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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Then Sings My Soul Super Chic(s)

The last time me and the teens traveled out of town we were able to visit and see the Super Chic's in concert. This is one of my favorite songs that they sang that day. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Yes we are back up on line at this time but that may not be for long. The end of December and the start of January have been very rock as I shared with my daughter last night. All of us could use a bit of prayer.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mom's got problems

This is Susan over at monkeymommy08 mom just called and said that she is having problems and will not be able to be on for a week or two. Stay tuned she will be back.

Because princess said so!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

50 state capitals in 50 fun minutes

I can remember working with my children to learn their states and capitals. I know that the best way to learn was to teach them fun facts, songs and whatever would stick in their mind. If you all can remember the show Shark Tank (which I hear is coming back soon for a second season) there was a man named Ken Bradfurd. This man to me had an ingenious ideas of teaching kids the states and capitals through fun flash cards. Ken recently sent us a set to review in order to share my thoughts with all my readers in this post.

Let me tell you the cool cards have such wonderful pictures that parents, students and teachers should all have a blast with them. The 50 state in 50 fun minutes is composed of the 50 state capital cards, suggestions on how to get the lessons started easily and quickly, a teacher or self study guide, a map of the U.S. so that students can also learn where the states are located, crossword puzzles to keep the learning fun and hands on and great review and exams to help study the cards. The complete system to me would be great for either home school or public school.

The 50 state Capitals in 50 Fun Minutes allows for easy fun learning in a way that is much better than the old fashioned repetitive, memorizing manner. The flashcards will allow your child or student to grasp the state and capital knowledge much easier and normally quicker as well. Children learn well through communication and the fun flash cards allow the states and capitals to be learned through rhymes, humor and association. Children learn at their own level and pace and the flash cards will be an useful tool to all.

While this is only my opinion and yes it is my opinion I was not paid for this review or my opinion. The only way that you can fully form your own opinion is to check out the 50 state capitals in 50 fun minutes learning system for your self.

Buy: you can purchase the 50 state capitals in 50 fun minutes from their website at

Vintage Recipe : Deviled Eggs

My son had a good but odd request for the holidays when I suggested they all tell me something put on the menu. When most of the teens suggested sweets my son desired deviled eggs. If you are like my son here is a recipe just for you.

Basic Deviled Eggs

12 eggs
1/4 c tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp white vinegar
2 tsp yellow mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt

Hard boil the eggs

Peel and cut them in half lengthwise Remove the yolks and set whites aside. Mash the yolks with mayonnaise and mustard. Stir in the rest of the ingredients except paprika. Refill the egg white halves with the yolks and sprinkle with paprika. Chill.

I got this recipe on All Recipes and tweaked it a bit to suit me. It is definitely a different take on deviled eggs.

Thankful Thursday

Today on Thankful Thursday I find myself in a place where others would complain greatly but I am thankful for both lessons that were taught to me when I was young as well as having an attitude of love and thankfulness for all that he has provided. First, it is so cold here that my water lines have been frozen for nearly a week yet in all this time we have did what we could and while we are really desiring a full hot water bath the wash ups and playing beauty shop has done well for us. We have gotten together well and all is going great. School was out due to the bad weather and while this would have made us in the past cringe with all the teens home it did not we went on had fun, played games and made the best of it. Looking at the weather channel Praising God that next weeks looks so promising. I am so happy to know that while all weather patterns are planned by our Lord up above he also plans a warm up to give us a break from the cold. Tonight I am especially thankful that our daughter while traveling with a friend was protected by his angels when they were in a minor car wreck. Neither of them hurt it was as if God guided the car into the snow on the side of the road. I thank God for her friends wisdom as well as for watching over them.

What are you thankful for? Share or Read what others are thankful for on the blog Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

A Thousand Words Thursday Little bit of the White Stuff arrived

The weather was a lot better with this winter storm than it has been in the past. While we got a bit of snow so the area looks like this

the kids are out of school and have been looking out the window at the traffic traveling super slow. We were lucky that we did not get any of the bad ice like this

Peanut Butter Muffins

I have been seeing many great sales on peanut butter at the grocery stores. In fact Krogers has peanut butter for 10/$10. What a great deal. Well with that in mind and because my kids are at home due to snow today I decided to make up this recipe that is very easy, healthy and great for kids to both make and eat

PeanutButter Muffins

•2 eggs
•1 c. milk
•¼ c. banana (about 1 banana), mashed with a fork
•¼ c. peanut butter
•1/3 c. vegetable oil
•¼ c. frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed (left out of the freezer until it's soft)
•¼ c. nonfat dry milk
•2¼ c. flour
•1½ tsp. baking powder
•1 tsp. baking soda
•nonstick cooking spray

•oven (you'll need help from your adult assistant)
•small bowl
•large bowl
•mixing spoon
•muffin/cupcake tin
•paper muffin/cupcake liners
•wire rack
•measuring cups and spoons

Preheat oven to 350° F In a small bowl, break the eggs and use a fork to beat them a little bit. In a large bowl, combine the milk, mashed banana, peanut butter, vegetable oil, apple juice, dry milk, and the eggs from the small bowl. Mix with a mixing spoon until the mixture is creamy. Add the flour, baking powder, and baking soda into the large bowl. Mix again. Line a muffin tine with paper liners or lightly spray with nonstick spray. Spoon in the muffin mix. Fill each muffin cup about 2/3 of the way up. Bake for about 15 minutes. When your muffins are finished baking, remove from muffin tin and cool them on the wire rack. Then it's time to taste and share!

shared at
inspire me monday

Our Oven on the Blitz

Wow!!! You know what they say as soon as the warranty is gone then the appliance will break down. Turns out our warranty ran out September of this year and last night the oven went on the blitz. After placing the meatloaf in the oven turning oven on and setting timer and waiting an hour to put on the sides I realized the oven was not on. Now who has not thought they turned the oven on and had not (please do not tell me I am the only one) Well I tried to turn the oven on and while the time was still working each time I would push the button to set the oven degree it would not work. Eventually I realized it was on the blitz and decided to fry up the meatloaf mix as meatloaf burgers. To tell you the truth they were pretty good. Now while I still have the problem of a broken oven I did feed the kids pretty good food. On that note here is another type of burger recipe that I found.
Southwestern Burgers

2 pounds ground pork or meatloaf mix
1-1/2 cups shredded pepper-Jack cheese
6 onion rolls, sliced
3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 can (4 ounces) diced pimentos, drained
Divide ground pork or meat loaf mix into 12 equal patties, about 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Place 1/4 cup shredded pepper-Jack cheese in center of each of the 6 patties. Top each with a patty; press edges to seal. Broil 6 to 7 minutes each side or until internal temperature registers 155 degrees F on instant-read thermometer. Toast onion rolls. In bowl, mix mayonnaise and diced pimientos. Spread 1 tablespoon mayonnaise mixture on each side of toasted rolls. Add burgers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

I found this and thought it was rather cool the only true cleaner that washes white as snow. Thank God for the Power of the Lamb.
lined up with wordful Wednesday this week held at PennyRaine

I am hoping I dont wake up to this

While I have a good friend praying for snow and no school. I myself I pray that I dont wake up like this. What would you want snow or no snow?

Freshbaby So Easy Toddler Food Cook Book reveiw

When Princess was a small baby just starting to enjoy the world and eat what she could I turned to Fresh Baby and their So Easy baby food kit. You can read the original review for the So Easy Baby Food Kit hereWith this kit we could make wonderful all natural baby food for Princess and know exactly what went into it. Now that Princess has grown a bit and is starting to eat food that we do not have to process any more I am delighted that Fresh Baby has came out with a new item. This time it is a cook book for toddlers.

The So Easy Toddler Food cook book offers family friendly recipes that makes it easy to feed our little ones the best nutritional food that we can. The 48 page book offers 35 simple recipes with photos and USDA nutritional facts. As Princess goes through stages her momma has many questions. In fact I think most new mothers are full of questions and begin to search for answers. Why not allow the So Easy Toddler Food cook book by Freshbaby to help make eating and nutrition a bit easier.

Topics covered in the pages of this great book include
  • six tips for developing healthy eating habits
  • the 10 time rule for toddlers
  • converting picky eaters
  • do's and dont's to avoid food battles
  • making the most of children's play

All of the topics are ones that often come up when teaching children to eat and what to eat. Whats even better is that recipes included in the So Easy Toddler Food cook book include recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinners, salads, soups, sides and desserts. WOW!!! The book sounds great as if all is laid out between a front and back cover. I can remember years ago looking on the internet and in books to find great healthy recipes to feed my babies and toddlers. Now Freshbaby has taken the work out by publishing the book So Easy Toddler Food cook book.

My youngest daughter

This is my youngest daughter and she has grown so much in the past year. She continues to strive within her EBD class at school and looks forward to going into a special program after she graduates this spring.

Shopping Trip Pictures

While at the last Youth Meeting in Springfield Illinois we were able to visit the White Oaks Mall to our suprise they actually had an indoor glass elevator as well as a carousel so super cool.
posted on wordful wednesday at Seven Clown Circus and at Wordless Wednesday at 5 minutes for mom

Tony Blair facing the heat

I can remember as I raised my kids the one thing that I saw alot on T.V. was George Bush and Tony Blair defending and demanding the right to a war with IRAQ. Were they right? At the time it seemed they may of been as the country was quite disrupted. I will not go into my thoughts on the war at this time though. What I do want to share is that Tony Blair is facing heat on the subject with his country of England.

Tony Blair, if you are not familiar with him, is the former British Prime Minister. Blair will face a panel or inquiry team as it is being called to answer questions about the Iraq War. There will be an approximate 60 seats available for onlookers and about 20 of these seats will be set aside for families of soldiers who lost their lives in battle. The question being asked is did Tony Blair break international law when Blair ordered 45,000 British troops to take part in the 2003 US led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

A five man Iraq inquiry team will examine Britain's role before, during and after the conflict and try to decide if Tony Blair did anything wrong during his time in office. Senior civil servants and military figures who revealed that Britain had knowledge that Iraq had dismantled its chemical weapons weeks before the invasion.

I myself would not like to catch myself on either side of this panel as I agree that something had to be done but was it done right? I celebrated the victories in battle as well as cried when the soldiers were killed. That is why I would not want to be on either side of the situation.

What do you think?

Princess Under the Weather

My lil Princess is under the weather again. I am so sad that she is sick once again. It seems that teething and her does not go real well. Today alone she will go see her dermatologist and her pediatrician. Princess suffers from severe dry skin and the pediatrician also wants to see if her ears are infected again. Currently there is a giveaway located on the blog My Silly Monkeys where the prize is for an Exergen Temporal Scanner. This is the perfect prize to win for my little Princess. If you would like a chance to win as well head over to the blog My Silly Monkeys before the giveaway ends January 22.

KAThouse jewelry starting year out right

If you can recall I have both reviewed and hosted a giveaway for the wonderful jewelry from KAThouse. . The KAThouse creates wonderful metal jewelry meant for everyday life. Now I have some great news from them as well. The KAThouse now has a clearance section on their website. The clearance may go as high as 50% off and once the item on clearance is sold then the item is gone forever never to return. So if you want in on some of these great deals head over to the KAThouse website.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a great smile

I have not seen this little guy for a few weeks and his smile is so refreshing to me. Thats why I am so glad to have Princess to talk to on the phone daily

I also shared this picture on Wordless Wednesday @ A Daily Dose of Toni and MomStart

The Biggest Loser

WOW!!! Tonights show is wonderful filled with the biggest contestants as well as some great thrills along the way. If you have not watched the biggest loser tonight I will not spill the story but if you have please let me know what you think will happen this season. WOW!!! Can't wait I have no favorite as of yet but that will come I am sure

What do you think?

Its Cold Outside Protect Yourself

The temps are really cold not reaching above the mid teens here today. If this is the way your area is then you need to take care of yourself and that means protecting yourself against the cold air.
Here are a few tips that can help you protect yourself:
  • wearing three layers of clothing may seem a bit excessive but when it comes to staying warm outside it is not really. Layering clothes helps to provide and conserve body heat. The layer that you have closest to the body should be thin as it will pull moisture from your skin, the second and third layer should be bulkier providing insulation. Wool is a good material to wear for these layers. It is always a great idea to wear a water proof top layer if possible
  • Wearing a stocking cap is always great to help prevent body heat to escape through the scalp. My grandmother always told me to wear a hat in summer to keep the sun off and in the winter to keep the heat in
  • Mittens are better to wear in extreme temps because they keep hands warmer
  • If for any reason such as snow or rain the clothing gets wet remove it asap
  • Keep at least one room in the home at a comfortable temperature. Close the doors to other rooms that are not in use. To conserve heat, jam towels or blankets under gaps at the bottom of doors. I can remember as a kid sleeping in the living room with my brothers and sisters as the air in the other rooms was cold and mom would block off the other rooms

I hope these tips help to keep you warm

Random Thought Tuesday


Wow are my feet cold. The temps outside are in their low teens and were this morning not even that high. My water pipes are frozen and so far I think we are doing quite well. The only problem that is arising is what am i going to do about laundry? WOW!!!! We have boiled water for baths and dishes and drinks are easy as I bought juice and bottled water but what do I do about the laundry, it seems no matter what you do laundry is always a big problem here.

School started again today so my highschoolers headed off. My college kids will start later this month but after the 11th no one will be here during the day except for me and my hubby just what will we do with ourselves? Of course I do like that bit of quite a bit but I will miss them all being home having fun with me.

What have you been doing? Has the weather chilled you out as well? Share your random thoughts on the UnMom blog

Starting the Year off Right

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Well, the water is frozen so no laundry can be done so glad I had caught up on it all ready. I can still do the dishes, cleaning as we still have lights and heat and I went to buy some water. So general cleaning will be done, blogging can be caught up as the kids started back to school today. Not alot going on here but just living and trying to stay in a joyful mood. Tonight for supper is shepherds pie as that is what hubby has requested.

What are you doing? Want to see what others are doing? You can also add your list on the Crazy Adventures of Parenting blog

Kitchen Safety Tips

My son in law is a fire man and has been for quite a few years. In fact when my daughter married him he was a fireman and she was graciously accepted into the family of fire fighters. As a salute to what him and the those that help to protect us today I decided to share a few safety tips for the kitchen to help prevent fires and the danger of fire.

While cooking,

1. stay in the kitchen, don’t leave cooking food unattended. (stand by your pan!)

2. wear short or tight fitting sleeves. Long loose sleeves are more likely to catch on fire or get caught on pot handles.

3. don’t become distracted.

4. enforce a “kid-free zone” of 3 feet around your stove. Turn pot handles inward facing the wall to prevent burns caused by overturning or spills.

5. keep the area around the stove clear of towels, papers, pot holders or anything that could burn.

6. cook at indicated temperatures settings rather than higher settings.

7. regularly clean your cooking equipment so that there are no cooking materials, food items or grease accumulation.

8. have a pot lid handy to smother a pan fire. Do not attempt to pick up the pot or pan. Shut off the heat and cover the fire with a lid. Do not use water. It will cause splashing and spread the fire.

While many of these tips are not new to there is a list of these tips and other information located at this link

Cold outside but lots of Love Inside

I do alot of complaining about the cold weather but in reality I think the snow and ice are mystical and rather pretty. Here is a picture from last winter and the storm that seemed to put a halt to Southern Illinois and parts of Kentucky.

While all that was going on outside Princess came to visit Nana and Papa and kept us all hugging and warm on the inside. Just look how little (well now this little one was never really little) she is.

Agoo Apparel review


My children were very active playing ball, riding bikes, playing sports when they were young and I see no difference for my granddaughter. It seems Princess will be as active as any of them. I see no lagging behind on her and I believe that means that the clothing style she selects should be as active as she. While my readers all know that I love to see Princess all dolled up there is a clothing company that will allow us to doll her up but allow her to still be active. Agoo creates apparel that allows Princess and any child to look great and feel great as well.

Recently I received a dress from the Agoo Apparel company in order to get a basis for this review. I was delighted to see that the material allowed for breath ability stretching so that Princess could crawl, walk and play easily without restraint. In fact the name Agoo means the joy of expecting something for the first time with a state of great happiness. In my opinion, and only mine since yours may be different but the only way you will really know is to allow your little one to experience the Agoo clothing line for themselves, the Agoo clothing line is great for the daily life of any young child.

Agoo® has defined their line of clothing as uniquely styled athletic wear for urban kids. The clothing line is functional allowing movement while playing which makes life as a kid even funner. The style is not cutesy or cartoony as the clothing line is built for great play not dress up. Agoo is what everyone likes to wear comfort. The materials that Agoo uses contains UV protected finish which helps to protect our young ones from those dangerous UV rays. This protection stays through the washing and the ware and pleases both the Agoo company and me as a parent. I have had many family members who have suffered with skin cancer and the Agoo clothing line protecting Princess against such a danger makes me feel great.

Childhood itself is a rough and active sport and Agoo apparel wants to help your child keep in the game. The clothing moves with your child and does not constrain them. The great wick away fiber in the clothing also helps to pull out moisture and helps to keep the child from being overheated or chilled. Princess has always been one that sweats awful and gets overly heated. Even as a newborn we could see her sweat as she was wrapped tightly in a blanket and this often frustrated her. Now as a toddler Agoo can help to keep her comfortable and allow her to play freely.

Another splendid reason to select Agoo is the stain resistance material used. Kids are kids and that means messes and getting into things that may stain clothing. Well Agoo has added the sweet bonus of stain resistance so that mothers can allow their child to run and play without the worry of staining their clothing. Wow!!!! so many great features in one line of clothing. Don't you want all these great features for your children's clothes? Well you will have to try Agoo Apparel for yourself.

Buy: You can purchase clothing in sizes for your young baby boy or girl to size 8 for either boy or girl clothing sizes. Simply visit their online website at For a limited time through the month of January ending on January 31st , 2010 Agoo is having a Bigger than Boxing Day Sale where you can save 60% off all remaining Fall 09 active wear in stock by using the code "AGOO60P" and also receive free shipping on any order over $50.

A product was received to help me form my opinion for this post but I was not compinsated in any other way.

Blog Now Matches the Weather

Since the holiday of Christmas is gone and now lives only within our hearts I have decided it was time to change my blog a bit again. I think this gets easier every time I do it. I like to mix things up a bit but I was wondering what my readers actually thought about the rapid ways I seem to change the look of my blog. Since the weather is very bitterly cold outside with temps in the single digits and snow promised to retty with a bit of snowflakes as well. Wharetty with a bit of snowflakes as well.

What Do You Think?

Monday, January 4, 2010

What will be cooking in the kitchen this week

Our Menu this week looks like

Monday: taco salad

Tuesday: BLT

Wednesday: Polish Sausage

Thursday: Taco Soup

Saturday: Shepherds Pie

Sunday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

Sounds like good eating to me of course most will be sided with a salad and fruit

Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather in my neck of the woods:

a very cold 8 degrees that rose to 12 by noon. It is super cold here

One of my simple pleasures:

talking to my princess on the phone just take a look at her here

On my bedside table:

lotions, cold pills, bible the needed items for winter

On my TV:


On the menu for tonight:

we had taco salads of course everyone makes their own what two teens have you ever seen agree on what they eat and how they eat it

On my To Do List:

not a whole lot with the water frozen but there is still the cooking, some cleaning of daily life

New Recipe I tried last week:

Popcorn Delight

In the craft basket:

nothing at this time

Looking forward to:

water coming back on and the kids going back to school as well as seeing Princess as soon as she can visit again

Homemaking Tip for this week:

wow hasn't been alot of these recently but just wait they are coming

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):

my daughter started a new blog be sure to visit it here

Favorite photo

well of Princess of course visit here and see more

Lesson Learned Past Few Days

children grow to fast and soon their dreams start to overshadow the ones you had for them

On my prayer list:

friends and family

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:

I am currently reading a Joyce Meyer book and learning lots

Beat the Cabin Fever and Season Depression Blues

Homemaker Mondays is hosted by the blog 11th Heaven's

The Weather outside is frightful and the boredom inside is no better there has to be a better idea than just sitting around wishing it was warm. Here are a few ideas that might help make the day a bit brighter:
  • keep the shades and blinds open to allow natural day light to come in. The rays of sunshine may not only help warm the house naturally but also warm your insides a bit as well.
  • I can remember taking walks with my sisters and grandmother oh the great times we shared together. Taking a walk when it is not so bitterly cold will help motivate you as well.
  • Eating in the winter time takes on a different habit than it does in warm weather. I must tell you that often we eat the things we shouldnt without motivation which can lead us down the wrong path. But eating green veggies will not only help keep us fit but also offer us the boost of energy to help us fight the seasonal depression many of us suffer from
  • Its a great time of year to help others. To ward off that seasonal depression and to make others feel great as well. It is a wonderful time to get involved and help others. There are many organizations that may be looking for volunteers in your area.
  • Start planning are you a gardner, like to travel or just have fun in the summer? Why not start planning what you will do in the future. It will not only keep your mind occupied but also offer you some fun as well.
  • It has often be sad to keep a grateful song in your heart will do one good. It is no different in the winter time. Simply take the time to look around at all you have and be grateful that you have it. The warmness inside may help your disposition stay warm as well.

Frozen Water Pipes

We have frozen water pipes it seems this house always has something wrong with the water pipes. If you want to insure this does not happen to you or that if it does you know what to do here are some great tips:

  • Insulate all water pipes from cold moving air and keep them dry
  • Heater tapes wrapped around the pipes or a heated reflector lamp in dry enclosed space works great.
  • allowing the water to run at a slow constant drip this is cheaper than repairing it
  • Thaw out a frozen pipe by checking to see where the pipe is frozen at. Some plastic and copper pipes will split and flood and area when thawed out. In this case it is better to call a plumber.
  • an electric space heater placed around the frozen part or a hand held hair dryer can help to unthaw local frozen pipes.

I am in hopes that our water unthaws soon and that these tips may help you.

Win Kitchen ware

The blog Leslie Loves Veggies is hosting giveaway for a Racheal Ray Double Grill. I recently won a giveaway sponsored by a CSN store and found out that they carry the famous Racheal Ray kitchen equipment. I so love the wonderful Racheal Ray she is like one of the all time cooking ICONS for me. So when I found this giveaway on Leslie Loves Veggies blog I totally had to enter. This giveaway ends January 17, 2010.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Coupon schedule for January and February

The blog Simply Being Mommy has graciously blessed us with her knowledge in couponing. She has shared the following coupon schedule with us. Remember to check out the blog Simply Being Mommy so that you gain even more knowledge of the coupon world.


■3 – 2 Smartsource and 2 Red Plum
■10 – Smartsource and Red Plum
■17 – Smartsource
■24 – Smartsource and Red Plum
■31 – Smartsource and Red Plum

■7 – Smartsource and Red Plum
■14 – Red Plum
■21 – Smartsource and Red Plum
■28 – Smartsource

Wonderful Dessert from Boxed Cake Mix

This Delicious cake recipe was found on the website and I thought it looked elegant enough to serve to drop in company but easy enough to serve as well.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake

1 (18.25-ounce) package devil's food cake mix without pudding
2 1/2 cups whipping cream, divided
1 (10-ounce) package peanut butter morsels
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
2/3 cup semisweet chocolate morsels
Garnish: chopped roasted peanuts

Prepare cake mix according to package directions. Pour into 2 lightly greased 8-inch round cake pans. Bake according to package directions. Cool in pans on wire racks 10 minutes. Remove from pans, and cool completely. Combine 2/3 cup whipping cream and peanut butter morsels in a small saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until morsels melt and mixture is smooth; remove saucepan from heat. Stir in vanilla extract, and cool 25 minutes. Beat 1 1/3 cups whipping cream at high speed with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Stir one-third whipped cream into peanut butter mixture. Fold into remaining whipped cream. Spread between cake layers; cover and chill. Bring remaining 1/2 cup whipping cream and 1 tablespoon butter to a boil in a small saucepan. Add chocolate morsels; remove from heat, and let stand 5 minutes. Stir until morsels melt and mixture is smooth. Pour glaze over cake; garnish, if desired. Serve warm, or chill and serve at room temperature.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Mousse Parfaits: Cut cooled cake layers into cubes. Layer 8 Parfait glasses evenly with two-thirds peanut butter mixture, cake cubes, and half of chocolate mixture. Top with remaining peanut butter mixture and chocolate mixture; sprinkle each parfait with chopped peanuts, if desired.

Southern Living, MARCH 1998

Qoutable Sunday: 23rd anniversary style

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Since today is my 23rd wedding anniversary I have decided to honor it with qoutes shared on quotable sunday which is sponsored on the blog A Daily Dose of Toni

Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.”
Mark Twain

Are we not like two volumes of one book?”
Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.”
Henry Youngman

Grow old along with me the best is yet to be.”
Robert Browning

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.”