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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pottytots Review

We are currently attempting to potty train a member of our family. He is my little nephew and he shows no interest at all in the concept of potty training. He knows what it is, how to do it, but just no interest. I contacted pottytots in an attempt to gain a tool in building is interest in potty training. Jill Leech, the creator of the pottytots kit sent me a pottytot kit just for Ryne.

The kit that we received included a great story book, a DVD, a reward game and a potty chart

The book illustrates and tells the story of some young boys who are learning how to use the potty. Great idea because children often duplicate what they learn. The DVD is great as well because once again duplication takes place and the great musical songs can be easily repeated by the children. Repetition often helps the brain to function and finish what is needed to be done. The game is fun but the reason behind it enforces the potty issue throughout the game and the chart allows the child to feel good about his own progress.

The pottytots motto is great and fits with the personality of a toddler “I can do it, all by myself!” How many times does your child say the word "ME" or "I CAN" by building self esteem the child gains respect for himself and the want to so that potty training is successful.

We are hopeful from Rynes first impression that he will begin to want to use the potty. If you are ready to begin the potty training experience purchase the pottytots kit and have fun while helping your child learn to care for their self.

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