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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thinking Thanksgiving

We are starting to plan our thanksgiving. We have family members that love ambrosia. This salad is a bit different but I think the family would love it. Would you consider sharing your ambrosia salad recipes with me? I would love to visit your links and check out your recipes
1 lg. can fruit cocktail
1 lg. pkg. frozen coconut
1 lg. pkg. mini marshmallows
1 can mandarin oranges
8 ounces sour cream
1 can diced pineapple
1 jar cherries
1 cup pecans
Drain all fruit, then mix all ingredients together and chill.

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Too Much Time On My Hands

Praise Him After The Game

IHSA football teams played the first round of playoffs today. While the NG Spartans played a hard game they did not win. Yet after the game there was little resentment as the teams gathered together and boys took knees and the coaches bowed their heads to give praise to the one above who allows us to play such games in the beauty of the sport.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Local Ghost Stories : Rose Hotel

The Rose Hotel
Elizabethtown, Illinois
Little Egypt Ghost Society

In 1813, James McFarlan received a license to operate a tavern in Elizabethtown. The McFarlan family charged 25 cents for breakfast, dinner or supper, lodging for 12 ½ cents, a gallon of oats or corn cost 12 ½ cents, a half pint of whiskey went for $1.25, a quart of beer was 12 ½ cents. The tavern was famous for drinks such as taffia, cherry bounce and cider royal.

The McFarlan family operated the tavern until 1890 when it was purchased by Mrs. Sarah Rose. At that time the name was changed to the Rose Hotel. Mrs. Rose operated the hotel for 55 years with the help of Frankie and Tote Woods.
The oldest wing of the hotel was built about 1830, with additions built about 1848 and 1866. Today, the exterior is restored to its 1866 appearance. In 1972, the Rose Hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Rose hotel is now owned by the Historic Sites Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and is operated by Sandy Vinyard as a bed and breakfast.

Sandy Vinyard invited the Little Egypt Ghost Society to investigate reports of the paranormal activity that has been occurring at the hotel on a regular basis. Sandy and many of her guests have reported sounds coming from parts of the hotel (it only has six guest rooms) where no one is present. These noises are said to sound like there “is a party going on up there.” Objects have been mysteriously moved, only to reappear sometime later in a different location of the hotel. Pennies, in groups of three, are found on a continuous basis throughout the hotel.

Our team captured the image of one of the former servants, Tote Wilson, in a mirror in the McFarlan Suite. The image was positively identified by Sandy Vinyard using the hotel scrap book containing old photographs of thee hotel and staff. We tried to debunk our photo, even going so far as to video tape the entire process, but could not reproduce the image.

We conducted several EVP experiments while at the hotel with very interesting results:

Q. “Are you alone?” A. “YES”
Q. “How do you feel?’ A. “FINE”
Q. “Where are you now?” A. “RIGHT BEHIND YOU”

Another EVP captured with our camcorder said: “WE ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS”

We set up motion detectors throughout the hotel. At approximately 3:00 AM, the motion detector in the Charlotte Room went off repeatedly with corresponding EMF reading of 2.3 to 2.6 milligauss.

In the front lobby we took a photograph about midnight that showed the face of a young lady looking in the front window. There was no one outside at the time. This photograph was positively identified by Sandy Vinyard as one of her former workers who was killed in a car crash about a year earlier.

On several occasions, our group would smell the scent of cigars, bacon cooking, lavender and logs burning when none of those items were present in or near the hotel. We heard voices and the sound of a small dog barking as well as footsteps and doors creaking open and shuts upstairs when no one was up there.

There is a small graveyard behind the hotel where several members of the McFarlan family as well as some of the servants and guests are buried. Many of the graves are unmarked.

On October 5, 2009, I was standing in the center of the McFarlan Suite in total darkness and took this photo with my digital camera and flash. I was the only living person in the room at the time. Note the image of a man looking out of the far left corner of the mirror. We went back to this room Feb 11, 2010 and tried to debunk this photo. No matter what we did, we could not recapture Tote’s image in the mirror. This photo is positively paranormal.

Sandy Vineyard positively identified the man as “Tote” from a photograph in the hotel scrapbook. Tote was a servant at the hotel many years ago.

The night before this photo was taken; I was conducting an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) experiment. One of the questions I asked was “will you join us for breakfast in the morning.” We believe these orbs could be the spirits of Frankie, Tote and Mammy Rose.

In early spring of 2010, the Little Egypt Ghost Society was at the Rose Hotel to film a TV commercial. After filming, we decided to do a little ghost hunting in the McFarlan Suite. Sandy Vinyard was present with us when she heard the floor start to “creak.” At that moment, Lisa and I started getting readings on our K2 and Ghost Meter EMF meters. We were able to trace the EMF field to a location near the center of the suite. We quickly realized that the EMF field was confined to an area the size and shape of an adult human! When we placed our hands into this EMF field, we discovered that the temperature was 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding area. At that point, the EMF field moved and we tracked it to an area near the fire place. Once again, the temperature inside the EMF field was noticeably cooler than the surrounding area. At this point the electric power went off in the McFarlan Suite, but not in any other area of the hotel. After we exited the suite, the power mysteriously came back on. We then rechecked the entire suite and could not relocate the EMF field. We firmly believe that this was the spirit of Tote Wood once again playfully letting us know that he still keeps watch over the nearly 200 year old Rose Hotel

Smores In A Jar

Autumn is the perfect time for Smores and no better time to offer a treat to a friend to make whenever they please. The little ghost makes this a spooky treat that is fun to share. Find out how you can make one here

This will be my tackle Tuesday to make my own for a festive Halloween.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Harrisburg Medical Center - Pink Glove Dance Competition 2013

Love this so awesome that so many are participating to bring awareness to breast cancer

Haunting Halloween Picture

Pumpkin Recipe : Pumpkin Pie Dip

A pumpkin dip that is perfect for your next party or after school snack.

15 oz can of pumpkin
1 box of instant vanilla pudding powder
16 oz container of fat free cool whip
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
1 tbsp Cinnamon

In a large bowl combine all ingredients.
Stir until well blended
Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving


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Trivia Time : Goodness of Pumpkins

Pumpkin in considered a super food. Only 30 calories per cup and 7 grams of fiber. Loaded with vitamin A and antioxidant carotenoids alpha and beta, Great source of vitamin C, K and E and lots of minerals including magnesium, potassium, and iron. Pumpkin is low carb and great for you and is found in lots of fall recipes.

2. Pumpkins possess anti inflammatory properties Pumpkin is great for people suffering from arthritis, muscle sprains, painful periods, and other problems that painkillers may be taken for.

3. Did you know that there is more fiber, magnesium and potassium, zinc, iron and lutein in pumpkins than in most other natural foods. Pumpkins can help improve individuals eyesight. Move over bananas and carrots.

 4. The carotenoids make is a great cancer deterrent!

5. The vitamins listed also are great at keeping wrinkles at bay!

When you are looking for a pumpkin for eating, use one that is heavier. The lighter ones tend to be drier. So smaller is better.

crockpot breakfast

Love quick easy breakfast that keeps you warm inside through the cold fall day. Yummy

1 bag 26 oz. frozen hash browns
12 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon ground mustard
1 16 oz. roll sausage
maple, sage or regular sausage.
Salt and pepper
16 oz. bag shredded cheddar cheese

1. Spray crock pot and evenly spread hash browns at the bottom.
2. Crack 12 eggs in a large bowl.
3. Mix well (and slowly) using a whisk.
4. Add the milk.
5. Go ahead and sprinkle in the ground mustard. This might sound like a weird ingredient, but I've come to love (and use) this in most of my recipes.
6. Add plenty of salt....
...and lots of fresh pepper. Mix well and set aside.
7. Cook the sausage on high heat, drain and set aside.
8. Add sausage on top of hash browns.
9. Is this enough cheese? Maybe? Probably. Throw the whole big bag in there.
10. Mix it up well. Or good, depending on where you're from.
11. Pour the egg mixture over everything in the crock pot. Using a wood spoon, even everything out so it's spread evenly.
12. Turn the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours.

Some fun variations of this recipe. Before cooking (during prep) you can add:

chunks of sourdough bread
diced chiles
diced green onions