blog here. Little miss clips is offering a giveaway for a $20 gift card and you can sign up at the blog feisty, frugal and fabulous.

giveaway yandy

Candy is good but yandy is better for your love life. Need a spark in your marriage? Well Yandy is sure to spark it right up. The blog All because 2 people fell in love recently reviewed Yandy and you can read their post here. Yandy is also sponsoring a giveaway on teh All because 2 people fell in love blog for a gift set.

Between me and you keepsake journals

Do you like long conversations? Do you like to know what others think about themselves? While my daughter was pregnant I made her a journal that told her a bit about me while I was growing up so that she could share that with future generations. She in return wants to do the same for her daughter. The between me and you keepsake journals over at Sand dune publishing create such an aroma that will help you share your thoughts with others or you can give the between me and you keepsake journal to someone else so that they can share thoughts with you. The between me and you keepsake journals include one for mom, dad, daughter, son and more. Perhaps you are like me and would love to have questions like these answered for you.

You can save money and get your hands on a sanddune between me and you keepsake journal by entering annies into the coupon code box on the sandune sight. This coupon is for 10% off and only runs until valentines day Feb. 14 so you need to hurry.

Smart quotes for kids Review

Smart quotes for kids creates canvas art pictures for young people in our lives. I even like several of the quotes that are used but then again I am just a big kid.

There are several great points about the art that smart quotes for kids contain and here are a few of them:

Smart quotes for kids are produced on archival-quality canvas this would be great since it makes the art more of higher quality item which impresses me

Smart quotes for kids art are stretched over an extra-deep 1.5" wooden frame this will protect the canvas (have you ever seen a canvas painting that is barely hanged onto the frame? These normally will come off or at least they have with me.)

Smart quotes for kids
art arrive ready to hang with a grograin ribbon or saw-tooth hanger which makes it nice for the mom and child alike because all that is needed is a great place to hang

Smart quotes for kids sayings introduce or reinforce concepts about kindness, friendship and success which is what we all want to install into our children as they grow up.

Smart quotes for kids matted picture quotes coordinate beautifully with any d├ęcor several different colors and styles are available so all you have to do is look for the one that goes with your theme the best.

The creator of these wonderful artful worksat Smart quotes for kids is Laura Sheehan Kallen who created the company and art as she was looking for art for her 2 year old sons room. She could not find exactly what was desired so she created it. Laura has offered my readers a discount 20% discount through March 15. When ordering please include the code annie20

Head over and visit Smart quotes for kids

giveaway: kabloom flowers

Who would you give flowers to if you could? I would choose to give them to my mom. My mom is my best friend and I would choose to give them to her. My mom and dad were married for almost 30 years when my father passed away from complications of diabetis. She misses him, talks about him and pines for him daily. I love her and her strenght for years my mom has been everything to us children and one of my greatest fears is something happening to her. I want to tell you about a giveaway at chicshopperchick that will allow you to send flowers to the person you love from the kabloom company.

giveaway: kelly jogging stroller

I received the most delightful phone call yesterday. It was from my daughter and she was really enjoying the great weather we are having. Her and my granddaughter were able to go outside and take a walk. I remember walking with my children and possibly that is why she enjoys them so much with her child? The Kelly jogging stroller would of been great for many of our walks as it is really great for walking or jogging. The momfuse recently reviewed this great stroller and shared a bit about the Kelly company you can read more here. In addition to the review you will also find a giveaway sponsored by Kelly's held over at the momfuse blog where the winner will receive a jogging stroller of their own.

try this tuesday

In our house hygiene can often be a struggle. I have created charts for my children which are held in a protected folder. This chart allows them the reminder as well as the opportunity to check off the progress such as brush teeth, shower, shampoo, etc.... This seems to help. I do still have problems with one of my boys who does not like to keep good hygiene. We have tried lots of ideas my question is do you have any idea of how to not really bribe but get him to take his shower and hygiene responsibilities without fighting. I would appreciate hearing any and all ideas.

For more try this tuesday head over to 5 minutes for special needs.

giveaway nursing cover up

I cheer on those who can breast feed and those who do it with style. I once knew a lady who breastfeed her baby but really did not care when or where she did. She used no cover up and all hanged out literally. But then I know women who cover up and breastfeed in style. While nursing thier baby they keep thier modesty with them. The Sweet Wee Bairn company makes a coverup just so mothers can keep thier dignity while breast feeding. The mom buzz reviewed the company sweet wee bairn and you can read the review here. The mom buzz blog is also hosting a giveaway where the winner will win a coverup fro mthe sweet wee bairn.

Monday, February 9, 2009

giveaway: Jack and Lilly shoes

Shoes for little feet are so cute. The shoe makers now days make such great shoes. Jack and Lilly are no exception. For a full review please visit Jolly mom blog. There is a giveaway that Jolly mom is also hosting where the winner will win a new pair of shoes from Jack and Lilly shoes.

new recipe to me

I made this recipe over the weekend and everyone loved it. It was quick, easy and tasted great

Salsa Beef Skillet

2 lb hamburger
4 c water
2 c salsa
2 mac and cheese dinners
4 c corn
1 c shred cheese
onion, chopped

Brown meat and drain. Return to skillet and stir in water, salsa, and pasta. Bring to boil then reduce to low. Cover and simmer 10 minutes til tender. Stir twice. Mix in rest. Cook 2 min or til hot

for more make something monday visit go graham go, jolly mom and diana rambles.
For more tasty tuesday visit Forever Wherever blog

Happy Green Bee review

I recieved a pair of tights from Happy Green Bee today and my first reaction was. WOW!!!!!!! I could not believe the colors they just seemed to pop. I then felt them and loved how soft they felt and knew these were not the itchy hard tights of yesterday. Once again my granddaughter was lucky.

My daughter is a bit nervous of what she allows her daughter to have ever since she had a brief stay in the childrens hospital. So when I saw that the tights were organically lovingly put together I knew these were for Katelynn. If you have that worry about what your little one touches and has around them perhaps you should check into what they wear as well. With lots of individuals getting on the go green bandwagon organic cotton that the happy green bee company uses fits right in. Organic cotton is healthy for planet's creatures, from children and wildlife to farm and factory workers. So the processing of the happy green bee products do not cause wildlife harm or cancer or illness to the factory workers.

Happy Green Bee company makes shirts, shorts, skorts, dresses among other items that are as safe and cute as the tights.

One large line that runs on the happy green bee sight is this:

safe and sustainable, soft and stretchy, super-silly, simply sensational styles!

Safe n sustainable the cotton is safe as I stated before and sustainable as it is durable and seems to stretch quite well. Soft enough to rub on your cheek so on your babies skin should feel as soft as can get. Super silly comes in with the stripes that are given and great colorful stripes create fun.

So now that I have shared what I love about the great Happy Green Bee company you should check them out for yourself.

Review FuzziBunz

The first thought that came to my mind as I opened the package I received was how cute, how useful, and how soft. We received the pink fuzzibunz as my grandchild is a girl and the pink they sent was super cute. One thing that I love was that the fuzzibunz invented by a mother out of necessitous. The necessity was because of diaper rash. Everyone knows how bad diaper rashes are and how plastic diapers do not help the situation.
FuzziBunz carries a quote on their one size diapers that I totally agree with them on;

FuzziBunz Reusable Diapers - The GOLD Standard in Cloth Diapering!

In today's world and economy many are choosing to use cloth diapers for many great reasons. Some of these reasons may include saving money, better for the environment, and better for the baby. But if they were able to see the Fuzzibunz I think that they would add two more reason to the list. I believe that they would add the adorability and durability quality of fuzzibunz.
Upon inspecting the fuzzibunz I notice the many snaps that are there since the fuzzybunz will grow with your child. The snaps are not like the ones that you will normally find in today's clothing but they are of a better quality. They are plastic that snap great. The fuzzibunz snaps are guaranteed for 6 months which seems great to me since most snaps wear out quick the guarantee just helps to promote the products durability.
I then look at the elastic crease where the leg goes in pleases me as well. The softness and protective padding in that area surprises me as even in plastic diapers that is one area that either does not fit properly and snugly or rubs against the babies skin in a rough manner. The fuzzibunz pleases me in the fact that the curvature will make the leg fit properly into the diaper as well as no rub burn will happen because of the soft cotton feel.
The pocket design in the fuzzibunz surprised me and pleased me once again. The filler that goes inside of the pocket reminds me of a great terry cloth material that I know by fact helps the baby keep leak proof. I was one of those mothers who at one time use dishtowels if the cloth diapers were dirty so I know that material would work. But what a great idea to have a material like that inside of the fuzzibunz. It is like having a cute adorable panties on your child while they are staying dry. Fuzzibunz shares the same creator as the original pocket concept – created in January 1999 by our inventor Tereson Dupuy. As we all know those that copy the process are not always as good.
The snaps help to adjust the leg and waist area so no droopy drawers will be found with fuzzibunz. My granddaughter is much bigger than most babies but this diaper would fit her at nearly 10 lbs as that little 6 lb baby at the same age. The size of the fuzzibunz reminds you of a disposable diaper since it is so nice and trim with no overhang. With 20 different color choices you should one that you love as well.
Well, now that I have told you what I feel about the great fuzzibunz Please check them out for your self. You will be truly delighted.

giveaway: dvd

Did you love strawberry shortcake when you was a young girl? Do you love strawberry shortcake now? Want to share that love with someone in your life? The new strawberry shortcake video will be out soon. The blog reviewin it up is holding a giveaway for the dvd strawberry shortcake.

giveaway cutie and patootie

Love the company name love the styles cutie and patootie is wonderful and so cute. All babies need cute clothes so that we can oooohhhh and aaaahhh over them. Now 3 kids and us blog is making it a bit easier by hosting a baby shower giveaway and reviewing cutie and patootie. I love these they are so super cute. SO if you want to win one head over the blog 3 kids and us and sign up for a chance to win one of your own

giveaway: eleven shoes

As walking to school today I noticed that a couple of my children could really use some new shoes. I will place this in my budget as good shoes are always important. If possible I try to buy them at discounted prices or at thrift shops. How would you like to win a new pair of shoes? I know I would. The soothie ranch reviewed the brand eleven shoes and placed her findings here on her blog. The soothie ranch is also hosting a giveaway where one lucky winner will win a pair of eleven shoes.

giveaway pearls

Pearls are being given away. I have loved pearls forever ever since I was a little girl. I loved my mommas pearls and would wear them whenever I could. Well, mom dot has found a giveaway just for you pear lovers. The pearl girl tag team has offered the winner of a giveaway $500 gift card. The giveaway is located following the review that mom dot created on her blog.

giveaway landon and lydia diaper cake

I have seen these diaper cakes before. Some of these are really cute and some of them would of been better off not completed. The landon and lydia diaper cakes all look great and I think they are adorable. You should read the review located at the soothie ranch blog and then sign up for the giveaway supported by landon and lydia for a diaper cake. Good luck.

Mama losin it writing prompt

Write a list of ten things on your mind this week.

1. love the weather need to spend time outside
2. grandbaby is sick need to keep her momma calm and help her with what she needs to do
3. need to go shopping again but i am glad will not need so much this time
4. I need to send money to daughter today
5. pray for people in kentucky and missouri because of problems from the large ice storm we had
6. have to call and check out college and dorm for my son
7. have to fill out fasfa for my daughters first year of college today
8. my baby turned 18 yesterday been contemplating alot on that
9. rumors flying around little town tonight and I need to find out who is telling the truth about some young teens that I know
10. this one is a bit harder because I am so tired but think that may be it try to get more sleep this week lol

for more moma losin it wrting promps go here

giveaway: apron

Mama's losin it blog is hosting an apron swap. I am getting it on this a bit late it seems as if one has allready been given away. I love aprons they seem so vintage to me. I love vintage as many of you know. If you would like to get in on the apron giveaway this time it is from an etsy shop here just head over to mama's losin it blog

Blog Popz

Love to share with other bloggers? Perhaps you have a mad a good friend with a blogger and want to reward them. Nothing is sweeter than candy and when that candy is created for bloggers by bloggers none sweetere. Now you can suprise another blogger with a blog pop. Just head over to The Not So blog and follow the rules to suprise another blogger with a blog popz.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

giveaway: monkey toe shoes

I love these little shoes. They all seem to have a personality of thier own. Sort of like your child each of them have personalities of thier own. So why not put thier little feet into little monkey to shoes? Moms most wanted blog reviewed the monkey toe shoes and posted it on thier blog. Moms most wanted is also hosting a giveaway sponsored by monkey toe shoes for a pair of monkey toe shoes.

giveaway: story time felts

One of the best toys a kid can have are stories. I used to love to make up stories. My dad was a great story teller and I think that is where i get my ability and talent. Never tell a lie but always a story. The blog moms most wanted has found an item that I think is wonderful to do a review on. Story time felts are great for the wee ones and help build imagination. If you are looking for a chance to get some for free then sign up for the giveaway moms most wanted blog is hosting for story time felt $25 gift card.

giveaway: see kai run shoes

See kai run shoes are so cute and if you agree with me you should check out the review a busy mommy blog. If thats not enough the a busy mommy is also offering a giveaway for a pair of see kai run shoes.

Chic bud review and giveaway @ Moms most wanted.

giveaway: prom mom tee

Do you love being a mom? Well then why not wear that fact proudly? Pro mom tees will let you do just that. The tees that pro mom have are all great and pronounce that you love being a mom as much as you know you do. An optimistic beauty reviewed the promom company recently and you can review what they found on their blog here. An optimistic beauty is also sponsoring a giveaway sponsored by promom for a tee of the winners.

Want a pretty piece to wear with your tee? What about the homestudio scrable pendants. Busy mom on go did a great review and are offering a giveaway on thier blog.

giveaway: uneak shoes

Have you heard of the uneak shoes? I personally had not but after reading the review over at optimistic beauty I know what they are now. They are some terrific cute shoes that have not match. You should check them out, read the review at optimistic beauty, and then enter the giveaway sponsored by uneak for a pair of shoes.

giveaway: frecklebox

Have your ever heard of the company frecklebox? No it is not where you keep freckles at.!@ wiseguy. It is a company that personalizes items for the ones you love. It is great when in my family we love misspellings and can not find alot of names. Nurse mommy wrote a review and is hosting a giveaway for the winners choice from frecklebox.

giveaway: baby gift set

More and more items are being made out of bamboo. I must of missed something because I thought bamboo was wood. Guess not they are truely making some of the softest clothing items out of bamboo. Sage and Savvy reviewed a great company using bamboo that goes by the name Dreamsacks. To read the review head over here. Sage and Savvy are also hosting a giveaway for a baby gift set from the the dreamsacks site.

giveaway: generation baby

Generation baby is a company with great products, some of which I had never seen before. If you want a full description read the review over at the blog feisty, frugal and fabulous. A giveaway is being held at the blog feisty, frugal and fabulous which offers the winner a generation baby smart sack.

Operation love Zimbabwe was brought to my eyes by the blog Mozi Esme. There are some pictures on the sight that would pull at your hearts string. Zimbabwe is so far away from us we may forget about the suffering that goes on in that country. If you take a look at the pictures on the sight you will feel likes it a bit more reality. Please visit the blog Mozi Esme for more information.

giveaway: manhattan toy

What childhood is not complete without toys? Every child needs toys. Educational toys are great and allows your child to learn while playing. That way they dont realize they are learning and dont get bored with the whole situation. Manhattan toys fits the bills for just these sort of toys but if you are looking for more of a description head over to the blog 3 kids and us where they have a great review on their blog. Traveling along side of this review is the giveaway that the blog 3 kids and us is hosting for manhattan toys.

giveaway: kiki and lele

I love jewelry don't most women? When that jewlry is personalized I love it even more. The jewelry at kiki and Lele fits both of the first two categories. Whether personailzed for the family or an individual the jewlry is special. Jamies Precious Peas reviewed the products at Kiki and Lele and shared thier review here on thier blog. kiki and Lele not only sell jewelry but precious haribows as well. Would you like to win one of your own? Jamies Precious Peas is hosting a giveaway for either a necklace or a bow.

giveaway: book

In our house we have several children with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. It is just the luck of the genes I reckon. I usually listen and take in when any and all help is offered. That is why I am so happy to share this giveaway with you. It is for the book different minds. This book is being offered in a giveaway at island review.

giveaway: little ones

I love the name of the company little ones. Do you know what they do? They make little shoes for little ones feet. Little ones is an ebay store with great prices. Feisty, frugal and fabulous blog reported on the company littleones. This company is great and offers you a chance to win a pair of shoes for your little one by sponsoring a giveaway at the fiesty, frugal and fabulous blog.

giveaway: build a bear

Do you love build a bear? Do you still need to get someone special a great gift for valentines day? Well why not combine the two and either take them to build a bear to make thier own valentine present or make one for them? Blessings abound blog just reviewed the valentine specials on thier blog and are offering a giveaway where the winner will recieve $25 gift card to build a bear.

giveaway: pottery

Do you love good pottery dishes? They have been around for a long long time. I love them and the pottery pieces located at emerson creek hold an even larger place in my heart. I love these dishes and have a few pieces that I have been lucky enough to obtain but would love to have more. The blog the giveaway is hosting a give away for a piece of pottery from the emerson creek collection.