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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Wee Bairn Cover Up Review

One of the most common breastfeeding concerns of moms-to-be is that they'll have to expose their breasts to the world if they have to feed in public. Well there are a few great cover ups available on the market but when I saw the Sweet Wee Bairn Cover up I was impressed. My daughter and her husband are very modest but fully believe in the well being of a little one being breast fed. Sweet Wee Bairn objective was to create a quality nursing cover at a great price as well as product stability.

The Sweet Wee Bairn nursing covers measure 24" long by 34" wide with 14" of boning in the neckline. This extra boning in the neckline helps to create a tent like feature where the cover up tents out around the baby where mom can hold constant eye contact with her little one with no fear of smothering. The Sweet Wee Bairn cover up makes the breast feeding experience lots better than throwing a loose blanket over the shoulder to help hold modesty. First the blanket would slip or the blanket gets in the way of the little ones suckling. Thus the Sweet Wee Bairn nursing cover is the perfect answer to help with modesty of breast feeding.

With as much quality as I feel the cover up contains Sweet Wee Bairn places into their other products as well. Sweet Wee Bairn create diaper clutches, burp cloths, diaper bags, pacifier clips and changing pads. Sweet Wee Bairn uses quality and high fashion fabric in her products and in the 3 years that she has been in business has 100% customer satisfaction. Not many businesses can say that. The items that Sweet Wee Bairn sell are all seamed by the owner and that seems to put a little love and quality in each product. So for your next baby shower, or possibly a needed item for yourself. Remember Sweet Wee Bairn.

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