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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bio Green Bottles Review

I recently recieved three different bio green bottles. All of the bottles were excellent. I recieved three different bottles that would be great for three different members of my family. The large bottle was perfect for my housband, the sippy cup bottle was perfect for my granddaughter and the medium size bottle would be great for me. Believe me we will get lots of great uses out of these bottles. These bio green bottles are as good for the earth as they are for us.

Made of Recycled Material

It is nice to know that after these bio green bottles have no use left within them that when we take them to their ending place they are biodegradable and will perish inside the earth or perhaps you would rather recycle them. If not recyled these bio green bottles will degrade into biogas and a biomass that actually adds nutrients to the soil.

As you can see the bio degradable biogreen bottles come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can pick the one that would match your style the best. The biogreen bottles are all 100 % recyclable but often the plastic that we can recycle goes unrecycled so is it not nice to know that if not recycled that these biogreen bottles are biodegradable.Water bottles can be expensive so is it not nice that after purchasing the biogreen bottle of your choice you can use this bottle for many many different times.

One of the fastest growing beverages according to the Beverage marketing Corporation bottled water is the largest growth area. Where do we consume this water? Most people consume the water while traveling, hiking, bike riding, at a park, at work or even while driving. What happens to these empty water bottles? Well unfortunately they are tossed out when they could be responsible. I know for me having a biogreen bottle would make me want to reuse the bottle and even after it has been used til it can not be used no more we can rest assured that the biogreen bottle will remain friendly to the earth.

Buy: BioGreen Bottles are sold through distributors and retail stores. They are currently available in selected bicycle and sporting goods stores. You can also look for them in health food stores and fitness centers were they are sold on a more limited basis. Several retailers are also offering them on the web at and Ebay.

Grilling Goodness

1. What is your favorite family activity?
anytime we can get together that is great we usually eat, talk and just share what is going on with us
2. Do you know how to play poker?
just with the family not very good at it
3. Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Regularly?
no, probably should though
4. Have you ever slopped pigs or milked cows?
yes both, country girl here
5. How are you doing with the goals you made for the New Year?
doing well losing weight, sticking to budget and spending time with family
6. Is there something you dread doing every day?
weekdays getting kids out of their beds
7. What room in your home would you most like to buy new furniture for?
could use it in every room
8. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked for advice I'd be able to save for retirement
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toe tapping God praising song

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There is a birthday bash going on over at the blog I never grew up. You can join in on the fun and recieve chances to win presents. Head over to I never grew up and join in on the fun.

giveaway: Alphabet Onesies at BabyKakesInk

The feisty, frugal and fabulous has done it again. Feisty, frugal and fabulous have went and found a most adorable article that my grandaughter would look adorable in. The Alphabet Onesies at BabyKakesInk would suit just that purpose. The Alphabet Onesies at BabyKakesInk are adorable onesies that have your choice of letter on them. The feisty, frugal and fabulous is hosting a giveaway following their review where the winner will recieve a Alphabet Onesies at BabyKakesInk of their choice

A new to me blog Sweet n sassy girl reviewed a great company called Ambajam. The great clothing and accessories available at ambajam are great. Ambajam is sponsoring a giveaway on the sweet n sassy girl blog for a mini cuddle

small talk 6

6 things you would be willing to flash someone for

Oh my not in a thousand years would I have thought about that one
1. six children paid way through college
2. home with rent paid for 10 years
3. new vehicle
4. vacation with all expenses paid wherever I want to go
5. shopping spree for all new furniture for home
6. health care for rest of life

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giveaway : frameagram

I love pictures and I love to decorate with framed pictures. I have six children and a grandchild to take pictures of so there is much love in those frames. Parents Gear did a review on the B Lily Handcrafted frames and you can read that review here. B Lily frames are sponsoring a giveaway on the Parent Gear blog where the winner will win a frameagram.

Saturday Six Meme

1. When you write a note to a friend, do you tend to write in cursive or manuscript?

I write in cursive I have been told that my writing is very pretty

2. Think back to grade school when you learned how to write: which manuscript letter gave you the most trouble?

can not remember that far back but do know it took forever to learn to spell my last name

3. Did you find cursive easier than manuscript?

nope I guess I was just a bit slower some letters of cursive were fun though

4. How do you type on a computer: the four-fonger “professional” method, the “hunt and peck” method, or something in between?

I learned how to type in typing class in highschool so yes do the professional method and I am pretty good at it

5. Take the quiz: What’s Keyboard Key Are You?

I am the enter key LOL

6. As a general rule, how often do you use the key mentioned in the answer to the previous question?

lots and lots

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saturday nine

1. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?

I would stay at home the things I see and do with my kids enlighten many ideas

2. What would be one thing that would embarrass you a great deal?

not many things embarrass me but when hubby starts talking about how good i look seems to do just that

3. What values did your parents instill in you?

Respect, I have to say they installed respect for others elders, poor, with respect comes dignity and belief. One of the best things was by them taking me to church when I was young it helped install something in me

4. What’s a fad of your teen years that you remember well?

Balloon pants, hot bright makeup, hats, vintage clothes I grew up in the 1980s what do I not remember

5. What is your favorite breakfast?

when someone else cooks is always nice but normally i drink coffee and eat toast (just realized my mom does same thing)

6. What is the best birthday gift that you have received?

Believe it or not being remembered. My mom remembered my birthday one year when because of children being sick I had forgotten it. I love her for little things like that

7. What gadget could you not live without?

computer, right now it is like a life line to me

8. Do you collect anything?

raggedy Ann and Andy dolls love them and also lots of vintage items

9. What website (non-blog) do you regularly visit?

myspace if that counts, sometimes recipe sites as well

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giveaway: posh malibu coutre

There are many times that you will hear it was the person was wearing that made them. This is not how I feel but then if the person looks smashingly great then yes the appearance did help. For babies the Posh Malibu Couture is here. Busy mom blog reviewed the Posh Malibu Couture collection and is hosting a giveaway where the winner will receive an assortment of products. So head over to the Busy Mom blog to see if you can win some Posh Malibu Couture items for your baby.


Have you seen the great products over at I love several of them. Grammy Janet reviewed the product and you can read it here. I would love to win the $50 gift card being hosted by Grammy Janet on her blog and sponsored by

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tickle Me Plant Review

We could hardly wait to receive our tickle me plant. My son saw this while I was blogging one day and he had to have it. I have to say that it has become a project for the whole family. We will have lots of fun with the tickle me plant. Larry sent us a set of science projects to do with the tickle me plant. If you have never seen the tickle me plant you need to visit here so you can see the great video of the tickle me plant.
The tickle me plant can be grown inside the house year round. It is so fun for the whole family to care for the tickle me plant. The tickle me plant can become a memory and foster a love of growing plants. The mission statement of the Tickle Me Plant is that they want every child (and those young at heart) to have a positive experience growing plants. Growing the TickleMe Plant® from seeds, will be an adventure children (5 to 105) will never forget and neither will you!!! The tickle me plant is a teacher owned company and this is apparent with the science experiment cards and web page. Yes raising tickle me plants can be educational and fun.
The tickle me plant also has a fund raiser plan. Shipping time is low normally in 24 to 48 hours.
When trying to figure a great experiment for your child and experience some fun too think the tickle me plant.

Sweet Wee Bairn Cover Up Review

One of the most common breastfeeding concerns of moms-to-be is that they'll have to expose their breasts to the world if they have to feed in public. Well there are a few great cover ups available on the market but when I saw the Sweet Wee Bairn Cover up I was impressed. My daughter and her husband are very modest but fully believe in the well being of a little one being breast fed. Sweet Wee Bairn objective was to create a quality nursing cover at a great price as well as product stability.

The Sweet Wee Bairn nursing covers measure 24" long by 34" wide with 14" of boning in the neckline. This extra boning in the neckline helps to create a tent like feature where the cover up tents out around the baby where mom can hold constant eye contact with her little one with no fear of smothering. The Sweet Wee Bairn cover up makes the breast feeding experience lots better than throwing a loose blanket over the shoulder to help hold modesty. First the blanket would slip or the blanket gets in the way of the little ones suckling. Thus the Sweet Wee Bairn nursing cover is the perfect answer to help with modesty of breast feeding.

With as much quality as I feel the cover up contains Sweet Wee Bairn places into their other products as well. Sweet Wee Bairn create diaper clutches, burp cloths, diaper bags, pacifier clips and changing pads. Sweet Wee Bairn uses quality and high fashion fabric in her products and in the 3 years that she has been in business has 100% customer satisfaction. Not many businesses can say that. The items that Sweet Wee Bairn sell are all seamed by the owner and that seems to put a little love and quality in each product. So for your next baby shower, or possibly a needed item for yourself. Remember Sweet Wee Bairn.

Giveaway friday

All Things For Baby and Mom blog sponsoring contest for slanket for both mom and baby. This is cool since I had not seen the one for little ones

Go Graham Go blog sponsoring contest for Eleven shoes where winner will win a pair of shoes.

family foto fun friday



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Gas Rebate

Just wanted to share a quick not that I found on St. Louis Mom Blog it is a PG Gas card that you can get for buying certian products. Go here to find out what you have to do.

Alohoa Friday Feb 20

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
My question this week is:
I have been thinking allot about spring coming up do any of you do allot of spring cleaning when it finally gets here or do you just love to get outside?
I do a bit of both I love to be outside but then a new urge for fixing my house up hits once again. It is like thawing in a way.
I cant wait to see what you all have to say
for more Aloha Friday visit and Island life

giveaway: tutu

Did you think the tiny dancer was cute? Well what about babies and little girls in tutus? We would love for my little princess to take dance lessons. Ladybug Soup blog recently reviewed a tutu from sophia boutique Sophias boutique has a variety of tutus available. Ladybug soup blog is sponsoring a contest where the sponsor sophias boutique will give the winner their own tutu.

friday fill in

1. Give me trouble and I'll give it right back.

2. Whenever you are done let me know (heard at the bathroom door often)

3. I wish I could change a few things in my life

4. homemade chicken and dumpling was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.

5. To live in this world is a dangerous experience but you know that a heavenly world waits for you.

6. Other than this one, mom enterprise is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting tomorrow my plans include resting and Sunday, I want to rest some more!

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giveaway: zarbee cough syrup

When my little girl was around 8 months old she began teething and needed some teething gel. So like good parents we got it for her and applied it to her little gums. This was our third child and so we thought we were getting to be pros. Please never think that as parents because it will come back and bite you. Well, this child turned out to be allergic to alcohol and after a terrifying stint and a hospital stay we knew that from then on we would have to watch everything that we would give her. So medicines, etc... would have to be monitored for alcohol contact. I have now found a cough syrup which contains no alcohol thanks to mom enterprise blog review. Thank you. Zarbees is a natural cough syrup that contains no alcohol. You can read this review at Mom enterprises and find out more about Zarbees and please enter the giveaway for a free bottle of Zarbees also located on the mom enterprise blog.

Four Food Friday

February 18, 2009 by valmg
Here are this week’s four questions.Let’s talk about salty snacks.
#1. Potato chips. Flavored? Regular, ridged or stacked?

I like ridged but I like pringles as well. When I was a girl growing up Pringles were very expensive but now they are one of the most affordable so to me its like a treet to get pringles to my kids its normal

#2. Cheese doodles. Yellow or white? Puffed or crunchy?

yellow (orange) like both but buy the puffed more oftent

#3. Pretzels? Your favorite shape? Favorite flavor?

little squares butter flavor

#4. Share a recipe for salsa or dip.

Easy cheese dip

lb hamburger, browned
1 lb velvetta
2 c shred cheese
can rotel tomatoes
1 c salsa

Mix all in crockpot heat and eat

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday


Not a real great picture but wanted to share my little granddaughter sitting in her first highchair. Yeah Katelynn way to go.

For more Thousand word Thursday visit cheaper than therapy

We have a winner

We now have a winner to the fuzzibunz giveaway. The lucky winner is

Bethy said: my funny diapering story: i undressed my son for his bath, and while i was marveling on how dry the cloth diaper stayed, he peed on my foot!

I will email Bethy. Bethy will have 36 hours to return the email or a new winner will be drawn.

giveaway: baby or kid banz

The sun is sometimes bright and if you spend much time outside in it one needs to protect their eyes. The baby and kid banz are designed to protect the young people in our lives eyes. The Two of a kind working on a full house blog reveiwed the baby and kid banz glasses and shared the review with their readers. You can read the review on the Two of a kind working on a full house blog where you can also enter a contest where the winner will receive a pair of the great banz glasses.

Thursday Bug

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.
This is the first time that I have participated in Thursday Bug but mine is at times something I love and at times something I totally do not like.
My Thursday Bug is why is it always me and my husband who get looked to for advice and if we can not offer a good reason then the individual looking for an answer is upset or offended.
This happens quite often as I have 6 children, a mother, a brother 14 years younger than me, and 3 other siblings who look for me and my husband for answers. At times I think this is respectful but at times when we do not know the answer to help the individual it really bugs me. Any ideas on what I should do?
For more thursday bugs visit Ask Laane

thrifty thursday

I was visiting blog land and found this great meme over at The Cool Mom Blog. I love the idea and have decided to enter my own.
To save money we have started to do a few things lately. (1) walking to save on gas (2) making a menu and sticking to it and (3) setting a fun budget and staying with it

Walking to save on gas is one of the wisest decisions we have made. We have a grocery store that may not be as big as all of them but is only about 1/2 mile away. We can walk and buy groceries as long as we make the meal plan and shopping list of needs because we need to go every other day. Walking is better for my health and depression. The only problem is if it were to rain, ice or snow. That is why watching the weather has become important. If for some reason we see a problem coming up we will stock up a day or two prior to that day. Walking has started to save us money since we are using our own energy and not putting our money into gas.

Making a menu and sticking to it has always been the way I prefer to do things. Since we have been walking we now are able to make ourselves stick to the plan. We can make a menu and stick to it not only saves money but time. It also allows our children time to help out as well.

Setting a fun budget and sticking to it seems little to some but to me was a major decision. With 6 children I always would use money for fun and let something else go or break the budget. Since making the fun budget I now know exactly how much I can use on events and plan accordingly

That is a few of my thrifty Thursday tips to read more travel over to Cool Mom Blog

Story Time Felts Review

I recently received 3 sets of Story Time Felts and a felt board to go with them. These will be for the little ones in my life. When my mom saw the story time felt sets she instantly thought of bible school. The reason for this was that one of the story time felt sets that I recieved was that of the Resurrection of Christ. My mother loves to share the story of Christ with children who have never heard this great story. The colorful felt pieces drew out the features of the characters and seemed to bring them to life. So of course she was intrigued by the story time felt company and brought the felt set to the child's director at church. The other 2 sets I received were great as well. One of the felt sets was that of a farm felt set which included animals and a farmer. The colors of these animals would draw anyones attention to the figure but especiallay a preschooler who is very interested in bright colors and shapes The other Story Time Felt was a fruit and vegetable fruit set. I can already tell you I see the very hungry Caterpillar coming to life somehow using the fruit and vegetable set. Just looking at the great Story Time Felt Pieces brought stories to mind and new ideas on how to express and emphasize these stories using the Story Time Felt story kits.
Story Time Felts are irresistible and little hands can not resist touching them. I love the fact that while the felt story sets attracts the child's attention the Story Time Felt company created lesson ideas that the adult or parent can use. Each Story Time Felt kit includes a story to read , coloring pictures and little lesson ideas. Story Time Felt kits are perfect for homeschool, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School or just play time with mommy.
Story Time Felt Kits are created so that the stories are to be read by the adult or parent in charge and allows the child to play with and move the felt according to the story line. The colors of the felt cut outs seem to just pop out and fit right into the story that is being illustrated and told. For example we were sent the religious Easter story and the colors used were pastel and light but we were also sent a farm cut out set and story and the colors were brighter and more to the point.
As a parent and a former early childhood student teacher coming up with creative lessons that were a bit different each time became overwhelming. The Story time felt stories and lesson ideas should help to relieve this problem and create interesting lesson ideas. While I was sent 3 great sets from where tons of ideas came from I was also sent a great catalog which listed other attractive sets and from where we will be ordering more sets as the seasons progress and lesson ideas are needed.
Developmental building skill lists that can be found at doctor offices often draw and hold my attention. Story Time Felts can help your preschooler to develop needed skills by offering them skill practice in the following areas: hand-eye coordination, speaking and listening skills, problem solving, math skills of counting, life skills, and creativity, through make-believe.
The last and best reason I am going to suggest why you should purchase the Story Time Felts is because they are fun. Fun for the child, fun for the parent, fun for all involved In this time where time is a precious gem why not have a great educational experience where you can have fun. Like I have said many times when they are having fun they do not realize they are learning until the skill is permanently concreted.

Pottytots Review

We are currently attempting to potty train a member of our family. He is my little nephew and he shows no interest at all in the concept of potty training. He knows what it is, how to do it, but just no interest. I contacted pottytots in an attempt to gain a tool in building is interest in potty training. Jill Leech, the creator of the pottytots kit sent me a pottytot kit just for Ryne.

The kit that we received included a great story book, a DVD, a reward game and a potty chart

The book illustrates and tells the story of some young boys who are learning how to use the potty. Great idea because children often duplicate what they learn. The DVD is great as well because once again duplication takes place and the great musical songs can be easily repeated by the children. Repetition often helps the brain to function and finish what is needed to be done. The game is fun but the reason behind it enforces the potty issue throughout the game and the chart allows the child to feel good about his own progress.

The pottytots motto is great and fits with the personality of a toddler “I can do it, all by myself!” How many times does your child say the word "ME" or "I CAN" by building self esteem the child gains respect for himself and the want to so that potty training is successful.

We are hopeful from Rynes first impression that he will begin to want to use the potty. If you are ready to begin the potty training experience purchase the pottytots kit and have fun while helping your child learn to care for their self.


The Khaya cookies recently sent me samples of all the cookies that they sell. As with everything there were mixed emotions about the cookies. Everyone in my family (6 children, son in law, me and husband included) had their favorite. This is nothing new for our family to not agree on a flavor but we all agreed that these cookies were delicious.
Khaya is a South African Xhosa word for home. Cookies for years have always reminded people of their grandmothers and home. The KHAYA cookie company are not just great tasting but they are great for your children. The fruits used inside the great KHAYA cookies are grown in the South African farms by farmers who grow these fruit organically. The bakers then are talented enough to take their time and blend these great fruits into the cookie dough batter.
KHAYA has some great commitments for the cookies that they bake which include:
#1 KHAYA use only the freshest, finest, all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. All of our cookies are carefully crafted, by hand and with pride. This makes the product better for us and our children. We can feel great by allowing our children to eat KHAYA cookies.
#2 KHAYA are committed to empowering people so that they can earn a living-with solid business and life skills. Like the old saying give a child a meal they will eat for a day. Teach a child the skill of how to do it they will eat for a lifetime.
#3 KHAYA hire previously unemployed women and men and turn them into highly skilled bakers. All Khaya Cookie Bakers participate in a Skills Training Program that gives them cross-training in every aspect of the business as well as personal budgeting and debt management.
These 3 commitments helps to make the decision of why to by KHAYA cookies. The great taste, the great for you promotion and the great community work that KHAYA cookies completes is great.
In this time of economical woes no better of a slogan than the one that KHAYA cookies holds on creating jobs for those who need them.

giveaway: baby luv

Another great baby gift is being offered on the blog 3 kids and us. The baby shower has been in full swing for a little while and great baby gifts are abounding. Todays great gift offer to the lucky winner is the bath luve. The bath luve is a great bathing tool and has been reviewed by the 3 kids and us blog.

giveaway: OKA B shoes

Summer is coming and what I loved to do when I was younger was to go barefoot. Now that I am a diabetic I have to find great shoes that still make me feel summery. Sandals are my favorites for summer time wear and OKA B has great shoe styles. Frugal Mommmy of 2 girls blog reviewed the OKA B shoes and are offering a contest where a lucky winner will win a pair of shoes.

Giveaways Thursday

Here are a few giveaways that I was able to find around the blogosphere today:

mombuzz is hosting a giveaway for flor carpet you should see the carpet styles available they are great and you can find one for every room

bargain briana hosting giveaway for a family movie popcornpack. There is none better than a movie and popcorn with the family.

SAHM Reviews hosting giveaway for box of fruit rollups

Go Graham Go blog hosting giveaway for natural insect repelent

Berries and Cream hosting giveaway for 2 year subscription to All you magazine

Thankful Thursday

And to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at even; 1 Chronicles 23:30
What a great idea to start every day with the words THANKYOU LORD!
1. Thank you for the family that I have
2. Thank you for the experiences I have lived through to share with others
3. Thank you for the early family love I experienced to build my life on
4. Thank you for a family that believed in god, worshiped god and thanked him daily
5. Thank you for praying parents, grandparents, and siblings
6. Thank you that prayers are answered
7. Thank you when you do not answer prayers because only you know what the reason may be and the future holds
8. Thank you for what you have provided, what you make able and what you place in front of us just a bit to make us reach for it
9. Thank you lord for the wisdom you gave us and the lessons we were taught even when we did not know we were learning
10. Thank you lord for a heavenly home that we know we will reach when our time on earth is up
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giveaway: apron

The little Window Shoppe is having a party! Yes, you are invited all you have to do is visit their site at the little window shoppe blog. Head over there now as they are offering the gifts. Yeah!!!!!! The first is a Jessie Steele, apron.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

giveaway: bath luv

I loved bathing my little ones and my granddaughter loves baths as well. The blog 2 of kind working full house recently reveiwed bathing tools. is sponsoring a contest where the winner will win a fish bath luve on the blog 2 of a kind working on a full house

Whats a Dame To Do Game Review

I was recently received the game Whats a Dame TO DO. I have to say that this is one of the best games that I had ever played. The Whats a dame to do game starts a conversation rolling quickly. I planned a party and invited a small group of my friends but because we all did not know each other the conversation was slow at first then as the game played on so did the conversation. It was so fun to discuss real life scenarios and what would you dos during the whats a Dame To DO game. Some of the great answers were supper funny.

The Whats a Dame To Do board game itself has a great look. The game board is round instead of the old regular square playing field. A circle stands for unending and this game seems to have unending fun. Directions being read are not a requirement because of the great video the Whats A Dame To Do game have created a great video on the Whats A Dame TO Do website. Thus the boredom of direction reading has been turned into a functional video.

When planning your next girls night out remember to include the game.

giveaway baby food kit

My daughter who is an awful lot like her momma has been asking on ideas on how to create her own baby food. Go Graham Go has done it again and found a great kit for making baby food. You can read a review on the baby food kit on the Go Graham Go blog. While visiting the GO Graham GO blog sign up for the giveaway for a baby food kit being held on the blog.

giveaway: schoolbook

Its never to early to teach your child. I am a big advocate for eduction. I have taught my children skills since a very young age. I love to watch as my granddaughter teaches her baby new skills. There is a book that may contain needed ideas called Read. Once Upon a Qpon reviewed the book read and you can enter a giveaway on the once upon a qpon site for a chance to win your own copy.

Need a snack after all that learning? You can win a great container to keep it in on the crafty mama of 4 blog. The munchie mug was reviewed by the crafty mama of 4 blog and a giveaway is being held where you can win your own.

good old fashioned hash

I can remember when we had this recipe when I was a kid and it was a staple in my mother war on hunger and it is a staple in my artillery as well.

potato's, to your standard
hamburger, sausage, what every you have on hand
shredded cheese
Season meat while browning. Brown. In meantime boil potatoes just like you would for mashed potatoes. Do not mash this recipe takes the potatoes just short of that. Mix browned meat and boiled potato's. Mix in last 2 that's it enjoy
for more whats for supper Wednesday head over to thrifty and chic mom

giveaway: gnome clothes

As we talk about protecting the good earth we try to conserve and change our ways of what we do. Now I found a new great product by reading a review at Ladybug Soup. Gnome clothes are reusable great products that you can replace an item that I use nearly every day. Gnome clothes make snackbags, sandwich wraps, and napkins to name a few. Gnomes is hosting a giveaway on the ladybug soup blog where the winner will win some goodies that they sell.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

giveaway: coco bonbon

I love buying clothes for my granddaughter. My granddaughter is very special to me and deserves the best. Coco bonbon would fall right in line with the best and cutest. For more information on coco bonbon read the review located on the ladybug soup blog. Coco bonbon is also sponsoring a giveaway where one lucky winner will win a great coco bonbon aoutfit.

giveaway: cherish bound story starter

The older I get the more I want to remember the good old days. The days of my childhood, the days of my dating/ wedding, the days when my children were little. Time passes so fast it is so true. If only we could capture those memories. Cherish bound is trying to help this become reality and you can read the review on the blog Life is Sweet to find out how. Cherish bound wants one lucky person to recieve a free kit so they are sponsoring a giveaway on the Life is Sweet blog.

giveaway: kids coats

Once again the blog 3 kids and us have found another great item to review. The kids coat is just what you need for your little one. My granddaughter is my little princess and one of our things we always tell her momma is make sure that she stays warm. The kids coat is sponsoring a giveaway at the blog 3 kids and us baby shower day 16 where a lucky winner will recieve a fur car seat cozy.

heads or tails

My son loves football and sports in general. He loves these even though he was not built with alot of playing ability. This just goes to show you how big of a heart he has. So you may be asking what this weeks heads or tails and my son and sports have in common. Well, there is a phrase that my son loves to use. He places one great couch as a legend. This great couch is coach Al Way. Al Way was a football coach in our hometown and he loves him to death. Coach way retired and occasionally comes back to help the students in the highschoo. Whenever coach way is at the highschool you can bet my son will come home and say "The legend was at school today" So this weeks head or tails is a tribute to coach Al Way.

Al Way: A coach, a teacher and a very impressive man. Al Way who guided the Harrisburg Illinois Bulldogs to a state championship in 2000. Al way posted a 175-66 record in 21 years at Harrisburg, including 16 trips to the playoffs. This coach became a legend in his own right in this southern illinois town. You can bet he left his fingerprints on the players, parents and students of harrisburg high.

That is why I fill out the heads or tails question with the reply of Legend Al Way

for more head or tails visit here

tackle it tuesday

I have been on a cleaning spirt of as late but this week we took time out to get a few other projects done. One of these was to build the highchair that I won from the giveaway blog a while back. This has been sitting in the corner and finally we decided that it needed to be put together. Here is a little picture of our darling grand-daughter sitting in the highchair.

The picture did not do justice to my princess or the highchair but as you can tell she loves it and can sit up in it pretty tall and secure

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Bummas giveaway

Contest is now closed winner is Cindy Say “Bye Bye” to Diaper Rash with Eco-Friendly Bummas

Recently I reviewed Bummas on this blog to read teh original you can go here.

Bummas are the little soft wipes that feel so good to your babbies bottom. Bummas was developed by parents who suffered with diaper rash with their own infant son. One thing that hurts parents most is to see their little one in pain. So out of neccessity comes a great invention to help solve your problem and for these parents it was developing bummas.

Bummas which will replace the chemical baby wipes that are manufactured are eco friendly and are better for our babies bottoms. As a nurses aide you are told to keep the patients bottom dry and refreshed. Too often the chemical wipes will dry out the childs bottom leaving them subjective to diaper rash.

Well you know that I love the bummas wipes. Let me tell you they are so soft to my skin I can only imagine what they feel like on a babies behind. The colors are great as well with 4 color combinations available you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Bummas would like to give one of my annies home readers a 10 pack of bummas wipes. Thats right now you have the chance to win your own pack of bummas. This giveaway will be open to both canadians and U.S. readers.

UP for grabs: 10 pack of bummas wipes

Mandatory entry: (you must do this for any other entry to count): visit the Bummas website and check it out. Tell me (1) what color combination you would choose and (2) Bummas wants you to generate a new color or color combination and then name that new combination. In a comment tell me what color combination available now you would choose, what new color or color combination you chose and what name you gave it.

Extra entries:

follow my blog (2)

blog about the giveaway on your blog (4)

twitter about the giveaway (leave your twitter name) (2)

You must leave a seperate comment for each entry: for example if it is for 4 entries you must leave 4 comments. You must answer the mandatory question.

Contest will run from February 17 to February 27. Winner will be selected on February 28, emailed and posted on this blog.

Have fun

giveaways Tuesday

Giveways today include

storksak @ Mombuzz blog which is a great bag to have when you have little ones

Scanalog; @ sage and savvy for all you article readers

giveaway: peedoodles

Pedoodles company make terrifically cute shoes,tees and hats for the wee one in your life. Do you love the fact that our little ones look cute in cute clothes? Then you need to check out Pedoodles. Want more information on Pedoodles head over to the busy mom blog to read a great review. Pedoodles are also sponsoring a giveaway on the busy mom blog where a lucky winner will receive a great pair of shoes, hat and tee.

giveaway: natural parenting shop

Want more money to shop for that little one on? Well here is yet another chance. The Glimpse blog reviewed the natural parenting shop on their blog. Now the natural parenting shop is sponsoring a giveaway where the winner will win $25 gift certificate to shop for that little one. To find the giveaway head over to the Glimpse blog.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Here a few great giveaways that I found today:
vicks flexible thermomter @ momma finding

nicki leigh bath and body lip balm and perfume @ simply stacie

jeweled ambrosia @ simply stacie

baby memory book @ mommy's idea

lilpunks choice @ simply stacie

twilighter VA choice @ simply stacie

kathouse necklace @ everything up close

giveaway: cheekichewz

Have you ever heard of cheekichewz? Well let me tell you what they are. Cheekichewz are dried fruit bars. For more information on cheekichewz check out the review on the dirty shirt blog. Cheekichewz are also sponsoring a giveaway on the dirty shirt blog for a box of cheekichewz of the winners choice.

Country Bob Sauce review and giveaway

This contest is now over: winner is beth.

MMMMMM MMMM GOOD!!!!!!!!! That's what I will say if you ask me about country bob sauce. My family came together for valentines day and we created a feast that any meat love would love. The sauce that we used was none other than country bobs. I have now been given instructions to keep it in the house. My husband and son in love loved the country bob sauce.
Country Bobs makes more than just great sauce. You may want to try another great product of theirs which includes all purpose sauce, spicy all purpose sauce, seasoning salt, and barbecue sauce. I was sent two bottles of the country bobs all purpose sauce. Believe me the sauce went to good work as we used it to splatter on some great steaks. If you would like some great recipes or ideas on how to use the country bob products you can find great recipes on the country bob sauce website.
Perhaps the best reason that I love the country bob company is because they give the glory to God. What could be better a great sauce and that the country bobs company that gives the glory to God. The country bob sauce company would like to give 2 of the Annie's home readers a bottle of all purpose sauce.
Up for grabs 2 winners will win a bottle of country bob all purpose sauce:
Mandatory Entry:
1. Visit the country bob sauce website and tell me who their CEO is and tell me what recipe you would like to try out
Extra entries:
follow my blog (2 entries)
follow me on twitter and twitter the giveaway (2 entries)
write about the giveaway on your blog and comment with the link (4 entries)
email 3 friends and tell them about the giveaway cc to
Good luck: open to U.S. and Canadians participants
leave comment for each extra entry
must do the mandatory entry for others to count
Contest will run from February 16 to March 2
Winner will be emailed, and posted on March 3

giveaway: milkshake

Do you have little ones around? Well then you may know of the music that milkshake makes. Go Graham Go recently interviewed the Milkshake band and wrote a review on their cd and dvd. You can read about it all on the GO Graham Go blog. Milkshake is sponsoring a giveaway on the Go Graham Go blog for a cd/dvd giveaway to a lucky winner.

Something else that will attract little ones is the tuthillo the tooth fairy pillow. The tuthillo was reviewed by Jolly Mom and you can the review here. The makers of the tuthillo are sponsoring a giveaway on the Jolly Mom blog the winner will receive a tuthillo.

giveaway: sister schuberts

Sister schuberts site holds recipes and ideas that are useful to any good no great homemaker. If you are interested in homemaking you should visit Sister Schuberts. Mommy enterprise blog has reviewed Sister Schuberts website and company and you can read the review here. Sister shuberts is sponsoring a giveaway on the mommy enterprise blog where the winner will recieve a large giftbasket of sister schuberts products.

giveaways: Baby shower gift see kai run shoes

The baby shower over at 3 kids and us continues today. Today's gift is for see kai run shoes. These shoes are adorable and many styles are available. Head over to 3 kids and us blog read the review for see kai run shoes and sign up for the giveaway .

monday musings Presidents day

As it is presidents day I decided to try to find a qoute that I liked related to this special day. Low and behold I found a perfect qoute by a great president and related in my opinion to blogging

The inclination to exchange thoughts with one another is probably an original impulse of our nature," Lincoln wrote in February of 1859

If Lincoln knew that we needed to share then possibly us bloggers are doing exactly what we need to do

for more monday musings head over to candy hearts and paper flowers

Menu Plan for February 16-22

My menu plan this week has been helped by buying ahead. Yeah!!!!!!! for me that means that I will not have to pay so much out this week. One great buy came when I bought a 10 lb box of ribs for $10 at a local grocery store. A second was that ham that I bought at the auction (I previously blogged about this).

This week my family will eat:


hashbrown casserole

cinnamon french toast

baked oatmeal (these 3 will be used this week as much as needed)


grilled cheese

freezer meals

lunchmeat (these 3 will be used this week as much as needed)


bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, potatoes, PB cookies

ribs, potatos, biscuts, veg, coconut cake

cheeseburger mash tater soup, cheeseburger rolls, easy cheesecake

beef noodles, salad, rolls, strawberry pretzel dessert

eat at church wednesday

ribs, cheesey biscut, PB Pie

ham and cheese casserole, salad, leftover dessert

Here is a recipe for PB Pie

PB Pie

8 oz coolwhip 1 c powder sugar

1/2 c PB 1/2 c milk

40z cream cheese graham crust

Whip cream cheese fluffy. Add sugar and PB. Slowly add milk. Fold in cool whip Fill in crust Freeze several hours

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

neatnik saucer

While I was a young girl I got an infection in my mouth from putting my mouth on two many things. I guess you can say I always chewed on lots of things. I was not aware of the germs that were present. The Neatnik Saucer™ will help keep your little one keep away from germs while they sit in the highchair. The jolly mom reviewed the The Neatnik Saucer™ and you can read the review here. The Neatnik Saucer™ is sponsoring a giveaway on the jolly mom blog.

giveaway: funnyfur

One member of our family walks on 4 legs and not 2. We have a mini doberman and he is just like another kid. We also have a chocolate lab. The mini is inside while the lab is in the back. Do you love to shop for your pets? The not so blog and the what mommies need blog are hosting giveaways for $25 giftcards.

Giveaway : bibaroo

My granddaughter was given her first cookie today. Her momma is pretty particular with what she eats and does. The cookie was pretty much gummed and most of it ended up in the bottom of the high chair. The bibaroo by lil darlins would of came in handy. Feisty, frugal, fabulous blog recently reviewed the bibaroo and you can read it here. The lil darlins are sponsoring a giveaway on the feisty, frugal, fabulous blog for a bibaroo.

giveaways Sunday

If there is one thing moms do best is to forget theirselves. Moms will remember the baby, kids and even the husband before they buy something for theirselves. The blog blessing abound reviewed Stellacor a place that makes tees for moms. You can read the review on the blessing abound blog as well as sign up for the contest sponsored by stellacor where the winner will recieve a tee.

Want something that taste great then how about Watkins. Yes watkins sells more than great tasting food but then thats what I remember because I had a neighbor who sold watkins and made samples that tasted great. Sage and savvy reviewed watkins and you can read the review here. Watkins is also sponsoring a giveaway on the sage and savvy blog.

Looking for some music for the little ones? The CD Pals sing together was reviewed and is offered as a giveaway @ 5 minutes for mom.

An Island Review reviewed wallaroo hats. Have you seen the great hats located at Wallaroo? To read the review at Island Review go here. Wallaroo hats is also sponsoring a giveaway on the island review blog.

The blog she scribes hosting giveaway for a Reisenthel mini max shopper. Super cute.

The blog mommy in pink giveaway for see kai run shoes. Winner will recieve pair of shoes.

giveaway: little elegant

The little elegant company which carries lots of great items was reviewed by the blog Jamies Precious Peas. Jamie placed the review on the Jamies precious peas blog here. You should read the review to find out more information about The Little Elegant company and then sign up for the giveaway of a bamboo set which is also located at Jamies Precious Peas.

If you happen to win the bamboo set why not use them during a family dinner. Jamies Precious Peas has found a great company invested just for families. Families with Purpose is a company and website that are fighting to keep families together. Now Jamies Precious Peas is bringing attention to the Families with Purpose website with a blog and contest where the winner will win collection of family games.

sloppy joe pizza

Sloppy Joe Pizza

roll pizza dough ($1.50)
1 c shredded cheese ($1)
1b. hamburger (on sale $1.05)
1 can corn (.50)
1 can sloppy joe sauce (.79) total ($4.84)

brown meat, drain, stir in corn and sauce. Pour over rolled out crust. cover with cheese Bake 375 degrees 20 minutes or til heated

my family really enjoyed this and were suprised as to what it was

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