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Monday, February 16, 2009

monday musings Presidents day

As it is presidents day I decided to try to find a qoute that I liked related to this special day. Low and behold I found a perfect qoute by a great president and related in my opinion to blogging

The inclination to exchange thoughts with one another is probably an original impulse of our nature," Lincoln wrote in February of 1859

If Lincoln knew that we needed to share then possibly us bloggers are doing exactly what we need to do

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  1. If he only knew how instantaneous and far reaching communication would become.

  2. Perfect quote for the day, and I'm with Barbara on this. Can you even imagine? Actually, I can sort of. DH's mom is 94 (wowzers!), she actually grew up listening to folks who were IN the Civil War (Virginia). History, specifically, American history, isn't that far distant. But I often wonder, what we will see changed in our lifetime if we are lucky enough to live that long.

    Which, I got completely off target! (typical) Great quote, great man. Thanks for sharing it, especially today.



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