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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

heads or tails

My son loves football and sports in general. He loves these even though he was not built with alot of playing ability. This just goes to show you how big of a heart he has. So you may be asking what this weeks heads or tails and my son and sports have in common. Well, there is a phrase that my son loves to use. He places one great couch as a legend. This great couch is coach Al Way. Al Way was a football coach in our hometown and he loves him to death. Coach way retired and occasionally comes back to help the students in the highschoo. Whenever coach way is at the highschool you can bet my son will come home and say "The legend was at school today" So this weeks head or tails is a tribute to coach Al Way.

Al Way: A coach, a teacher and a very impressive man. Al Way who guided the Harrisburg Illinois Bulldogs to a state championship in 2000. Al way posted a 175-66 record in 21 years at Harrisburg, including 16 trips to the playoffs. This coach became a legend in his own right in this southern illinois town. You can bet he left his fingerprints on the players, parents and students of harrisburg high.

That is why I fill out the heads or tails question with the reply of Legend Al Way

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  1. It's always nice to hear about good men like Coach Way having such a positive impact on a child's life! That's quite an impressive record he had, too.

    Too bad there aren't more people like him around.

    Fantastic post and thanks for playing.

  2. That is so nice. When we hear of so many icky people it is good to know there are still great role models out there.

  3. Positive male role models that aren't parents, every child needs them. Fantastic HoT.

  4. Excellent - nice to hear about a local hero/legend. Thanks for sharing...

  5. It's good to hear about someone who inspires people.


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