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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Purse TO Go review and giveaway

Do you hate it when you want to use a different purse, bag or diaper bag? Ever have those times when you have the perfect purse to match the outfit you are wearing only it is not the purse you have been wearing? Do you remember the last time you spilled something in your tote bag or diaper bag and needed to wash it at the same time you needed to go somewhere? Gone are those days when you will have to remove everything from one purse or bag and place in another. Now there is a wonderful product which will allow you to keep it all organized and together while easily switching bags called the Purse To Go.
The Purse to go is the perfect product for your personal use or to give as a gift. No more taking time to change purses with the purse to go. Your friends will love it and want one of their own. Most products on the market today do not have different sizes of liners. With the purse to go there are four different sizes so you will find one to fit your favorite bags. The small, medium, large and jumbo sizes are available in the colors of red, torquise, black, tan, and pink. You can order just the size you need or order a set of all of them for one great price.

The wonderfup Purse TO Go are fully adjustable with unique feature to fit in a smaller size purse. The Purse To Go organizer has pockets that allows you to stay organized with an enclosed bottom so you don't loose anything important. Best of all it protects the linings of those wonderful expensive purses.

Buy: you can purchase the wonderful Purse To GO directly from their easy to use online website

Wonderful News: Two of Annies Home readers will receive a purse to go of their own.

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Contest open to all and starts now and will run through September 1, 2009. Please remember email has to be located in comment or on your blog. Additional entries deserve their own comment.

Boon Frog Pod


We have a love for frogs in our house. This love has went from my son to my granddaughter. My granddaughter has another love as well and that is for baths. So when I saw the Boon Frog I knew this was perfect for Princess.

When I received the Boon Frog Pod I was delighted. I had never thought about it being so massive insize. It truly can hold Princess shampoo and bath products as well as her bath toys. Very impressive. The fun of the Boon Frog Pod was also enormously well taken. The Boon Frog Pod has the best scoop in the world for picking up toys after a bath. This not only makes fun for Princess but also for her mom. Since the Boon Frog Pod is secured to the wall it stays safely out of the way and is no trouble when not in use either. Other items that have been used would be easily spilled, knocked over or other wise made a mess. The Frog Pod does its job well and as planned. We secured the Boon Frog Pod with screws but it can just as easily be secured to the wall by velcro tapes that are in place.

Buy: If you are in the market for a fun bath organizational tool for your child then the Boon Frog Pod is for you. You can find a store that sells Boon Frog Pod near you by using this link or purchase directly from the Boon online site

Win CitiBlocs

Do you have fond memories of playing with building blocks? Now your child can as well. The blog Jolly Mom is hosting a contest for your choice of natural or colored citiblocks. These would make a great gift for any child in your life.

Photo Hunt : Artificial

This is a picture that was taken at my daughters wedding. The flowers in the flower girls bouquet and hair are as artificial as the smiles not on their faces.

Small World Saturday

Since today on Small world Saturday we are to tell you about our local school I thought I would share something we are very proud of. This is one of our biggest accomplishments for our high school that my children have been involved with.

why not share your own stories? Head over to Egypt Everlasting

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

The lady singing this song was very inspirational to me as a young mother. I love this song as well. Therefore I wanted to share it with you all

want more great songs of praise and inspiration? Visit the blog signs, miracles and wonders as well as at Jesus Loves me at Growing in Grace

Saturday 9

1. What's the longest time that you've waited to meet your date? Tell us when and what happened.

they were normally waiting for me in the dating years i was socially late and liked it that why

2. What's the longest time that you've waited for a job interview? Tell us when and what happened.

I have waited several hours in waiting room before but only one time after that it seemed as if i was hired on the spot in nursing with a record like mine it works that way I guess

3. What's the longest time that you've waited to have sex the first time with someone? Tell us why you waited.

i have only had sex with one man and he is my husband. I was raised a good girl and while I did not always act the part I did know that I wanted to wait for the right man

4. What's the longest time that you've not gone out on the town? Tell us when and what happened.

I hardly go out of town except with family or to visit daughter so this could be months

5. What's the longest time that you've worked without a break. Tell us what your job was and why did it happen.

16 hours nursing shortage

6. What's the longest time that you've not posted on your blog? Tell us when and why.

1 week we were on vacation

7. What's the longest time that you've been on the computer? Tell us what you were doing.

8 hours just blogging along

8. What's the longest time that you've waited for a friend? Tell us when and what happened.

I have waited on friends and will wait on friends to visit as many live many hours away from me facebook helps with that problem

9. What's the longest time that you've gone without food? Tell us when and why.

In my early parenting days food seemed to always be in short demand we would serve our six children first and then serve ourselves if there was not enough we went without. This is just how it was. Some how the Lord always allowed the pot to stretch.

join in on the fun here

Friday, August 14, 2009

KOKOPAX review


We all know that the sun is dangerous for our little ones. My grandmother used to always tell us to wear a hat on our head at all times when we were outside. In the winter it would keep the heat in and in the summer it would keep the heat off of our heads. Kokopax has some of the most adorable hats available for our little ones. The great kokopax sun hats have been designed with our little ones heads in mind.

The wonderful Kokopax hats are designed with an adorable strap that helps keep the hat on the childes head. We all know that little ones easily remove hats and while the strap deferred my granddaughter a bit the strap is not meant to keep the hat on the child's head with restraint. I personally like this it is not tied so that the child struggles taking it off. To me if the child wants that hat off they should be able to remove it that is why I like the thought of Kokopax hat strap. The hat still offers the ultimate in sun protection and should be worn whenever the child is in the sun. The hat is made up of 100% cotton canvas and in the sizes 6 to 12 mos, 12 to 18 mos, 18 to 24 mos.

The Kokopax company believes in giving back and has teamed up with the i-m0perfect foundation. this foundation was created to celebrate the imperfect in all of us. The Kokopax company donates 10% of their earned money to this great foundation. If you would be interested in learning about the i-m-perfect foundation, please visit I admire the great Kokopax company not only for the wonderful sun hat they created and we received for my granddaughter Princess but also because of our strong desire to make everyone feel worthwhile.

Buy: you can buy the wonderful Kokopax products on their online website or find a retail store using this link

Food Trip Friday

We made chilli for supper tonight with my basic recipe as follows

4 can of chilli ( I know I cheat but so does my mother in law)

2 can tomatoes, diced

2 lb hamburger, browned

bell pepper, chop

onion, chop brown with meat

mix all in crock pot heat and enjoy

We had Peanut butter sandwiches served with it because I love to dip my pb sandwich in the chili

This was my food trip for today what was yours? Share yours here or here at the Krazy Kitchen Blog as well at the blog Organize with Sandy

Friday Fragments August 14, 2009

Friday Fragments (and Friday's Freewrite) are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post.

This week has been quite an adventure that has been traveling to fast. By this time next week all of my children will be back in school and I will have another child move out of my house. This is a great week but sad at the same time.

This week I realized that the little store just down the road has the best hamburger and meat around. While a bit pricey (just a bit more than chain stores) we can buy meat that taste fresher and cooks up better. I can truly say that the home town actions of this lil shop are ones that I love as well.

This week we went back to school shopping with my teens. This year we allowed them to purchase their own needed items using their own money. Some liked that idea and others truly did not. Mom did not use her money to buy a thing for them. They looked for the sales, good deals and for products that would last them for a while. In the long run I was very pleased with what they did.

My daughter who is a mother and a wife and runs her own household pleases me as well. I love the fact that she calls me up and tells me how she is saving money, taking care of her child and running her own household. This makes me think that I may have done something correct. Next week my first son will move out of the house. While he will live in the dorms where he will be fed the rest will be on his own, he will attend class, work a part time job and take care of himself. I am a bit sad that this time has come but at the same time know in my heart he will be just fine. He will live 3 hours away from me and come home only occasionally. This will be very different since my son is always home, never gone and I will miss him.

My daughter, the newest high school graduate, purchased her books for classes at the Jr college this week. I know that she will be the next one to leave. I will make this year count as she will be the third one out the door. My gosh my mother was right children are like ladybugs they grow up and fly away.

I made chilli for supper. Can you believe that the middle of summer and they are requesting Chilli. It was good though and a big pot of it feels everyone up. It takes no more to make chilli than it does to make any other great meal. I have learned one thing over the years though and that is that everyone has their own recipe for chilli.

Talking about recipes I think it is funny how my daughter, me and my mother all make different foods. There is a bit of each of our child hoods that we take with us but mainly we all find our own grooves. I love ground beef, my mom loves pasta and my daughter rice. Now let me tell you some of the recipes that I am told about sound great and I try to copy but they do not taste like the person that told me about it. I guess it is true no one cooks like the person besid them.

these were my fragments for this week. Please add your own or read others on the blog Half Past Kissin Time and Ordinary and Awesome and Conversion Diary

Hi There


This is a picture that is of my niece. She is standing up at the coffee table. Wow how they change so quickly. Many say that this little one looks like my granddaughter Princess but this little gal is more of a Diva than Princess. She has to be she has 2 older brothers to whip on.

I am sharing this picture at the meme Give Me Your Best Shot on the blog Better In Bulk

Aloha Friday August 14,2009

We have found many great back to school sales as of late. One of our best was the shoes the boys bought for nearly 1/2 price at Sears. The girls found great sale on shoes at Payless for B1G1 1/2 off and they were great shoes. We also found wonderful deals at Debs for my daughter where she found clothes 60% off.
My question is:
what is the best deal you have found of late?
Play along with Aloha Friday at An Island Life

Frugal Fridays

Back to school time always means spending money in this house. With my children all teens I decided to have them to buy their own supplies. All summer they did chores, worked for others and ended up with enough money to go back to school. So they would do their own shopping with me only advising if they asked. It was so funny they thought about all they would buy where as if I was buying it would have been no thought just look find what they like with no worry. I thought it was great everything was bought on sale and they were seeking these sales out. What a great way to teach children about money as well as save money.

want more great frugal ideas visit the blog life as mom

Thursday, August 13, 2009


As a grandmother I want to provide the best products to my little one. As she nears her first birthday the weather will begin to change. Kushies Baby has the perfect item to settle both those problems. The wonderful Kushies baby Long John set that we received or the gown would be perfect for the Central Illinois winters where the winters are long and the days are cold. The Long John set is not what you would consider the heavy type but is perfect to play inside with the heat on. The colors of the set are pastel and very pretty. The softness can not be compared to any and I can just imagine Princess getting snuggled up and staying warm in the lovely Kushies pajama set.

Kushies design their baby products to meet the highest of quality baby test. The goal of the Kushies company is to strive excellence in all areas from design to manufacturing to marketing. For more than 50 years Kushies has been pleasing parents and grandparents like myself and you. We all know that with experience comes excellence. The Kushies company was created by a company that was known for making wonderful doll clothes in Canada. Kushies started out creating form fitting cloth diapers that would be sold world wide. Because of Kushies love and demonstration of protecting the earth Kushies became a leader of clothing product in over 30 countries including the United States and Canada.

Buy: you can buy any of the wonderful products that Kushies sell on their website or locate a store near you by visiting this link

For a limited time you can save 10% by using the discount ashop10

Snorg Tees Review

I love great tees and my husband does as well. Snorg Tees have some wonderful tees with great sayings and the best part is they make sizes for my entire family. Snorg Tees pleases me because they make great looking tees for the small folks to the big man style. My husband is a 3x and yes Snorg Tees make tees for him, my daughter is a petite small size women and they have tees for her as well. So if you are looking for tees with great sayings and sizes that many companies do not sell look for Snorg Tees.

About 5 years ago a group of friends came together and decided that they needed to find something to do that was different than the normal job. Snorg tees has grown since that time. Snorg Tees are for those that are looking for eh pop-culture inspired tees that are the all around funny shirt. The best part about Snorg Tees is that the designs that are sold are primarily inspired by the employees own creations. The other part comes from the consumers ideas and point of views. Now is that cool or what? Snorg Tees request that any ideas that you have for future tees to be shared with them. I just think as a mom of an art student that is so cool.

If you are looking for great cool looking shirts then visit the SnorgTees website. The prices are all super as well. I am sure that you will find a tee that not only fits your personality great but one that you will love as well.

Game for home school or sunday school class

Experiment: create concentration game

Experiment Taken From: 8:12:09

Materials Needed:
  • matching pictures
  • note cards or cardboard
  • hod podge glue


I used note cards cut in half and Sunday school stickers to create matching pairs. This game is great for my Sunday school kids

I think another idea would be to use bible verses that the students could match up or even names of bible characters.

for more notebook experiences head over to the Mother Load mom advice blog

Thursday Thunks

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 4812 and the color of storm clouds.

1. Hypothetical question- you are in a building with famous works of art, old manuscripts of famous novels, and original sheet music from famous composers. The building is on fire and looks to be completely destroyed. Do you grab any of the famous works before fleeing, and if so what?

I love to read and also listen to great music but since I only have time to choose one to save I would save the famous novels in fear that if I did not my son would never forgive me.

2. In August 1969, the Manson family went on a 2 night killing spree. Do you think 40 years later they have paid for their crimes?

I am not sure Manson his self has always scared me but I am not sure about the girls. I had a history teacher once that said the girls should be forgiven? They commited an awful crime and barely escaped the death penalty so maybe the best is for them to stay where they are and be happy they are alive.

3. Power Outage! What's the longest you have been without power?

2 days during a winter ice storm

4. Just bought a new tazer gun. Will you let it be tested it on you to see if it works, and how it feels to be tazered?

no way brother in law made this mistake and said he would never do it again

5. A neighbor's mail was delivered to you. In it is a magazine not wrapped in plastic. Is it ok for you to flip through it before giving it to the neighbor? Do you tell them you looked through it?

I never look through others mail and give it directly to them. My dad was a mail carrier and taught me that it was against the law to look through another mail delivered correctly or not

6. If I went through your purse/wallet right now, what all would I find in there?

hubby would say everything but the kitchen sink. The truth is you would find 2 wallets one with cash in it and the other one with important cards, gum, pens, and any papers I have for my children

7. Have you been living under a rock?

that would hurt would it not?

8. Tell us something crazy you did this week.

I went to mall and let my children do their own shopping refusing to spend my own money. This was a first for sure.

Play along with Thursday Thunks here

Bite Size Tacos

Not sure were I found this recipe but know it is a great snack kids love

Bite Size Tacos

lb hamburger, brown

2 t chilli powder

1/4 t onion powder

1/4 t garlic powder

10 oz pie dough

1/2 c shred cheese

1 egg

1 t water

mix meat and seasonings Roll out dough Cut in 12 squares Divide among 12 squares Sprinkle cheese Seal edges Prick Mix egg and water Brush Bake 425 degrees for 10 minutes

find more great recipes and tips for kids and parents alike visit the blog feels like home

PR Spotlight

Spotlight The name of my blog is Annie's Home and thanks to the ladies at Feels Like Home I am able to share all about my blog in hopes of having a PR spotlight on me.

As my readers know I love to review any products that my family would be interested in. With 5 teens at home, 2 in college and one of them living in a dorm room, a grand baby, a dog and a house to run there is not much that this family would not normally be purchasing. That is why the reviews I post are so random.

While I have reviewed many different products one thing that I have not been able to do is an interview for my blog. This is something that I would love to do. I have had courses in college that may of prepared me for this chore and would love to see if the skills I learned actually help.

If you are a PR professional who would either be interested in this blog reviewing a product that you represent or possibly allowing me to interview you for a blog post please email me at or leave me a comment on this blog.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Couple pic

Today these two have been married for 12 years. Congratulations my dear you have married your Prince Charming.

for more wordful wednesday visit the blog seven clown circus as well as the blog cheaper than therapy

Small idea that works great

I love a great bacon sandwich but not all the grease that it can carry with it. Either the pieces curl up or shrink. I have found a great way to cook bacon. I use the George Foreman and cook my bacon on more shrinking, curling up and with less grease this is wonderful. This is just a small idea but wanted to share this with you all.

Have an idea that works for you? Visit the blog We Are That Family

More silly faces of Katelynn

These were taken this summer when we were outside and I had a camera she is so funny and loves to take pictures

for more great special exposures visit the blog 5 minutes for special

Outdoor Wednesday: trip to Vandalia

These are pictures that we took while on a mini trip with son in law shown in picture and daughter

for more outdoor pictures visit the blog A Southern Daydreamer

Wordless Wednesday: Princess happy smile

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

This is my pup spike he is a mini pincher. Do you see his red color?

See other Ruby Red Pictures at the blog Work of the Poet

Southwest Spaghetti

My children love Mexican but sometimes that can get expensive. I tried a new recipe and kept my budget in tact.

Southwest Spaghetti

jar spaghetti sauce .89

lb hamburger 1.09 (on sale)

onion, chop (pantry)

taco season .39

can mushrooms .59

spaghetti .99

1 c shred cheese .99

Cook spaghetti Brown meat and onion. Drain. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Mix in pasta Transfer to casserole Sprinkle cheese over top Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes

want more great recipes head over to the blog $5 dinners

Cereal Crunchies

Here is a great recipe for back to school time

Cereal Crunchies

2 c rice chex

2 c corn chex

2 c cheerios

2 c mini pretzels

1 c mix nuts

1/3 c butter

1/3 c brown sugar

1/4 c corn syrup

3 T butter

1 1/2 t salt

2 T vanilla

1/4 t soda

Mix the cereal, pretzels, and nuts. Mix sugar, butter, syrup, butter and salt. Boil the second mix 5 minutes. In small bowl mix vanilla and soda. Mix all. Microwave 5 minutes Cool Mix

list your delicious recipes over at the blog Blessed with Grace

Lots to do this week

This week is the week before school starts so while I need to do the normal housework I also need to:
  • buy shorts for the boys they have both given me allowance money of theirs to do this
  • register youngest son for school
  • meeting with football team about sales
  • two a days start for football this means I will need to make meals fit practice
  • laundry
  • house cleaning as nothing got done today because of going to mall with teens

what is on your to do list? List them on the blog Crazy Adventures In Parenting

Top Ten : fads I dont get

Ten fads you just don't get
  1. blue hair
  2. pants hanging down and boxers hanging out
  3. women wearing boxers
  4. pajama pants
  5. wearing fuzzy slippers outside on the street
  6. spray tans
  7. botox
  8. young girl carrying their dogs around in purses
  9. fascination with stripper poles
  10. Atkins diet so famous after founder died from the same diet

what are your top 10? Enter them here

Random Teusday Thoughts

With my teens being as old as they are I thought I would allow them the opportunity to have their money that they would spend. I believe in just a few years they will all be in college or working full time. They each received $100 to do as they needed for this month and that money was to buy their school supplies as well. Today was hillarious as they went to buy their own shoes. My son loves brands as he thinks the more you spend on an item the better it will be. Not always true and my girls believe that you need to get the most for your money. They all took quite a while choosing what pair of shoes they would buy for their selves. The girls deciding to work together on a deal at payless but the boy finding nearly a 1/2 price sale at Sear. Both in my opinion did well.

My mother went with us to the mall today. I miss her being around as much as she used to. We have had a battle my entire life of hitting heads but my kids think she is the best. I realized today that I miss her and wish she was around more often. I have always admired her thinking how primp she is talking and how she is so pretty. Today as we shopped for clothes for the girls I realized what I missed out on. She teased my girls on certian outfits but also has great taste. The older we get we realize we need our moms. The kids all went out of their way to make a great day for her. My mom is always there and my rebellious teen years did not stop her for loving me and for this I thank her.

The mall has some great sales going on. I was very impressed with the amount of sales I found. These include the great shoes I spoke of earlier as well as the wonderful sales on school clothes in stores such as Debs, fashion bug and others.

those are my random thoughts for today what are yours? Head over to the blog The Un Mom and read others as well as list your own.

Take me back

THis picture takes me back aways as this is Princess at around 4 months old she will be a year in about 3 weeks.
for more take me back pictures go to giveaway addicted mommy blog

Tackling back to school

This week is the last full week before school starts so here are a few of the tackles I have been working on:

  • enrolling children in school. I had to do this on two different days because I have 3 in high school but I have 2 seniors an 1 sophomore. It gets rather crazy when they have so many forms to fill out. You would think after 12 years they would get a bit easier.

  • football practice two a days start while these are quite crazy for the boys they love them. It is up to us moms to get the boys to the practices and get it all worked out.

  • dorm rooms are in line for the oldest of the 5 still at home. He has been assigned a room and will move into it in 9 days. Very exciting yet a bit sad for me at the same time. We need to be sure that he has all that he needs though.

  • Books have to be bought for my oldest two children. We are getting off a bit lucky this year as a couple of the books they need we have found from students who had previously taken the classes. How lucky can we get. Books will probably be the highest cost of what we have to pay for.

have you or will you be tackling a task today? List them over on the blog 5 minutes for mom