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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Popchips review


Do you love potato chips but not what they do to you? Well maybe you are not eating the right type of chips. Try Popchips for a flavor sensation that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. Popchips taste as good as they are healthy for you. The reason Popchips are so healthy is because of them being popped and not fried. Popchips are healthier, delicious and all natural.

Here is their all natural pledge
Our all-natural pledge: no fake colors, no fake flavors, no preservatives, no fluorescent orange fingertips, and no wiping your greasy chip hand on your jeans. No, really. We only use ingredients you can feel good about eating. And we leave out the bad stuff, like hydrogenated oils and msg, that give snacking a bad name. Because popchips™ brand chips have no preservatives, make sure to get a good chip clip after opening the bag to keep our popped chips fresh. Or better yet, just eat them all at once.

Popchips even hold their own snacker credo because they are like us snackers. The snacker motto is one that I try to follow whenever I can. To find out that snack credo you will have to visit the Popchips website.

Popchips were enjoyed by the entire family even the snakiest amongst us. The young, the old, even the neighbors enjoyed Popchips. If you want to taste a healthy chip and taste the enjoyment that we enjoyed try Popchips.

Piggy Paint Review and Giveaway


Piggy Paint is one of my favorite things. I was lucky enough to have 3 daughters and I loved to do their fingernails and toenails. The problem was that the odor of the paint was terrible and would drive anyone a bit crazy. On top of that I knew from working at the schools that fingernail polish was a product that was also a toxin. That was one reason that I enjoy finding the product piggy paint. Piggy Paint has is both odorless and non-toxic. How wonderful for doing all those little fingers and toes. My granddaughter will be pampered to the hilt and part of that pampering will come from Piggy Paint.

Not only is Piggy Paint safe to use but it also fun to use. Because the ingredients in Piggy Paint are so safe and simple the paint may be used by the girls their selves. Motor skills can be built by painting their own fingernails and toenails. If your little one is still to small to paint their own Piggy Paint gives a few great ideas on their website that allows you to have fun while creating beauty.

We have all heard terrible things about nail polish remover. Well that is until Piggy Paint created their own safer nail polish remover. Piggy Paint nail polish remover is non toxic without that terrible odor. Like Piggy Paint nail polish the nail polish remover is made from natural ingredients. Piggy Paint nail polish remover contains no acetone, is biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
Piggy Paint is a creation of a stay at home mom with 2 daughters who simply wanted a safer way to paint her daughters nails. Her fear was that the nail polishes labeled kid safe were very toxic and dangerous. Her fear and love for her daughters led her to find a safer nail polish thus the creation of Piggy Polish.
To Buy: You can purchase Piggy Paint on the web site in the single bottle or a fun gift pack
The creators of Piggy Paint would love to allow one of Annie's Home readers a chance to win a gift pack of piggy paint for their selves.
Enter to win: You must visit the Piggy Paint website and tell me which gift pack you would want if you are the lucky winner.
Extra Entries:
  • Tell me what you favorite color of paint is
  • Grab my button and let me know where you put it (2 entries)
  • Tell me who this would be for
  • Follow or subscribe to my blog or both (2 entries for each you do)
  • Twitter about this giveaway (3 entries) include link in comments
  • Blog about this giveaway (5 entries) include link in comments
  • Buy any piggy paint and let me know (10 entries)

Contest will run from now through May 2, 2009. For extra entries include comment for each entry. Open to everyone and you must include email in the comment or be able to access it through the blog. Winner will have 3 days to respond to me or another winner will be drawn

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays

These wonderful showers of blessings oh let us be so joyous to get ours as these people are. The Lord blesses us in so many different ways.

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Saturday 9

1. Have you ever been told that you look like some famous?

nope but have seen many people who do

2. Name a celebrity that shares your birthday.

Colonel Sanders , no wonder I love their chicken

3. Tell us about your first kiss.

my first kiss was so many years ago while I was in elementary school to a boy whose name was Stacie blond headed blue eyed and dated all the girls around

4. When you meet someone attractive, what do you notice first?

I would say their smile but then I instantly notice their personality and attitude

5. What was your biggest mistake ever?

who hasn't made mistakes but I would say taking a dare in highschool to shoplift a candy bar of course I got caught and tried to pay for it but they wanted to make a statement so I was in hot water over this one

6. Give us one random, but candid fact about you.

mother of 6,

7. What about your current or most recent lover excites you?

same one for 22 years everything excites me about him

8. What really annoys you?

kids who won't listen LOL

9. How many other Saturday 9’ers answers do you usually read?

nearly all

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Saturday Psalm And Praise

As I sat down to prepare this post I started to think about the weather and began to think about old songs. It seems that my mind travels back to those older songs more often. I really do love memories of my father sitting next to me singing these old hymns. This is one song that has that type of memory for me. I do not hear this song as much as I used to but the message stays the same. How dear we are to have a father who will provide such wonderful blessings to us.

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

1 John 5:14,15 And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us: and if we know that He hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.

Psalms 34:8 taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

There Shall Be Showers of Blessing
There shall be showers of blessing;This is the promise of love;There shall be seasons refreshing,Sent from the Saviour above.####

Chorus:Showers of blessing.Showers of blessing we need;Mercy drops round us are falling,But for the showers we plead.There shallbe showers of blessing,Precious reviving again;Over the hills and the valleys,Sound of abundance of rain.####

There shall be showers of blessing,Send them upon us, O Lord;Grant to us now a refreshing;Come, and now honour Thy Word.####

There shall be showers of blessingOh, that to-day they might fall,Now, as to God we're confessing,Now as on Jesus we call.####

There shall be showers of blessing,If we but trust and obey;There shall be seasons refreshing,If we let God have His way.####

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Small Talk SIx

Small Talk Six is a meme where fellow blogger come together over at and answer fun questions to see what is on each others minds or to see what others think. Today's questions is: 6 animals (domestic, wild, or exotic) you think would be fun to own as pets.”

Those are the top 6 that came to my mind now what 6 pets are you thinking of? Want to join in or see what others are thinking? Head over to MomDot where you can find more fun and the Small Talk Six

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Life

These pictures were taken one early morning on a walk. It just shows how great Gods coloring book is colored

The blog Chatting at the sky is hosting the meme Tuesdays Unwrapped where today we are asked to look around our surroundings. One of the best times I take to look around is on my morning walk here are some great pictures from there

want to join in or see what others are seeing in their world visit the blog Chatting at the Sky here
Here is yet another great site that has wonderful pictures of the great outdoors at Southern Daydreamer blog it is Outdoor Wednesday here

more giveaways

I found more giveaways

Calypso Earth Day Give Away

To show their appreciation for their shoppers and love for the earth Calypso Studios is having an Earth Day Giveaway through April 22, 2009. Calypso Studios will be giving away $1000 worth of totes through this giveaway. For your chance to win the 1 Acts of Kindness tote visit the Calypso Studios website here

Friday Fill ins

1. Join me in Friday Fill Ins.
2. Put a little Fun in your day!
3. Happiness is contagious.
4. silly and confused.
5. I'm waiting for the sun to come out.
6. A good pastrami sandwich (can you tell its lunch time?) is hard to resist.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to wife swap on T. V and tomorrow my plans include blogging and fun and sunday I want to go to church!

to play along go here

Friday 5

When did you last sleep in a tent?

Oh it has been a while like when I was 9 and a girl scout we have an RV now

What comes to mind when you think about relieving yourself in the great outdoors?

oh love it would love to do it now my kids on the other hand may not like it

Where’s the best place you ever went camping?


What’s your favorite camp food?

hobo foils

What’s your sleeping bag like?

have it on my bed it is warm, and not to thin but a great thickness to it

want to play along? GO here

Aloha Friday

It is Friday again the week seems to have been swept away in a hurry. Where does the time go. I guess that is why Hawaii celebrates Aloha Friday.
From An Island Life comes Aloha Friday.
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
My daughter and son are getting ready for Prom and I would like to know if you could give them any last minute words what would it be? Neither of them are taking dates since my daughter concentrates on school work and does not take too much time for social life other than church events (her choice) and my son just broke up with his girlfriend. Please keep this advice family oriented because I would love to share it with them.
Do you have any last minute advice for my prom going teenagers?

Want to play along or join in or both? Head over to the blog An Island Life here

the friday 5

What is your favorite food from each food group?
1. Bread (Grain) Group: I do not like whole grain wheats at all don't ask me why I am 38 and yes I do feed it to my kids but no I will pass if there is no white bread. This is probably my worst area

2. Meat (Protein) Group: eat most anything but no wierd things like rocky mountain oysters or pig tongue you know regular food I am sorry that is how my mom raised me

3. Vegetable Group: love vegies I will eat all of them in this food group love garden tomatoes

4. Fruit Group: love fruit bananas, apples are favorite

5. Sugars, Fats and Oils: problem area here I am a diabetic need to cut back so do not tempt me

Want to play along go here

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragment day is here once again and boy have I been busy:
  • Daughters prom dress was bought and I am so proud of her for going the modest route. Still very pretty but hides all that a dress is to hide and lets the eye do the imagining instead of putting it all on the line
  • Son will attend prom as well I am not sure if he is as open to going now that him and his girlfriend have broke up
  • Can you believe granddaughter at 7 months old actually said hi to me on the phone? Is it me or does she seem like she is a bit young?
  • I found this and thought it was too cool

What fragments do you have to share? Want to see what fragments have to share? Welll head over to Half-Past Kissin' Time blog and throw it down here

Grilling Goodness

1,Do you prefer reality tv or dramas or comedies?

I love reality T. V. in fact nearly every night we watch one of these

2. If you could have free cosmetic surgery, what would you have done?

tummy tuck because after 3 c-sections it needs to be done

3. What are you itching to get but you have 'bitten the bullet'?

lots of things raising 3 kids this happens alot

4. Do you have a bad habit that you hope your children don't pick up?

well not any more but in my younger days I hope they are never like that

5. What was your favorite meal growing up?

moms spaghetti

6. What meal did you have as a youngster that you don't have as an adult?

not big on the old hotdog lunchmeat meal anymore

7. What is your earliest memory of a "vacation"? Where'd you go?

I remember going lots of places every summer. Not for sure which one was first though. We went to see historical attractions every year

8. What was the "Best Thing" you ever got for Christmas, before age 12?

The sunshine family dolls or my 3 speed bike

Want to join in or see what others have to say? Well visit Golden Goodness here

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

The saga continues....
Easter weekend went over great and my house is pretty much back in order. Prom shopping continues as we still need a few things. I am so proud that my daughter is using her prom attire to show that she is a Christian girl that wishes to look good. I will post a picture of the dress on the blog soon. I love it, it is pretty but modest.

This week my focus will be on
  • finishing prom shopping
  • planting some flowers that I have that need put in the ground.
  • I need to do more reviews and on time seems lately some of them are a day late or so
  • I have 3 books I need to read and review for Harper Collins (fun new thing I am involved in)

What are you going to focus on this week? Want to see what others are focusing on or join in the fun? Head over to thrifty and chic mom here

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ultimate recipe swap cookie edition

This week 2 no bake and easy cookie recipes to share with you

PB Balls

1 c PB

5 T dry milk

1 c rice crispy cereal

4 T honey Mix Roll in balls Chill

Milk and Honey Peanut Butter Balls

1/2 cup natural unsweetened creamy peanut butter

1/3 cup honey or agave syrup

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut

1 cup malted milk powder

Mix all ingredients until they form a crumbly, sticky mass. Roll into balls. Try not to eat all at once.

For more great cookie recipes check out the ultimate recipe swap cookie edition over at Life As Mom Blog here

Thankful Thursday

We have been a very busy family here as of late with prom, graduation, family visits, college preparation, and some of us setting up our own houses. How fun it is to see my young adults strive to live on their own. I have loved these individuals since God gave me the blessing of carrying them. How wonderful life is that we are able to watch our children from birth through growing ages and stages. What changes they make through life.

I am thankful today for what has been happening here. So many great things I am so happy for all that we have been able to complete here at home. Prom outfits are coming together, last weekend I was able to visit with my precious granddaughter, college is coming together for my 2 older ones that still live at home, and graduation is fast approaching with everything going great

What are you thankful for? See what others are thankful for or join in the Thankful Thursday post located at the blog Women Taking A Stand blog here

Things I Love Thursday Friends Forever Dolls

Today for Things I Love Thursday is the beautiful Friends Forever Girls dolls. My granddaughter will receive one of these great dolls for her first birthday. I believe that she will be delighted. Around that time she will start to walk and then can take her friends forever doll where ever she happens to want to go.

Let me tell you a bit about these beautiful dolls. The Friends Forever Girls won an award for Dr. Toys Best Children product in 2008. The 18 inch dolls were created for girls to have a best friend in. Through these wonderful dolls a girl can build her self esteem as well as learn how to be a best friend. The Friends Forever dolls are the brain child of a mother from Wisconsin who simply wanted to find a doll who could help foster morality, friendship and being a girl for her daughter. When she was unable to find the perfect doll she decided to create her own. Thus the Friends Forever Girls were created.

The doll that I choose for my granddaughter is named Natalie. As you can see she is quite a stunning little gal with her backpack and playful clothing. She reminds me of my granddaughter and daughter as she grew up. Natalie comes with a book to let you know her entire story. What fun it will be for a little girl or an older girl to have a friend to share her thoughts with.

I also love the butterfly promise that the Forever Friends Girls company has created for the dolls and girls who owns the doll to share

Be the best I can be
Use kindness and be fair
Tell the truth
Treat others the way I want to be treated
Encourage my friends
Respect myself and others
Find the courage to do what’s right
Listen to others, and remember…
You can do it!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday

With all that we have going on in our lives let us not forget that he made this day for us and we should rejoice in it. Thank God for all he does for you daily

for more wordfilled wednesday visit the blog 160 acre woods here

Way Back When

Way Back When this little girl was in highschool she could steal all the boys hearts. Here she is in one of her prom outfits. She looks lovely. Who is she? Well my oldest daughter my granddaughters mama and this picture was taken about 5 years ago.

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works for me wednesday

My house is a buzz and I am looking for any help out there. We are preparing prom, graduation and college entrance. If you have experience with any of this please help.

My Works For ME post is about prom shopping. My daughter has decided to save time and money (can you believe that LOL) by doing some shopping on the Internet. We will be purchasing her dress from the online store of the store where she normally buys all of her dresses. Wow!!!!!! Can you believe that? For overnight shipping, and the dress it will only cost us $70. Now that Works for me

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ABC Wednesday

I am participating in this blog again. I participated back in February and then lost the link but once found again I will play along

The letter today is M which to me stands for mom you all know that I am a mom but here is a picture of my daughter the newest mom of our family

Then there is my mom who is the oldest mom alive in our family at this present time. I love my mom very much.

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Three Peas Co

Three Peas Company

One of my favorite reviews has been for the great children's boutique Three Peas Company. I could not believe how pretty the little pillowcase dress and bow were that we received from the company. Three Peas Company is a terrific company that caters to the stylish way of the young ones among us. The youth of today have their own style and Three Peas Company helps cater to this but also allows the parents to feel good about the styles that are available.

The picture above shows the pillowcase dress and bow that I received from this great company. No this is not my granddaughter. I love the design of zebra stripes against the beautiful vintage flower pattern. Oh it makes me feel like the old fashioned vintage look has been updated to 2009. What more could you ask for?

The boys are not left out of the picture. The Three Peas Company caters to their style, desires and fun side as well. The great tees, onesies, crowns and beanies available for them are precious as well. If you are looking for gifts for boys and girls, pageant wear or precious blankets then think of Three Peas Company

Giveaways have to love them

I love to enter and host giveaways but these are the ones I found elsewhere

Wordless Wednesday Grandpa and Katelynns sly smiles

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faith Baby Review

Having just celebrated Easter I thought this review would fit in perfectly. So many times we see items on tees that are not always felt appropriate. That is why I appreciate Faith Baby so much. What is better to give your little one that what is moral and right. Let them wear that morality on their clothing by wearing Faith Baby attire.

Just take a look at this little onesie with the saying "not spoiled Blessed". Is that not what they are after all they are blessings to us.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love this little saying on this great onesie. My little grandaugther is my life and I love her so. Why not let her show that love in the clothing that she wears?

Faith Baby is a development of a Christian lady who loves her children so much but loves her Lord with a strong compassion. This love for both her children and the Lord led to the Faith Baby clothing line.

If you are looking for moral, stylish and great clothes for your little ones check out Faith Baby Clothing.

Random Thoughts Tuesday

There are many random thoughts going on in this house at the present time. Prom season is right around the corner and this year I have 2 children attending. The third one who is eligible opted out of the dress up section and will instead head off to the fun of after prom following the dance. The after prom party is being held at the local bowling alley. I want to show you a picture of my daughter from last years prom. Here is a great picture of her.

My eldest daughter will be driving my teens around for that night for safety sake and supervision. Yes I am that sort of parent and proud to be. While my daughter is out prom going with my teens I will be watching her little one. I believe that is a fair trade. Here is a picture of her.
Yes that is proud papa smiling down at her. This little girl has much love from all of us that know her.

Guess which one the boy or the girl will cost me more money for their attire? If you say girl you are wrong. She will buy her dress and shoes all for under $100 and it is her selection and he will rent his tux for $120 oh my and that is not even his shoes yet. She will have her hair done by a dear friend of mine and he will get a buzz which he loves. They will both look great and I am so happy about the clothing style that she picked. She picked a halter style dress with a cover up Shaw she does not care to show off instead wants to be modest and pretty. I am proud of her for this selet0n.

Another thing going on here is that we have two ready to head to new colleges. My son will travel from the near by junior college where my daughter will be attending and choosing a Christian college to finish up his education.

Grenville College

That is the random thoughts around here what is going on with you? Want to join the Random Thought meme? Want to see what others are doing? Visit the Un Mom blog here