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Saturday, February 14, 2009

saturday six

Saturday Six is another weekly meme which is to get the creative juices flowing.

If you had been born more than 100 years ago what six things would you of liked to have done?

If born 100 years ago it would have been 1909 this would not have been a distressing time to grow up in as the womens movement was right around the corner. I would have found myself involved in that first off. Second I would find myself in an era that was a bit whimsical to me and woud make the most of it by caring for my sibling so that they would end up doing great. Third there of course would be chores to do as the convience of today would not be there. Fourth I am for sure that walkign would be in the cards as there were not that many individuals with cars. Fifth I could for sure tell you that we would not live that far away from our loved ones because the loved ones would of been involved either in the farming or mining work that was Illinois years ago. Sixth this being valentines there may of been a big dance or something because the town of my size provided their own entertainment.

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