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Friday, February 20, 2009

giveaway: zarbee cough syrup

When my little girl was around 8 months old she began teething and needed some teething gel. So like good parents we got it for her and applied it to her little gums. This was our third child and so we thought we were getting to be pros. Please never think that as parents because it will come back and bite you. Well, this child turned out to be allergic to alcohol and after a terrifying stint and a hospital stay we knew that from then on we would have to watch everything that we would give her. So medicines, etc... would have to be monitored for alcohol contact. I have now found a cough syrup which contains no alcohol thanks to mom enterprise blog review. Thank you. Zarbees is a natural cough syrup that contains no alcohol. You can read this review at Mom enterprises and find out more about Zarbees and please enter the giveaway for a free bottle of Zarbees also located on the mom enterprise blog.

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