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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Couple of Super Cute Crafts

For all of my readers who loved the bear face craft here are a couple of others that I just found on a new blog that I found by follow friday. Here is the links to a cute

mitten craft

and a

snowball snowman

the name of the blog where I found these at is Deal Wise Mommy

Eden Fantasy : Review the Honeymoon Carry On Bag

If you have been a reader of mine for long then you know that I have been married for quite a few years. In fact that we celebrated our twenty third year together this month. Wow!!! that seems like a long time but the years have gone by quite quickly and with a lot of love. Some of you may say that you can understand how much love we have because we have six (6) children. Our love together is great and in fact the passion in our love is still as great as it ever has been. One reason is that we look for new ways to spice up our love life quite often. EdenFantasys is a great place to get those little things that will help keep a love life spiced up. As you remember I have reviewed/hosted giveaways for EdenFantasys a few different times. and the wonderful products that I have shared with you on this blog we have enjoyed as a couple. So when I was offered the chance for another giveaway opportunity I thought that in honor of my anniversary and the road that we had traveled together that the honeymoon carry on bag would be great to share.

The carry on bag is a nice piece of luggage that only those that you want to share the secret of whats inside the bag will know. Inside are many different items to have fun while on a romantic get away or in the comforts of your own bedroom. Items inside the bag include:

  • Tapered candles that help to set the mood for what is romance without a bit of candle light?
  • There is a special set of cards that can set the mood. Their is more than royalty and numbers found on this deck of cards as this deck of cards is a special deck of fore playing cards. The cards help direct the movements of destiny and the surprise of the draw makes it all the funner
  • Don't worry after the body is all tensed up from delighting the one you love give each other a massage with the massage oils that can also be found inside the bag.
  • Perhaps you want to do more than just massage your partner perhaps you would also like to create a piece of artwork using the edible body paint included in the bag.
  • To make the party even funner perhaps you will have fun with the furry handcuffs and blindfold.
  • After this investigate the remaining items in the bag using the amount of pleasure and fun you are comfortable with.

The bag will stay locked and secured so no one else will know your secrets and you can store til the next time when you both find a bit of time to share a romantic time together.

You can purchase your own products ranging from sexy lingerie to the sensual products of your choice from Eden Fantasys.

Free To Be Me: Don't We All Want To

WE heard this song in concert during Christmas but it is so wonderful wanted to share it here with you.

Balancing on Daddy's Knee

Hosted here this weeks theme is : Balance

One sock on and one sock off but still able to keep balance on dads knee.

saturday 9 : I Think We Are Alone Now

Welcome to Saturday: 9 . What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

1. What celebrity in a fantasy would you like to be alone with?

I could do a love scene with my prince charming or Sam Elliot

2. Have ever dated a good friend?

no can not say that they were friends before dating but we remained friends after we broke up

3. What is the most embarrassing song that you like?

the newest is Pants on the Floor

4. What is your favorite tear jerker movie?

Steel Magnolias

5. What about yourself makes you least secure?

I often put my foot in my mouth so public speaking is very stressful

6. Do you believe in destiny?

well, I believe there is a plan for all but our actions in the end define our destiny

7. What 'issue' do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view?

Well I am not for sure but those who know me also know what I stand for

8. What are 5 things you don't care about?

liver, running, not a big fan of exercise in general, what others think about me (if they talk about me they give someone else a chance to relax), late night entertainment

9. Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't sure if you were seducing or being seduced?

all the time this has only happened with my husband though

Show My Face Saturday: Busy Day

Wow!!! you can tell my kids are growing up when they have to keep their own schedule because they are all doing different things. Some are heading to games, other to movies and yet even more are doing projects with friends. So for Show My Face Saturday Six Word Phase I share:

All My Teens Are Busy Today

Saturday 6 : Kids Being Testy

6 ways your children tested you this week

This would be like one for each child since I have six children so in order from oldest to youngest

  1. While not her fault because all parents go through it my oldest daughter did an awful lot of short temper and wining this week. Princess is sick and as we all know it takes quite a bit of patience to deal with a sick child with love. I must say that I am proud of her for taking such good care of Princes but I do think she needs a bit of sleep herself.

  2. money for college faces allot of parents and that is what I have been dealing with with my eldest son. Whether he was going to be able to go back to school and live in the dorm became in question when I received a letter that said that the program we were paying under was ending the program. Wait a minute what was this all about. Through no fault of my son (well maybe a bit for setting it up himself and not really getting help) I had been paying late fees rather than on the loan itself. All caught up now and believe me none too early

  3. With my middle daughter it is the fact that she has started to keep all to herself not wanting to share her thoughts and feelings anymore with her mom. This is new to me since most my children will one way or another let me know what is on their minds. This game is a bit like pulling teeth and I don't pull to hard when I find out that she is doing o.k. I let go and have her come to me on her own time. This is a space I am not used to but bare with me as we go along this path of parenthood

  4. My middle son is dealing with allot of stress aggression and I am dealing with the attitude that it travels with. It is his senior year and while he is deciding what to do with his life like what college to attend, what to do after school and lately what girl to date I just wait for him to talk and pray his attitude is not to bad.

  5. My youngest daughter is also a senior but because of her disabilities we are all on hot wire as what will come next. It is always a daily struggle with her attitude because we are not sure what will trigger her. Lately though she has been proud of herself and I am proud of her. My frustration with her though is not about her but for her. What will come next is the question here.

  6. My youngest son has recently been not getting along with his teachers and I guess this would be frustrating to any parent. But after raising and putting 6 children through school I know the teachers by now. So this is a big test for me as to what will happen next and how to solve the problem so it is better for all.

Free Pantene ProV Ice Shine Sample

Thanks to CutePeas Freebies and more I can share with all of you about this great sample. For a short time in fact the samples are limited you can sign up and receive a free sample of Pantene ProV Ice Shine. Simply go here and fill out the form.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fave 5: January 22, 2010

It's Friday again, the week went rather fast this week. But on Friday we have the chance to join Susanne and list our top 5.
  1. As a kid my uncle would go to Texas every year and bring back large sacks of grapefruits and oranges to my mom. These were delicious and I loved to snack on them. I fell in love with the delicious fruits again. I did notice there has been a price increase as well But the taste is still simply wonderful
  2. I love how it is just about 3 weeks til Valentines and my teens are either been sought after or are seeking a sweet heart. It is very funny how that has happened. I remember when they would cuddle with their mom on valentines and now they are seeking to have a sweetheart of their own.
  3. I have enjoyed the weather this week. Even today all though it was not as warm as a few we have had it was not cold. I am so happy to have that long bout of cold over. I am sure that it is not over for the winter season but I am happy now to just have temps above freezing.
  4. There is a wonderful movie out that has been produced by a youth minister. The name of this movie is To Save A Life. If this movie is playing any where near you take time and watch it. It is worth it and why not take a teen with you to the movies and watch it together?
  5. All though the earthquake in Haiti and all the following after math problems has been terrible. I must say watching as everyone in all walks of life come together to offer help in any way they can is wonderful.

these are my top 5 what are yours?

Frugal Valentine Bear Craft for Toddler

This is a fun craft you can make with your toddler. It uses materials easily found in your home.

•Light-Weight Cardboard (Cereal Box)
•Sand, Saw Dust, Coffee Grounds (one or all)
•Craft Glue
•Large Wiggle Eyes
•Item for Nose a pom-pom, button, or oval cut out of construction paper

Using the cardboard, cut out a bear head shape - don't forget the ears. You can also cut out a shape that looks like the whole bear! Using a Pencil, draw a few details on the cardboard bear; for example, if you cut out only a head, draw a oval where the nose and mouth would go, and draw small circles in the ears. If you are using a full bear body, draw a large oval where the belly would be, and you can also draw the details on the face as above. Use your imagination!

Once you have the various bear parts sketched on, you can start adding the textures. Start by painting in your various bear part with glue. Decide which texture (sand, saw dust, coffee grounds) you want on each part, and sprinkle that texture onto the glue. Only add the glue for one texture at a time. Let your bear dry.

Once all your textures are dry, add the wiggle eyes and a nose (). If you like, you can then use the material, ribbon, buttons, etc to add more details!

There is a great site for toddlers as well found on the blog A Mommy's Adventures

7 Quick Take Friday

  1. This week has been alot warmer than a week ago. Rain I can take ice and snow only when they don't stay for long
  2. Princess is sick with an upper respitory problem. I hope that she gets to feeling better soon.
  3. Went to the store with my mom today we were able to have a good conversation. I enjoy the great times that I can spend with my mom
  4. I think sometimes my daughter is like me and just wants to talk to me. I am so happy that she feels that way because to me that means I did my job right
  5. Dry skin has primarily gotten the best of me. If any of my readers have tips for dry skin I would love to hear it
  6. Valentines day is coming up and I think my older teens are starting to feel the pressure of this. Everyone wants a sweet heart for valentine day. I am sure that I will have more to share about this in coming post
  7. I want to say my readers are the best. I love to get comments and you all are always sharing on my love

That is my top 7 what are yours?

Aloha Friday

Where has the week gone? I can not believe that it is Aloha Friday Time again.

Have you ever heard the song "Make New Friends" where you "make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other gold" With all the talk about what new changes we are making and what plans we have for the new year. I started to think about the old. Well that and my daughters Aloha Friday post here So my Aloha Friday question today is:

Can you tell me about a memory from the past that you will carry with you into the new year.

I have many and will be sharing them from time to time with my readers. So you will have to stop back by if you want to hear the stories I want to share.

Friday Frustration

Today's frustration has more to do with myself than it does with anyone or anything else. I am frustrated today and also trying to make a turn around because I have not been living as I should. I have a long family history of depression, schizophrenia, etc... and I am very aware of this. I fight daily battles of not allowing myself to go down this path. I have kept myself on a daily schedule for many years. Lately, though I have allowed myself to slip a bit. For several weeks I have been getting up out of bed not getting dressed, fixing my hair, or anything simply lounging the house with my PJs on and then showering and changing before going to bed. While this may not bother many it does me. I know that if I do not get dressed, fix myself up and look good for myself then I will fall into the same traps that my mother fell into and become latent in behavior and possibly head down a line of depression. I have went back to my old schedule of getting up, dressing, having cup of coffee or cocoa. For me this will do good. I am sorry to put all this out on my blog but I just felt that I needed to share a bit with all of you. So that is what I have been frustrated about but will not be anymore.

Printable Fire Safety Activity Coloring Book

As many of you know my son in law and Princess' daddy is a fire fighter. So one thing that I know about firefighting is that those involved form sort of a family. When I heard about the printable fire safety activity coloring book while visiting the blog Fun 4 The Children I knew that it would be perfect for her. I also know that some of my readers also either love fire trucks or their family has a fire fighter in it as well. So if you would also be interested in the wonderful coloring book to print visit this website

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waffle Maker Giveaway

Jen at 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven, 365 Days of TV-Free Toddler Time, and Mega-Family Blogs is giving away a flippin' waffle maker...

To enter, go HERE!!

Pom Wonderful


It wasn't all that many years ago that I saw a co-worker of mine snacking on a pomegranate. I had never seen one before so I was quite amazed to hear about all the health values that pomegranates had in them. WOW!!!! I was quickly turned on to pomegranates. I had no idea that they made juice out of them though. So when Pom Wonderful wrote me and offered to send me some to try and write a review. I was delighted and immediately accepted.

POM started studying the benefits of pomegranate in 1998. Since that time forty-seven (47) studies and fourteen (14) clinical studies have taken place and published in peer reviewed journals. Pom Wonderful is as committed to innovation and wellness. They grow, harvest, process and ship their own pomegranate's and are backed by $32 million in scientific research.

Pom Wonderful sells pomegranate fruit, juice, as well as many other products related to pomegranate with the same wonderful health benefits of the pomegranate fruit.

Our take on the juice is that it is too sour to drink straight by itself but mixed in recipes it gives food a delicious boost.

we did receive a few bottles of the pom juice to gather information to form a review based on our own opinion

Thursday Thunks

We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want. Write about it on your blog... simple as that. Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!

Did you miss me? glad to see you are back

1. Pants on the Ground....

think this is a very catchy little tune that I hope gets people to thinking

2. To compliment Kimber's question from last week.... have you ever fell down the stairs?

yes I have and I have fallen up as well

3. Have you ever written to a company about their product? Ever called them?

all the time and yes I have talked to them on the phone as well.

4. Your dog/cat/snake/iguana/pet skunk (or just fill in your pet's species) goes to the vet. Ok, you take them to the vet... most pets wouldn't go on their own. The vet tells you that your species has cancer. Do you:

•a. tell them to pull out the needle and put them to sleep on the spot
•b. take them home and let them live out their life until the end
•c. same as b. except you don't let them get to the suffering stage
•d. go full steam ahead with cancer treatments

I am not for sure I would probably do A only because no real money for alot of care for pets

5. What is your favorite comfort food?

meatloaf and macaroni and cheese

6. If your child was put in jail for putting a gun in their spouses mouth and pulling the trigger (even though the gun wasn't loaded), strangling them and breaking their arm... would you post bail for them?

oh no, I would still love them but they would have to take care of what they did

7. If elephants had wings, how many feathers do you think they would have on each wing?

Is there enough in the world?

8. Is there anything growing in your refrigerator right now?


9. What did you do with your Thursdays while we were on a break?

blogged and missed you

10. Would you donate to the Kimber Ark Building Fund and donate wood? She is about to float away after all...

have no idea what that is

11. If I were to send you a letter and I wanted to put a little heart sticker on the back of the envelope, what color sticker would you like it to be?

oh I feel so special pink would be great

Graco Stroller Recall

About 1.5 million Graco strollers sold under the names of Alano, Spree, and Passage have been recalled. These strollers and travel systems were manufactured at Atlanta Georgia. The reason for the recall is hinges on the stroller’s canopy pose a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to the child when the consumer is opening or closing the canopy. There have been seven (7) known incidents of children who have placed their fingers in the canopys hinge mechanism while the canopy was being opened or closed resulting in five (5) fingertip amputations and two (2) fingertip lacerations. To find a full list of strollers that have been recalled go here.

Zutano itzy bitzy To Donate To Help Haiti

I recieved the following email from Zutano:

Baggino to donate to Haiti

I just received an email from Baggino. They have seen the suffering in Haiti and will be donating 50% of all their sales from now through the end of February will be donated to Haiti. So if you are needing any of the baggino products know that 1/2 of the money you sell will be going to those in need in Haiti

Homemade Snow Globes

Homemade Snow Globe
You will need:
Clear glass jar with screw-on lid
Waterproof figures or objects that will fit into the jar (Plastic is best)
Hot glue, or other waterproof glue (Aquarium sealant from a pet store, or clear silicone caulk from the hardware store are both excellent for this craft, though each takes longer to dry than hot glue.)
Silver or white glitter
Cold water

Start by removing the lid from the jar. Save the lid and place the jar open side up on the table. Glue waterproof figures into the open side of the lid. Let the glue dry completly. Fill the glass jar with cold water, leaving 1/2 inch of air space at the top. Stir in the glitter, a bit at a time. Stop asdding glitter when you see the amount you would like swirling around as you stir. MOre is not always better. Squeeze some glue along the threaded top of the jar where the cap will screw on. Do not let the glue dry. Take the cap, with te figures or objects and carefully screw it onto the jar, tightly Let the glue dry. This should form a waterproof seal but do not turn over until your are certian the seal has formed.

this idea was gathered from the website

Marriage Tip for Today

I have been sharing the marriage tips that I recieve through a newsletter each day. You can subscribe to this service if you wish by going here

Their tip today:

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about equality between the races. In marriage we call this mutuality. Is there any area of your marriage you want to be more equal (chores, parenting, income, affection)?

My take:

While I can say as a mom of 6 and a wife I would love to have more equality in chores. In the past we had a chore chart where everyone was to do their share of the work. Now that the kids have started getting older it has became easier but I still must ask for help. I hope one day that this gets to where the jobs are just done because someone sees it needs to be done

What do you think about today's tip? What would you want more equal in life?

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful that the Lord has seen me through my latest battle with the laundry. That my spirit stayed up while we went through the hills of laundry. I am thankful that my children did not fight against me or become to whiny. I am thankful that for a few days he blessed us with some lovely warm days so that my water did not refreeze. I am thankful that I married the man that has the most patience when things like this happen helps me to get through the laundry rather than becoming whiny and discomforting.



Just take a look at my lil princess here in this picture. She is so very happy. If you can see her daddy is in the picture as well. She loves her daddy and mommy very much. Daddy is working midnocs this week and has to sleep more during the day. So this week my lil Princess you will have to play with mom a bit more.

Mud Balls recipe : Easy to make recipe to share with your toddlers

Mud Balls

1 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup dry powdered milk
1/2 cup raisins
Crushed graham crackers
Chocolate milk powder

Mix all ingredients together in a medium-size bowl.
Show your toddler how to form the mixture into balls.
Place a small amount of chocolate milk powder on a plate and roll the balls in the powder.
Eat as a tasty snack or refrigerate and serve later.

you can find more great recipes at the blog Me & Lu

Corn Custard

This recipe used to be one of my daddys favorites.
Corn Custard

2 cups frozen corn, thoroughly defrosted

4 eggs

1 c heavy cream

1/2 c milk

1/4 c flour

1 T sugar

1 t salt

1/8 t white pepper

preheat oven to 350 degrees Place the corn in the jar of a blender and blend at high for 30 seconds. Turn off the machine, scrape down the sides of the jar with a rubber spatula, blend the corn toa puree. Add the eggs, cream, milk, flour, sugar, salt and pepper. Mix til smooth and thick. Pour into souffle dish place dish in deep roasting pan in middle of oven. Pour in enough boiling water to come up 2/3 up way of the sides of the dish. Bake 1 hour or til the top is golden brown and a knife inserted in the center comes out clan. Serve at once

Free Sample Cream of Wheat

Do you enjoy a warm bowl of cereal in the morning? If you do then I have found the deal for you thanks to the blog Frugal Plus. Here's the information. You can get a sample of Cream of Wheat cereal by visiting this link. I got mine you should get yours too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peanut butter and Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pudding Parfaits
1 package (6 serving size 4.6 oz.) vanilla cook and serve pudding and pie filling
3 1/2 c milk
1 c reese's peanut butter chips
1 c mini kisses chocolate candy
whip topping
mini kisses for top
Mix milk and pudding. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly til mix comes to a full boil. Remove from heat: divide hot mix between 2 heatproof bowls. Immediately pour pb chips into mix in one bowl and mini kisses into second bowl. Stir mix til chips are melted and mix are smooth. Cool, stir occasionally. Alternately layer pb and chocolate mix in parfait dishes, wine glasses or dessert dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and chill 6 hours. Garnish with kisses.

Slow Cooked Barbq Sausage Bites

Barbq Sausage Bites

1 lb pack mini smoked sausages
¾ lb fully cooked bratwurst links, cut in ½ inch slices
¾ lb smoked kielbasa or polish sausage, cut in ½ inch slices
1 (18 oz) barbq sauce
2/3 c orange marmalade
½ t ground mustard
1/8 t ground allspice
1 c (20 oz ) pineapple chunks

In 3 quart slow cooker, mix saucepan whisk the sauce, marmalade, mustard and allspice. Pour over the sausage mix stir to coat. Cover and cook on high for 3 hours or til heated through Stir in pineapple Serve with toothpicks

Word Filled Wednesday

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God -- John 1:1

I teach the children in my sunday school class that the bible is Gods word. That we should follow the bible as a rule/guide book. That is what makes our life easier if we follow the rules in the good book our lives will be much easier. I for one try very hard to live like this but at times this gets very rough. This is when I get to the end of my string fall on my knees and begin again. Is the Lords love not wonderful.

Wordful Wednesday

I was looking through pictures and found this one. This is my lil buddy holding my princess. How sweet. I am not sure who took this picture I know it was in my house but when I am not sure of that one either. Whoever is taking the picture they are looking straight at. Look at his little smile you can tell he is a bit proud.

A is for Annies

A is for some of my favorites = Annies

Sweet Wee Bairn Review and Giveaway

Sweet Wee Bairn creates and sells wonderful stylish products that mommies love for their little ones. A short time back I shared a review of their nursing cover up with you. You can read that review by following this link Sweet Wee Bairn is an Internet-based nursing & breastfeeding cover retailer with wonderful prices. You can tell that in each piece that Sweet Wee Bairn creates is created with love. Amy Pratt, the owner of Sweet Wee Bairn, starts creating the wonderful products by selecting the fabric. She chooses to only use stylish and high quality fabric.

Because Amy is the seamstress of , planner and owner Sweet Wee Bairn she has the freedom to select only the best, cutting edge and current fashions. She treats each piece that she makes as if she is making it for herself. Amy makes each piece one at a time and at home. She reminds me of the old home seamstress where each piece is made with love and care and pride. Amy's goal is to please the customer and strives to make sure that every customer is happy.

Sweet Wee Bairn sells wipe case covers in an array of fabric patterns and colors. These wonderful diaper clutches are perfect for moms on the go. No longer does that large diaper bag need to be toted along. Now simply bring the wipe case and all will be well. The diaper clutch is large enough to carry the travel wipe case and a few diapers. The diaper clutch is not lined and easily pull close with a draw string.

One thing that we needed at this time and we are so happy to say that Sweet Wee Bairn makes some lovely colored and patterned are the pacifier clips. Princess now takes a pacifier and she loses it quite often. If you have ever known a child that takes a pacifier clip you know how frustrating it can be looking for it all the time. Now with the pacifier clip the struggle has lessened. If you are needing a pacifier clip because of the fear losing it or the fear of it falling on the dirty floor then you may want to check out all the great Pacifier clips available at Sweet Wee Bairn as well.

Along with the pacifier clip, and diaper clutch Sweet Wee Bairn also has nursing cover ups, burp cloths, and covered wipe cases available. All in a variety of colors and patterns so I am sure there will be one that would be perfect for you. The next time you are in need of a baby shower or new mom gift or even something for your own little one then remember Sweet Wee Bairn.

Amy Pratt from Sweet Wee Bairn also wants to offer one of Annies Home readers a chance to win their own diaper clutch and two (2) pacifier clips.

To enter: you must visit the Sweet Wee Bairn website and let me know what your favorite pattern or color of fabric is.

Extra Entries:
  • follow my blog (2 entries)
  • subscribe to my blog (2 entries)
  • follow me on twitter let me know your twitter name
  • tweet (1 entry per tweet ) leave link in comment
  • blog about the giveaway (5 entries) leave link in comment
  • comment on any non giveaway post (2 entries) tell me which one in comment
  • enter any other giveaway (1 entry) tell me which one in comment

Giveaway starts now and runs through February 14, 2009. Please have email in comment or on profile other wise you can not win. Good Luck.

While I recieved both a diaper clutch and pacifier clip of our own I based this review upon my own thoughts and feelings

January Is Blood Donor Month

I am including this picture with the meme Way Back When at TwinFatuation. The day this picture was took will be burned in my mind forever. This picture is the day that Princess was born. As you can tell this is My daughter Monkey Mommy and Princess. She looks wore out because she is. When this picture was took she went through 24 hours of labor and in the end went under a c-section. My Princess arrived here nearly 10 lbs but her mommy had went through quite a battle. She would have to have a blood transfusion in the end. My daughter had always believed in donating blood and as soon as she was old enough she donated. Her younger brother and sister have followed in her footsteps donating their own blood as well. I am just so happy for those that do donate when they can. Did you know that January is Blood Donor Month? Do you donate? Do you know if you can?

Taking a break

This is my son sitting on a tire at one of the outings we took. Can't wait for weather to get warmer. This year Princess will be able to travel with us as well.

Wordless Wednesday Football Playoff Time: Guess Who's Been Watching

Its football playoff time guess who's been watching? That's right and the baseball talk about his dear Cubs and rival Cardinals about got him as well.

placed on the meme located at A Keeper at Home , Babes and Kids Review , MomStart

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I Learned This Week

Because I felt overran with laundry I packed a bit too much into the washer and boy was that a bad idea. It shut itself off and would not run the reason: the washer was overloaded

In order to make sure this does not happen (something that I all ready knew but relearned) I learned to pile clothes loosely. Stuffing clothes into the washer not only does not allow them to get clean but may overload the washer (which it did)

What did you learn or in my case relearn?

Hearts For Kids

After reading about the program Hearts for Kids on Go Graham Go I decided it would be perfect for my Sunday school class. Then I thought maybe you would like to know about it as well. This great program makes sure that kids in bad situations know that they are loved. So head over to Go Graham Go and find out more about this wonderful program

Today's Marriage Tip

The marriage tip that can be found and subscribed to at this link from for your marriage shares this tip today

Resolving an argument: Strategy #4 CO-EXIST. When neither of you is willing to move from your position, it may be possible to agree to disagree. Tomorrow: #5

This can often be hard but can be done. I often joke that when me and my husband was married our families were feuding. While they were not feuding as in the old sense of the word they never liked each other. They were just too different. So there have been many times that me and my husband have both decided to just live together with the attitude of agreeing to disagree.

Tackle It Tuesday : Laundry

Tackle It Tuesday at 5 Minutes for Mom
For today's tackle it tuesday I am still tackling laundry. We were out of water in the house for nearly 2 weeks because of frozen pipes, shattered pipes, large pipe frozen and busted from the citys outlet. Man have we had bad luck with water lately. But it is looking up and I believe the laundry will get better and better if I keep at it. On the uppoint it was easier to go through and organize my childrens closets since the clothes they love they wore and then needed washed.

$5 Dinner Apple Sausage Beans

Apple Sausage Beans

1 pkg uncooked maple breakfast sausage links ($1)
½ c firm chopped onion (.50)
½ c unsweet apple juice (.50)
2 T brown sugar (in pantry)
2 T maple syrup ( in pantry)
2 T molasses ( in pantry)
½ t apple pie spice (in pantry)
¼ t nutmeg ( in pantry)
2 cans pork n beans ($3)
1 apple, cubed (.50)

total of this recipe is $4.50 since many items are on hand all ready

slice sausage links up in ½ inch pieces. Brown sausage and onion til meat is done and onion is tender. Drain and transfer to a slow cooker. In a bowl mix juice, brown sugar, syrup, seasonings Stir into first skillet and stir lil sugar is melted. Mix into the slow cooker Mix beans into the slow cooker Cook 6 hours til apples are tender.

To create your own apple pie spice mix ½ t ground cinnamon, ¼ t ground nutmeg, and 1/8 t ground cardamom and ground allspice for each 1 teaspoon of apple pie spice mix needed.

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Today I am thankful for my family. Both the ones that are immediate to me like my husband and children as well as our sisters and brothers. I am not the oldest of my siblings but often feel like it. I often feel as I am the leader in my family. My husband is the oldest son in his and this makes him sort of a leader as well. It is those times in life that those that we try to help help us that we are the most grateful for. Lately we have been seeing more of this come about from those that brought water to us when the pipes were frozen, to our children offering advice in the line of subjectst that they seem to know and are more and more foreign to us as of late. That is what makes life goes around everyone pulling their fair share in love and respect. This is what i am thankful for today.

Ruby Red Tuesday- Daughter and Granddaughter picture

For this Ruby Red Tuesday I thought I would share a picture that I love. This is my oldest daughter and of course my readers will all know Princess. She is the apple of my eye and so pretty in this picture. I love how they both are smiling.