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Saturday, January 3, 2009

giveaway: vaseline

I can remember my mother suffering from dry skin and was so happy that I did not have it. But time catches up and now I too have dry skin. Winter weather does not help any and applying lotion is the only relief most times. Now you can and I can win a giveaway for vaseline lotion Yeah just check it out at A Daycare Life.

give away blog design

Do you want to design your blog but dont know how? well there is a give away that will fix your problem check this out at For the Love of Baby.

think thin thursdays

I believe that this may work in great since both mine and my husbands resolution for our health is to loose weight. I will look forward to belonging to a group who wish to do this as well. Thanks to The not so blog spot for creating this group. IF this is what you wish to do as well head over and sign up.

Friday, January 2, 2009

give away: baby shoes

Those tiny toes will be covered in this cold weather if you visit Cool Baby Kid and enter their contest for shooshoos. Many different styles are available and cute.

give away: books for children

Do you love to read? Do you want your child to love reading as much as you do or more than you do? If so then you need to make sure that they have an opportunity to read books they are interested in (but acceptable) and one way to get more books for your children is through a give away being held over at sassyfrazz for candlewick press books.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

my first verse to memorize

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (NLT)Philippians 4:6-7

This is my verse that I will study and memorize by the 15th of the month. Over at the LPM BLOG there are several of us ladies getting together to memorize bible verses and while there reading comments found this one that called out to me.

give away groovy girls

Although I always thought I was a groovy girl you should see these dolls called groovy girls. Not only can you see them but you can win them at fiesty, frugal and fabulas so go check them out.

Bring In NEw Year Giveaway

WOW!!!!!!!!!! The give aways that are going on now. YOu need to check out the Bring in the New Year Giveaway over at the Two of a kind blog. It is really cool so please check it out.

give away: workbook

Do you have a little one or a child that struggles to learn here is the perfect chance to win a workbook for them. The Once upon a Qpon is holding a give away for this workbook check it out.

Give Away Event

I know that many of you check my blog for contest so wanted to tell you about the large giveaway event over at My Organized Chaos. It will be cool so check it out and see what you can win. I know I am going to have fun by entereing and seeing what cool prizes she has.

give away: shoes

This give away reminds me of tiny toes. If you had a baby did you count the fingers and toes as one of your first reactions? If so you are a bit like me. Right after the doctor said they were breathing and all looked well I was counting toes and fingers. These cute shoes would sure decorate those little toes and look great on my granddaughter as well. I believe I will be posting pictures of her again real soon. If you want a chance to win head over to My Organized Chaos and enter the give away.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

gratituesday reflection on 2008

Looking back on 2008 I would like to list the great things that happened and thank God for carrying us through the times when it wasnt that great. I became a grandmother in September but also lost our business in October. I saw my son play football and love it going to the playoffs but also saw them loose and the seniors to look defeated. I believe that for every valley God will provide a mountian and it is for this reason that I dream of 2009 where God will carry us through the goods and the bads and be there when we are full of joy or feel lonely. It is 2009 where things will come to an end where my daughter will graduate highschool, my son will graduate from jr college and move on to university, where my middle son will play his last year of highschool sports and where new begginings will happen as well such as my nephew begins kindergarten, my daughter will find herself going back to school or work, where my middle daughter will begin college and where my grandbaby will turn a year old. Thank God that no matter where or what we do he will be there for us all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

give away: software of family tree

Have you ever thought about a great way to share your family information with your future generations? Will they remember grandmas and grandpas and what their first and last names were? What about those that have passed on allready? You can win some cool software that will make a document of your family tree at Grammy Janets Place. Go check it out

give away : beautiful earrings

The Blessing Abound Blog is giving away a pair of earrings to 3 lucky readers I want to win this one for my daughters Birthday in February but since theres a chance for 3 lucky readers to win go sign up and see how lucky you are.

give away : great bag

Blessings abound sure do put on great give aways and this one is for a great bag from Bumble Bags. Bumble Bags make great bags for parents of babies. The diaperbags of today look so different from those of yesterday. My daughter would love this bag if we happened to win.

give away: eco friendly gift bags

Have you ever thought about all that wrapping paper that gets trashed at christmas time? WOuld you like to make the earth greener by doing away with all that needless mess? If so make your way over to The Write Girl Blog and enter the give away to win some.

monday menu plan

This week we have been playing clean out fridge, cabinets in order to make meals and make room for first of year cooking. I am learning lots of new tips from the blogs I visit.

Wednsday will be buffet of sorts
cocktail wieners
cocktail meatballs
moz sticks
peppermint bark
cookie tray
rice bark treats
crackers with cheese
soda pop (treat since we only have on birthdays and holidays)

Thursday New Years Day
ham and beans
desserts not sure what yet

ham and eggs (make use of leftover ham)
ham sandwiches
ham scallop potato casserole

snowy trail mix
leftovers if any (you know me I will find some)
chilli cheese casserole and cornbread

pizza rolls
shepherds pie, salad and brownies

Then we get to start all over again. We are on diets here and trying to loose weight me for diabetic and health reasons, my husband because of heart/ weight problems. YOu know were once fit young and now if you look at us you could not see that we need to get back to that.

Monday, December 29, 2008

winter giveaway

A Pondering Heart will be having a give away for several days that you are going to have to check out. It looks like lots of fun and if you go to the blog here you can see the list of items. Come on enter a giveaway have a chance to win.

The blog Speaking from the Heart has started a new meme. One that I believe I will love. This is what she wrote about the new meme that she is starting up

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have heard so many wonderful
stories about my ancestors. There were also stories about my childhood, which I
totally had forgotten. I have made a mental note of each story and have every
intentions of documenting it. In order to help me in this area, I have decided
to blog a weekly story about my ancestors,and about my childhood. I want to have
these stories written down, before my memory escapes from me, and to leave a
legacy for my children and for future generations.

I wanted to share with you about my Grandmothers christmas tree. This tree was always special to me. You see my grandmother lived in the country and would go out and cut down her own christmas tree. Because she did it herself this tree was always a bit small. It stood about 3 feet tall at the most and boy did she decorate it with lights and ornaments. After my grandfathers death things changed and these little trees changed into an artificial tree that was still quite cute and neat but not the same. My grandmother seemed to change little things in her life never making a broad change but ones that always fit together somehow. I loved her because she was so frugal but never let on. My parents have often said that I am alot like her and I consider that a compliment knowing what type of lady she was. I loved her and I am sure you will being hearing lots more about her.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

give away: skip hop

Have you ever visited the skip hop website. If so you would see that they have lots of great items. Please check out their site if you have not and Design Baby is giving away hare brush and comb set to a lucky reader so go see if you can win.

give away: 6th grade workbook

Do you have a 6th grader or need a workbook for them to do? THis is a great book being given away over at Once upon a qpon

give away: tantastic tangrams

Once upon a Qpon is offering a give away for tantastic tangrams. These things are so cool and if you homeschool you can surely use this book so go check it out.

give away: candles

Do you love candles? I know my girls do. One of the first things that my daughter was made aware of when she married her husband is the safety of candles. YOu see she married a fireman. But if you love candles as much as my girls do then you can win a candle from scent sations mia bella candles made by kelly wissinik by signing up for the give away at momstart

Give Away: tasty granola

Some say that we should try to eat healthy in the new year. If you are going to try here is a give away for you. It is for a tasty granola treat from bear naked and it is being given away at frugal mom of 2 girls.

I knew there was something in that stuff

For years I worked at a nursing home and would use peppermints to stop early morning stomache aches, head aches, and pop up colds. Now they have found that there is something in peppermint that helps to make you feel better and stay healthier check it out here.