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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday 9

1. Have you ever been told that you look like some famous?

nope but have seen many people who do

2. Name a celebrity that shares your birthday.

Colonel Sanders , no wonder I love their chicken

3. Tell us about your first kiss.

my first kiss was so many years ago while I was in elementary school to a boy whose name was Stacie blond headed blue eyed and dated all the girls around

4. When you meet someone attractive, what do you notice first?

I would say their smile but then I instantly notice their personality and attitude

5. What was your biggest mistake ever?

who hasn't made mistakes but I would say taking a dare in highschool to shoplift a candy bar of course I got caught and tried to pay for it but they wanted to make a statement so I was in hot water over this one

6. Give us one random, but candid fact about you.

mother of 6,

7. What about your current or most recent lover excites you?

same one for 22 years everything excites me about him

8. What really annoys you?

kids who won't listen LOL

9. How many other Saturday 9’ers answers do you usually read?

nearly all

To play along or see how others answered these questions visit here


  1. unWith 6 kids, it is a wonder if they EVER listen! Great job. Enjoy your Saturday...

  2. Mother of 6?! You must have nerves of steel!

  3. Great answers. Kids who don't listen! Grrr...I have some of those.


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