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Saturday, February 7, 2009

giveaway : jewlry and smell goods

In the southern states perfumes, powders and others were called smell goods. I really like how that sounds still since that is exactly what you are doing. Two blogs im particular are offering great reviews and giveaways for goodies that help us ladies out. All things for baby and mom reviewed hannahmade soaps and scrubs and offering giveaway for some products and the blog my 2 boyz reviewed handstamped jewlry and are offering a lucky winner a piece of it for thierselves.

check out the stamped card giveaway at card oasis

giveaway: sidder bug creation

Pictures are a thousand words. Many of us know that as we place our pictures on our blogs for www and a thousand word thursday. The blog all things for baby and mom found a great picture making place. Sidder Bug Creations are great for not only one picture but they also create collages. Head over to the blog all things for baby and mom and read the great review and then sign up for the sidder bug creations giveaway.

Want to use safer products? Look no further than Ecome products. Right now the blog Mommy enterprise wrote a review on ecome and is hosting a giveaway for products.

giveaway: eleven

Spring is coming and so is warmer weather. Although we will all want to go barefoot shoes will still be needed. The spring line of the company eleven shoes are now out and they look great. The blog my organized chaos reviewed the new spring line and posted some great pointers on their blog. My organized chaos is also offering a giveaway where the winner will recieve a new pair of 11 shoes.

giveaway: savanah jacks

The name of this great company savanah jacks just reminds you of the south. I love all the old south dresses and items that the women would wear. Really pretty items are what I love the best. The company savanah jacks has some really pretty items for sale and you should check them out. Two of a kind working on a full house reviewed savanah jacks as of late and blogged about them you can find the review on the blog two of a kind working on a full house. A giveaway is also being sponsored by savanah jack on the two of a kind working on a full house blog the winner will recieve a super handbag.

giveaway: cheesecake city

I have a son in love and he is the love of my daughters life. His love besides my daughter and granddaughter would be cheesecake. I once ate at the cheese cake factory in chicago and would love to take him there. He would love it. The thrifty and chic mom recently wrote a review on the company cheesecake factory. I love the other thing that thrifty and chic mom is doing is hosting a giveaway where the winner will get thier own cheesecake factory cake.

giveaway babysteals

As you all know I love to get things for my little angel. Baby steals is a great place to get terrific buys for your little one. Frugal mommy of 2 girls completed a review of the babysteals blog and you can visit the frugal mommy of 2 girls blog to read it. While there sign up for the great giveaway one lucky winner will win.

Now something for momma. I love candles and maybe you do to. Well Sage n savvy have introduced me to a new candle company with a large variety of candles. The Bsab candle company has been reviewed by sage and savvy and are offering candles in a giveaway to a lucky winner.

Another great gift would be box o box giveaway at 5 minute for mom. Candy is always great to have any time.

what about putting some great labels on items to keep organized. The blog Life in a house of blue reviewed the label daddy and is offering a giveaway . Second giveaway at this blog is the myself belt. This belt can help children or adults alike who need a bit of help.

giveaway: artfire

I love the great handmade jewlry and paintings that are created by great inspired artist. The artfire giveaway has 11 of these artist involved. Risky beads has the information you are looking for.

Would you reshape your body if you could? Well the m fine shapewear could help you do that. Read the review on the shapewear over at everything up close and enter the giveaway.

giveaway: clogs

Do you love summer? I love summer and for years loved to go barefoot. I can no longer do this very much outside of my house because I am a diabetic. Therefore I must take good care of my feet. I love sandles, thongs and clogs. I have loved clogs since i was a very young girl. Now I have found a site thanks to a review found at Lethal blond for clogs from capeclogs.

Want to smell great this summer? Then you may be interested in soap from soap deli. I know I love long showers in the summer and a great soap makes that shower even better. The blog fiesty, frugal and fabulous reviewed soap deli soap and you can read the review at thier blog and then sign up for the giveaway for soap deli.

giveaway: pizza and dabib

Often when my family finds ourself running short on time we often we will often call f0r pizza to be delivered. This pizza may come from numerous places among the list is pizza hut. This quick meal would be even sweeter if I could win the money to order the pizza. The blog Amandas is hosting give away for 2 $20 giftcards.

The blog 3 kids and us is offering a giveaway for dabib. These are really cute for the little one in your life. If you are a momma like my daughter you can never have enough bibs. Too bad they don't have bibs big enough for the pizza eaters lol.

Friday, February 6, 2009

giveaway : medibag

Do you have little ones in the house? If you do then when summer comes they will possibly get bangups. These bang ups often get attention as we talk about boo boos and then we need to cover those boo boos. The ladybug soup has got just the right remedy for these boo boos with a review on the medibag. If the review is not enough then by all means sign up for the giveaway where you could win a medibag of your own.

giveaway: nana star

Have you heard about the great award winning book series? have you ever heard of nanastar? If you have then you know how this series of nanastar books can grow on you. You also know how cute the characters are and how the kids love them. want to win the book and a plush to go with it? The blog Ladybug Soup is offering a great review of the book series nanastar and a giveaway where a lucky reader will win the book and a great plush character.

giveaway: soundtrack and hoodie

There are so many great movies out right now. One important aspect in movies is the music that you find in them. The great soundtracks that come out with the movies often become as popular as the movie itself. The movie He's Just Not That Into You. had some great music and thus a great soundtrack came out. The blog a nut in a nutshell is hosting a giveaway for the soundtrack and a hoodie from One2One Network.

giveaway: stranger safety DVD

Does the safety of your loved ones make the top of your to do list? It does mine. I once thought that safety in big cities was not the same as safety in a one horse town. Now I know that no matter where you live safety should be a top consideration. Things happen that you are not aware of and it only takes a second for a stranger to approach your family. The stranger safety DVD is a great idea for families of any age. The momma findings blog has wrote a great review on this dvd and also shares some interesting facts. It is worth your time to read and while visiting the blog sign up for the giveaway for the stranger safety DVD.

thousand word thursday (my birthday girl)


18 years of love as my baby girl turns 18 on sunday feb 8, 2009

For more thousand word thursday head over to cheaper than therapy blog

1.Please don't tell a lie (everyone knows I hate nothing more than a lier)
2. Can you take the kids to school in the morning? (often what my brother in law hears)
3. The color purple makes me want to cheer! (Bulldogs our hometown team color)
4. I have a craving for sweets. (this is awful)
5. If my life had a pause button, I'd pause it here for just a while (time is going to fast and I would just keep it where it is to enjoy life for just a bit)
6. Eyes are the windows to our soul (I have always heard this and do believe there is a bit of truth to it.)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with the family, tomorrow my plans include getting outside and doing some work and Sunday, I want to go see my granddaughter!

head over here to complete your friday fill ins

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
Today I want to know if you will plant a garden this spring?
I plan on planting a garden as well as some flowers and I can use all the help that I can get my hands on. I am planning on taking the time to enjoy gardening while raising food for my family.
To participate in Aloha Friday head over to an island life

giveaway: flip and tumble bag

Want to shop in style? Have you seen the flip and tumble bag? Want to read a review about this bag? Head over to Grab Bag Review and also enter the giveaway sponsored by flip and tumble bag for a bag of your own.

What about smelling and looking great as well while you shop? Grammy Janet reviewed the http://www.thebodyshopathome.comand found some great information out that you may want to know. At the same time perhaps you want to enter the giveaway sponsored by the and held by Grammy Janet. Either way you should come out of this looking and smelling great.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

giveaway: milkshake

Milkshake no not the type that make by mixing icecream and milk but the musical type. No not the music that you would listen to in the old fashioned malt shops but the newer style of music for kids. No not those tiny boppers that bounce around but the little knee high or maybe a little bigger individuals in your life. Bargain Briana reviewed the milkshake music for all of you who do not know who or what I am talking about. Head over to the blog Bargain Briana read the review and sign for the giveaway sponsored by milkshake for a dvd, cd and comic book.

giveaway: dog bandana

One person that often gets lefto out of blogging but not out of love in our house is our lil dog corky. Corky is a mini doberman pincher and is spoiled rotten. I found a great giveaway for him over at Frugal Mommy of 2 girls. Frugal Mommy of 2 girls wrote a review on Mark your decorations and are hosting a giveaway for a doggy bandana.

Moody mama says is also hosting a great giveaway for elfin dreams art. The winner will recieve a signed mini piece of art.

giveaway: jewlry

I love pretty jewlry and valentine day is coming up and no better time than jewlry. Do you love jewlry? Would you love to get some jewlry for yourself? Will you be lucky enough to get some from someone who loves you? If you are like me and don't know then maybe you better try to win yourself some. The blog frugal mommy of 2 girls reviewed buzybunnys pendants and are hosting a giveaway where the winner will recieve a pendant of thier choice.

thursday 13

Top 13 foods my family loves

1. chilli

2. spaghetti


4. fried chicken

5. hamburgers

6. burritos

7. hotdogs

8. roast and potatos

9. fish sticks

10. corndog

11. french fries

12. chicken patties

13. chicken nuggets
want more top 13 list head over to the blog happy to be at home

giveaway: do n slide

Do you have charts around or are you a list maker? what about the little ones who dont read do you want a system for them? The do n slide would be great. The feisty, frugal and fabulous blog has prepared a review on the do n slide system. In addition to the review feisty, frugal and fabulous is hosting a giveaway for a do n slide system.

giveaway: wolf tail scarf

This winter my daughter wanted to find a coat or jacket for my granddaughter. This was very difficult for her to do and the choice came down to zip up snow suit or little sweaters. Not a big choice. Feisty, Frugal and fabulous wrote a review on a product called little riding hoods. These are great capes that will keep your child warm. Want to know more go over to feisty, frugal and fabulous and read the review then sign up for the giveaway for a wolf tail scarf.

giveaway : baby cha cha

dress up that little one while they will let you sooner or later they will have minds of thier own and not let you do that anymore. The mombuzz has found a great site called baby cha cha that sells terrificaly cute headbands and tutus among the list of items. These are so cute. Head over to Mombuzz and read the review and sign up for the giveaway sponsored by baby cha cha for a headband.

giveaway: home depot

Wow spring will be here soon and I have so many things I want to do. I have so many plans and things I want to fix up. Bargain Brianica is hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift card to home depot. Just think of the things I could do with that.............

my rock star


This is my little rockstar. Would you like to check out clothes for your little rock star? Head over to Mom Buzz where a giveaway sponsored by baby rock is going on.

giveaway: bummas

Do you remember giving you little baby its first bath? Maybe you are expecting and are anticipating all that you will need for that little baby. One thing you may think about adding to the list of have tos is the bumma wipes. The bumma wipes are softest thing for your babies soft skin and for more information head over to 3kidsandus blog and read thier review on bummas and enter the giveaway to win a pack of 10 of your own.

giveaway: tuckerblair

Do you love cute hair bands for your or your childs hair? I love them and now that I have a granddaughter (can't quit talking about her) we will have another head to decorate lol. Life in a house of blue recently reviewed tuckerblair and are hosting a giveaway for a tuckerblair headband.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

giveaway: baby gift basket

I love to buy for the babies don't you? I love to see what all they have new. I found a great review that sage and savvy wrote concerning baby gift basket from child to cherish gift basket. Head over read the review and sign up for the giveaway at sage and savy for a gift basket of items for the new baby from Child To Cherish.

giveaway: dapple

Want to do some cleaning. Noone ever wants to do cleaning unless ofcourse that is your thing. But what if you can do some cleaning with some great products? If you are looking for some great products look towards the cleaners created by dapple. If you are looking for a way to win some great dapple products look over at momfuse.

Momtime 09 giveaway

Momtime 09 giveaways to make your life easier. Ever want to take those flowers that you find in various places like the yard, the grocery store, or elsewhere and make great arrangements? Well Go Graham Go blog is hosting a giveaway for the flower duet DVD that will help teach you to arrange flowers in attractive arrangements. What about spiffying up after making the arrangement? The Jolly Mom has found the perfect item for you. The Jolly mom has reviewed the dirt tamer and is offering a giveaway for it on their blog. Head over to the jolly mom and go graham go to sign up for either of the giveaways or both.

Meatloaf burgers

I would love to share this recipe with you this week. It is a great recipe and makes lots so you may be able to do what I did and freeze some or freeze some for later use. We had these just the other night and the kids loved them

Meatloaf burgers

3 lb hamburger
1 1/2 c oats
4 eggs
2 t garlic
1 c salsa

Mix all Pat into patties grill or fry.

check out whats for dinner over at thrifty and chic mom

Not me monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to My Charming Kids blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
I am not just writing this on Wednesday which is 2 days late. The reason for this is not because I have been busy with the first of the month errands. I did not have a great time visiting with my mother because she did not travel around with me as I did my errands. I did not have a doctor appoinment on monday and i did not loose 8 lbs since the last visit. Yeah!!!!!! I did not come back home to where I had 2 packages delivered from blog giveaways that I had won. Yeah!!!!!!!!! I did not get 2 pair of socks in the mail and I did not hide them so that my middle daughter would find them. Not me why would I do that? It was not me who knew that knew if she saw them she would want both pairs. Not me.
For more not me monday post head over to my charming kids blog

hot breakfast challenge week 1 hashbrown skillet

Breakfast has long been called the most important meal of the day. A hot breakfast is very important in the winter time. Think of it this way if you cook a hot breakfast you also help to heat the house up while cooking. Here is one of my new favorites that I just made this past weekend

Hashbrown Skillet

2 lb frozen hashbrown potatos
1 chopped onion
1 chopped bell pepper
8 eggs, beaten
lb sausage, browned

Scramble eggs and cook. Now mix all and heat til potatoes are done and all are heated through.

For more hot breakfast recipes head over to The Happy Housewife

shared here and at
simple saturdays



Gratituesday is always a great time to write a post about what you were thankful for even when we did not realize it. That is what I will write about today. Each month, in fact my binder has several months budgets up and ready to go. This month was a bit different when I found out that my gas and light bill was a bit more than expected. Together they totaled $700. I knew I would have to be creative to pull of a budget that was going to stretch a month with a budget like that. The one person who I always call on I actually forgot about this time. I forgot to call on the Lord to bless my budget. Now I always pray over my budget when I create it but I forgot to pray the day that I went out and paid the bills. Somehow I was able to meet all the bills and even get some great grocery deals as well. I thanked my Lord for all that he does and asked for forgivness for worrying without talking to him. YOu see he will meet all our needs and I am so Thankful that he is our protector and provider. So that is what I am thankful for this week that all of our weekly groceries were bought and our monthly bills were paid.
For more gratituesday posts head over to heavenly homemakers

works for me Wednesday

Thrifty Jinxy

This works for me Wednesday I wanted to share with you some ways that I was able to recieve some great shopping deals. In our town we have a radio station and this radio station occasionally holds auctions for charities. This week they hosted an auction for the spring summer kiwanis baseball and softball. I was lucky enough to get some great buys. Here is what I bought.

(1) a haircut and style (value $25.00) bought for $12.00

(2) a ham from a local grocery store Toms Mad Pricer (value $25.00) bought for $18.00

(3) a value pack of one large pizza from Morello's ( a local pizza place real good food), 2 $5 gift cards to a local mexican place Luna (new in town) and $5 dairy queen dollars. (value of package $30.00) bought for $20.00

I got a real steal as I was able to buy $80 of products for $50 savings of $30 or nearly half. Thought I would just share this information. I do not know if charity auctions go on in your area but when you get a great buy they get money and all are happy.

For more Works for Me wednesday head over to Rocks in my dryer

For more thrifty jinxy thursday head over to here

giveaway: brain candy

I love it that many parents are participating in early learning skills now. These skills will increase the childs knowledge level and help them in years to come. If learning is made fun then the child will actually learn more in my opinion. I have had some formal college classes in the field of education and if the lessons are creative then the childs interest wil be kept longer. Therefore it reasons that play if kept interesting will help increase learning as well. One great item that is out for early learners are the brain candy dvd's. The blog island review wrote a great review for the brain candy dvds and you can also enter a giveaway to win a dvd of your own.

giveaway: eenamaria handbag

Every women loves a great handbag. Can never have to many , at least I don't think you can. Well, when the handbag is great looking it even makes it that much sweeter. The eenamaria handbags are super cute with many different color combinations. They are sure to have one that you love. The blog Momstart wrote a review and is hosting a giveaway for an eenamaria handbag.

Talented Tuesday


Today I want to award this young lady, my daughter, for being the most dramatic, caring, big hearted divas. This young lady has her 18th birthday approaching on Sunday. When she was little she was a very sick baby girl and was in the hospital quite often. Now though she is strong with a big heart for caring. She plans to go to school to be a social worker which I believe her choice is very reachable. She is pictured here with her cousins who she loves very much and volunteers to babysit whenever needed. This talented tuesday award is presented this week at my house to my daughter who for 18 years has expressed herself in a loving matter. Sissy, I love ya.
For more talented Tuesday head over to two of a kind working on a full house.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

giveaway: baby sleepbag

My granddaughter is now sleeping in her crib by herself. When she was first home from the hospital my daughter had her sleep in her basinet and the about 6 weeks old she got sick and my daughter got scared and placed her in the bed with them.Wrong mistake but one that was made. But now at 5 months old Katelynn is back to sleeping in her crib. Well one thing that always worried me was if the baby was warm enough. Now that Katelynn sleeps primarily through the night the thought has crossed my mind again. The baby sleep bag helps keep your child warm and is soft and allergy free. The blog Does Mommy Love It wrote a review of the sleeping bag and is offering a giveaway as well.

giveaway: carolyns apron

I love to bake, cook and just look domestic around the house. The aprons of yesterday delight me and I have several different ones. The giveaway over at Jamie's Precious peas also delights me. Jamie wrote a review and is hosting a giveaway for Carolyns aprons where the winner will recieve an apron.

time saving tips

Go graham go posed the question what time saving tips do I use.

well with 6 kids we use several other wise we would be so far behind I would not know what to do. First we have a launch pad where we keep our shoes and all to be ready to go out the door. We also all lay our clothes out the night before. We keep our clothes matched in outfits so that it does not take long to pick our clothes out in our closets. I make a menu weekly and do weekly if not every 2 week shopping. These are a few of the things we do.

want to list your own go to go graham go.

mom time 09 items we love and need

Mom time 09 I thank you for finding such great items to give away. My daughter has long been desiring a girls diaper bag because she says hers is boyish. Well guess what Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway for a busy be backpack. Jolly mom has a great giveaway as well for token tags. I would love my dog tags to say mom and mama since those are my two loves.

Living my dream

Go Graham Go wants to know what I am doing to live my dream. Well I can tell you exactly what i am doing I am living life to its fullest. I believe that things happen in life for a reason and many times these things happen even when we do not realize they are happening. As a young mother of stairstepped children my only thought was getting food on the table for them and love them whenever I was not at work. I worked lots of shifts as a nurses aide sometimes 16 hours a day take 8 off to sleep and head back. It was not easy but it did get my babies what I needed them to get and many things that they wanted. I worked hard and then when my daughter reached highschool went back to school and worked at the same time. I recieved an associates degree which allowed me the confidence that I could do anything that I wanted to do. I decided a year ago that it was my time to live my dream. Two of my children had graduated from highschool and all but one had reached highschool age. I had promised my grandmother at a very young age that i would not quit my job until my children were out of thier first 8 year of school. I always loved consignment shops and when my brother opened one and asked me to partner with him I jumped at the chance. My dream is continuing and can not wait til summer starts again where I will be able to travel with the flea markets. I love this and it is so much fun so that is what I am doing to live my dream.

Want to write your own story? Head over to Go Graham Go. and Jolly Mom.

giveaway: birthday banner

One thing that we all share is that each of us have a birthday. We each have a special day that we were born on. It may not be special to any one but us but our birthday is special to us. To help celebrate our birthday or someones you love why not hang a banner? The birthday banner by emmie cakes has just the perfect thing for it they have a really cute colorful (many choices) birthday banner. Mudpies and mary janes is hosting a giveaway for this very banner on thier site.

Try this tip tuesday

I am a mother of special needs children. In fact 5 out of my 6 children have special needs. All of them are in highschool or past now so I have learned some basic steps but I am always learning because the need to be informed is always there. Today I want to share with you what I did when my children were younger

1. I volunteered every day for a few hours a day. No it was not directly in the childs classroom just them knowing that I was at school helped in behaviors and also gave them a reason to try. I would help on recess duty, help in the library, and also in the media room. I loved to help out and the teachers became used to me and I would find out more and more about what my child needed and how to meet those needs.

2. Follow through with school meetings whether group meetings or independent meetings. Making yourself available as much as possible always helped out and allowed the school the ability to discuss isues with you easier. So it works on both sides.

3. Become familiar with the teacher talk to them about how you may be able to help out whether in the class room or outside the room. Sometimes there are things that need to be done that can not be done within the classroom

4.One last thing is to just talk to your child about thier school day and listen. Listening is easy to do if you try and one thing that may make your childs teachers job easier

For more Try this tip tuesday head over to 5 minute for special needs.

giveaway: Girl in dress tee

I love cute clothes for my little granddaughter. Me and her papa will be traveling to see her this sunday so there will not be alot of time for blogging that day. However, I get to see my little angel princess granddaughter Katelynn. She is the sunshine and the poor thing took her grandpas looks. Well I will be bringing this little gal many little things some of which I was lucky enough to win and others that I have bought her. I always love to get her items that I think would be great for her and today I found a great giveaway over at riding with no hands. The blog riding with no hands has wrote a review on this great company and is hosting a giveaway for a new designer girl in dress. The Girl in a dress team are composed of a mother and daughter and the products are super cute. The winner will recieve a tee of thier choice as long as it is in stock.

A second giveaway with something super cute for your little one not only a girl or maybe something for you if you are expecting can be found at feisty, frugal, and fabulous. Feisty, frugal and fabulous wrote a great review on a great company called georgie tees. So head on over read the review, and sign up for the giveaway offering the winner a childs onesie or tee or a maternity shirt of the winners choice.

Need shoes to go with those great outfits? Well you are in luck Feisty, frugal and fabulous wrote a great review on the see kai run shoes with a link to the new spring line. Oh so pretty. Included with the review is a giveaway where the winner will win a pair of shoes.

giveaway: little miss match

I love the little miss match items they are all adorable. I was luck enough recently to win a set of socks that were from little miss match. The same blog, 3 kids and us, that I won the socks from is now hosting a giveaway sponsored by little miss match for her cute blankets. Head over to the blog 3 kids and us and read the review that was wrote up and also sign up for the great giveaway that is currently going on.

giveaway: baking spoon

I love rachael ray and all the cute and cool items she uses to make her terrific meals with. Jonathon spoons just happens to be one of those items. I visited thier site after reading a review for the company over at Katydid and kid. I also signed up for the giveaway on the blog that is sponsored by Jonathon spoons. You should too.

If you are not that familiar with your kitchen and you wish you could just win something to eat rather than making it then I found a giveaway for you. The giveaway is for better bit of butter valentine cookies and they are sponsoring a giveaway at Mudpies and Mary Janes.

giveaway : tees

The blog Katydid and Kid is hosting a giveaway sponsored by Babywit for 2 tees. These tees are for you and your little one. How cute that would be to have a tee as cute and matched your little ones. I think that would be super cute and cool. I love the shop's slogan You May Not Be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be. Lol I love it.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I wanted to blog about the items that I had recently recieved. Today I recieved the baby bumbo that I won from soothie ranch and chocolates and a family organizer. I also want to share about a giveaway with you.

The Passionate homemaking blog is offering a giveaway for the mission book that meets your needs. They have 3 available at thier site so go and read thier review and enter the giveaway.

Frugal Mommy of 2 girls also is holding a giveaway sponsored by say it with words for a valentine making kit or how about a stained glass pretty from soap creed designs as well as owen and emma bows

Momtime 09 giveaway last day

This is the last day of the momtime giveaway but man have we had some great prizes offered to us. Don't you think so? I sure would like to thank the blogs Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom for all the fun and great giveaways that they held. Today is no different as this is what they are offering us.
Jolly Mom: Mabel label labels these i will love to keep me organized and with 6 children we need some help staying organized

Go Graham go: pendant from Lucky Girl Trading

giveaway awareness to the homemade rules

Save Handmade Toys

So many individuals are hurt with the new laws that are/were created. I love to go the many craft fair where you can find great homemade gifts for the ones you know. I am not a crafter that sells products myslef but I am a reseller by family, choice and life. We have long been selling used, loved and great items since I was a young teen. My mother and brother own a shop where crafters consign their goods to sell. If the handmade rules are getting strict our lifestyle and business will be changed as well.

Currently Go Graham Go blog is hosting a giveaway to protest the new rules that are to be applied. The first giveaway is for $20 to be spent at Bowlicious Bowtique. This shop sells lovely ribbons for your hair and your little girls hair. I love them and since we have our first granddaughter we will be getting lots for her.

giveaway: book

The book daddy is holding a giveaway for a great childrens book. The book is Queen Vernita’s Visitors by Dawn Menge. The cover of this book looks very interesting and intrigues you to want to read the story. Book daddy wrote a great review on this book. Head over to read the review and enter the giveaway. Good Luck!!!!

a delicious giveaway

I love the giveaway that I just located over at the blog Life in a house of blue. It would top off any great meal or even stand alone as a sweet snack. Fairytale brownies come in lots of great flavors and I would love to try all of them. If lucky enough to win this giveaway the winner will be able to try the valentine morel box for free.

Here is another feeling hungry buster giveaway over at Life in a house of blue. This giveaway is for brownie pops. Brownie pops also come in several great flavors. The winner will get a 6 pack of these delicious goodies.

recipes baked potato soup and rolo cookies

Make Something Monday

I wanted to share a few recipes that I will be making new for my family this week. I believe that they will meet the taste test and they were also not bad on the budget.

Baked potato soup

onion, chopped

4 T butter

10 potato, chopped

1 qt. of chicken stock

1/2 gal of milk

Saute onion in butter. Mix potato and onion. Add stock Mix in milk Freeze or heat til vegies are tender

Rolo Cookies

1 c butter

1 c sugar

1 c brown sugar

2 eggs

2 t vanilla

3/4 c cocoa

2 1/2 c flour

1 t soda

1 c chop nuts

1 T sugar

48 rolos

Cream the first 2 Add eggs, flavor. Mix in cocoa, flour, soda Mix in 1/2 c nuts and sugar Wrap around rolo Top w/ nuts bake 375 degrees 10 minutes

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menu plan monday

This week is the first in a new month. A new month of eating healthier meals we will however eat out on Sunday as I will be out of town for my granddaughters church dedication.

Monday: polish sausage on bun, oven fries, rolo cookies

Teusday: mini meatloaf, sweet potato spears, 90 minute roll, and oreo cheesecake

Wednsday: church at supper

Thursday: baked tater soup, grill cheese, mayo cake

Friday: salsa beef skillet, corn, candybar squares

Saturday: hashbrown skillet, cheesy biscut
supper will be taco bake, corn and PB cake

Sunday: will be gone so kids will order pizza out for supper and hashbrown skillet leftovers for morning

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momfuse valentine day giveaway

Mom fuse has been great about delivering delicious prizes so far and today is no different. Today she offers us sweet lovely flowers and reversabile pouch from rockin baby. The sweet lovely flowers can help save flowers for any occasion. I love the idea because there are so many upcoming dates where these can be used. My granddaughter loves to be carried around in the carrier by her mother. This allows her mother to get what she needs done while caring for the baby.

Momfuse also has a giveaway for a trendy tee from twinshop currently going on the winner will recieve a tee.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

giveaway: Just Be Tee

What is one thing that we tell our children when they want to make friends or go on thier first date? Well I normally will tell mine just be yourself. No matter what they do in life I want them just to be. Just be whatever they want to be. Now there is a line of tees that travel along the same lines. The just be tees are great and inspiring and are being held as a giveaway. Yes! The Coupon Diva blog is offering the Just Be Tee as a giveaway where one lucky winner will recieve a tee.

giveaway: sambucol

Do you hate to have a cold? I don't care if it summer, fall or winter i normally will get a cold each season. Allergies, Asthma or just luck I don't know but I do know i will get a cold. Sambucol is an agent that may make it possible that I do not get a cold. I may even be lucky enough to win some at Peanut Butter and Pickles Reviews

giveaway: juice

An Island Life is holding a giveaway for welch's aquajuice.

Feisty, frugal and fabulous is holding a giveaway for an evolve shower head. a second giveaway found there is the promom tee.

momtime 09 giveaways

There are more great giveaways at Mom time 09 happening today. Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go blogs have truely created a great giveaway series. Todays giveaways are as follows:
Jolly Mom is offering Jump Snap: a great new way to exercise and impact your life

Go Graham Go blog is offering Crave body works: is great new supplies for your body that makes you feel great

a baby story for you

As part of the Baby Shower giveaway over at the blog 3kidsandus we are writing our birth stories. I have had 4 birth and all of them different. The first one being comical, the second being unready, the third one being hysterical in many ways (like my water breaking in the middle of grocery store while shopping) and the 4th also being funny but scarey (one doctor said the baby distress pains were gas pains I went to a second hospital an hour away). Today I will share a story about my first baby.

I started having false labor pains approximately one month prior to the big day arriving (which actually happened 2 days after due date) My poor husband had to go to the hospital many times with me sometimes unprepared straight home from after work not cleaning up etc.... So when I woke up on the big day the bed was wet. NO!!!!!!! I did not wet the bed but guess what that was his first question. well I finally got him up and I went to sit in the babies room and started to rock and fold clothes that had allready been folded but then I needed to have something to do.

Since we did not have a phone or a car he was going to have to go about a block away use the pay phone and call my parents so that I could get to the hospital to have my little bundle of joy. This day my husband decided that he was not going to go to the hospital fresh out of the bed he was going to shave and shower. He thought that since I had been to the hospital and sent home so many times that this too may be a false warning and after all I was to be induced the next day so to him I had plenty of time. Oh my was he wrong.

After shaving and showering he was finally ready to leave to make the call. Oh my early in the morning. I knew my parents were up because my dad was a rural mail carrier in a town about an hour away. So when my husband came back home I was ready to go. I had my bags and now headed down the stairs (3 flights of stairs) since we lived in the attic apartment. We would be ready for the ride when the time came. My father arrived to pick me up. We would ride to the hospital with him since he was headed to work. OH MY!!!!!!!!!

The ride to the hospital was on winding roads in southern illinois. If you know anything about southern illinois you know 22 years ago the roads were full of coal trucks and if you went off the road then you were plunging into a near endless pit. So my dad who was hurrying to get me ther was passing these trucks like it was a game of tag weaving in out of these trucks so fast it was not even funny. As we passed each truck I got sicker and sicker and the cramping was getting worse. Finally we are at the hospital.

Once at the hospital we found out that nearly everybaby due was wanting to be born that day as each and every labor room was full and I would be placed with 3 other ladies in the room were in labor as well. At this time we did not have the lovely rooms of today or even those that were around when my third child was born. No the way the system worked was you went into labor in one room wheeled to the delivery room and then to a recovery room. Things went rather quick though as I arrived at the hospital around 8:30 and the baby was born around 1:16. The labor was quick and intense I loved to walk but they stopped me as they found out I was heading down the hallway to a bathroom and they were afraid that the baby would decide to come while I was in there. LOL I guess that would not have been the best thing. Anyways labor was quick and my pretty in pink little girl was handed to me but when I turned around to ask where her daddy was they told me he had to run out to make phonecalls. He could not stay in there the heat got to hot in the kitchen and he had to stop out. Good thing the next 3 would all be emergency csections and he would never again have to step into a delivery room only wait for the baby to be born.

There you have it a birth story from me if you care to read more birth stories head over to 3 kids and us bl0g.

giveaway: Rosas Fudge

Do you love sweets? I do you can just ask my children. I love fudge but my favorite type of fudge is peanut butter fudge. Well wait a minute my favorite type of fudge may be free fudge if I win. yes thats right I found a giveaway for fudge. Life in a house of blue is hosting a giveaway for Rosas fudge where the winner will recieve a free box of fudge.

giveaway: parking pal

Do parking lots ever scare you? With your child, groceries, a second child, and whatever else you may have they scare me. In fact my sister at the age of 40 was hit by a car recently. If an adult can be hit by a car what do you think could happen to a child? Parking Pal is trying to help you with this problem by making decals that you can play a touch the car game with you child. To win one of these head over to Sage and Savvy Reviews blog and enter the giveaway sponsored by Parking Pal.

giveaways Carolyns Aprons

I love aprons for many different reasons I will list a coupld for you (1) They remind me of vintage, I am a vintage sort of gal and anything old is new again to me. (2) They help keep me neat and clean because I can take the apron off and my clothes will be neat and (3) They inspire me to do housework or to pretend by wearing apron I can say I have the apron on I have been busy lol.
Want to win an apron of your own? Wresting Addicted Mommy is hosting a giveaway for a carolyn Apron the winner will recieve an apron.

momfuse valentine giveaway

Momfuse giveaway today consist of a vintage rattle from The Baby Gardner Baby Pudding Vintage Inspired Baby Rattle as well as the Numi Tea Peurh Line Head over there and enter for your chance to win.

giveaway: sticky words

Do you know those sayings that everyone loves? The ones that touch your hearts and places fingerprints upon those words? Have you seen the words painted on walls? Well I have when our church built their new building this was great when verses and sayings were placed among the decorations. My daughter has gotten on the band wagon of loving the little signs with great sayings and verses as well. The blog Wrestling Addicted Mommy is hosting a giveaway for sticky words where the winner gets to choose the saying.