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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

try this tuesday

In our house hygiene can often be a struggle. I have created charts for my children which are held in a protected folder. This chart allows them the reminder as well as the opportunity to check off the progress such as brush teeth, shower, shampoo, etc.... This seems to help. I do still have problems with one of my boys who does not like to keep good hygiene. We have tried lots of ideas my question is do you have any idea of how to not really bribe but get him to take his shower and hygiene responsibilities without fighting. I would appreciate hearing any and all ideas.

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  1. I don't know how old your son is. When my kids were younger making it just part of the routine worked fairly well ("before people go to bed they take a shower.") Older, I don't really know.

  2. I think you can reward without it being a bribe. Pick something they like that they don't always get to do - computer time, watching a DVD, choosing what's for dinner one night, etc - and tell him he will get one point/star/whatever for each task he completes on time. Then tell him a certain number of points gets him the reward. The trick is to figure out high the number of points needed for the reward can be before he feels like it is too hard.

    People who go to work get a paycheck at the end of it. And they have to take care of their appearance to keep their job. So, indirectly, we are all getting rewarded for our efforts.

    In my experience, systems like this work really well for a while and then my son gets tired of them. But sometimes that's enough to jump start the habit, or I just put it away and try again later.

    I wish the best with it!

  3. I'm back - if the rewards don't work, it could be that he loses something. One night when my son had to go to bed early due to his behavior, he lost watching cartoons in the morning because we had to give him his bath then.

    Natural consequences are great, but I would first go over what you want and why it is important (probably through a story), and try the reward system to see if it makes things go better.


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