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Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan for February 16-22

My menu plan this week has been helped by buying ahead. Yeah!!!!!!! for me that means that I will not have to pay so much out this week. One great buy came when I bought a 10 lb box of ribs for $10 at a local grocery store. A second was that ham that I bought at the auction (I previously blogged about this).

This week my family will eat:


hashbrown casserole

cinnamon french toast

baked oatmeal (these 3 will be used this week as much as needed)


grilled cheese

freezer meals

lunchmeat (these 3 will be used this week as much as needed)


bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, potatoes, PB cookies

ribs, potatos, biscuts, veg, coconut cake

cheeseburger mash tater soup, cheeseburger rolls, easy cheesecake

beef noodles, salad, rolls, strawberry pretzel dessert

eat at church wednesday

ribs, cheesey biscut, PB Pie

ham and cheese casserole, salad, leftover dessert

Here is a recipe for PB Pie

PB Pie

8 oz coolwhip 1 c powder sugar

1/2 c PB 1/2 c milk

40z cream cheese graham crust

Whip cream cheese fluffy. Add sugar and PB. Slowly add milk. Fold in cool whip Fill in crust Freeze several hours

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  1. Sounds like a yummy week....mmmmmm...pie!


  2. Your menu sounds wonderful. And I love peanut butter pie! Your recipe sounds similar to mine.

  3. Great menu! Have a lovely week!



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