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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Way to Earn $$$$ donation to your favorite charity

As many of my readers have seen pictures as well as read words where I express my honest respect for my son in law and his desire to work and support special olympics I must share a moment in time with you. One of the great leaders of Special Olympics has passed away. Eunice Kennedy Shriver once said "As we hope for the best in them hope is reborn in us"

I want to share a great and easy opportunity for you to raise money for special olympics or the charity of your choice. Hotel Combined has pledged to honor a donation of as much as $20 for simple task that we do every day. Let me share with you how you can help

How You Can Help:

  1. Share about the great Hotel Combined on your blog and you will raise $20 for your charity. Simpy paste a code that can be found here on your blog and let others know about the Hotel Combined and you will earn $20 for the charity of your choice. If you choose to blog please email and let them know the link url and that you mentioned them on your blog
  2. Simply sign into facebook and follow Hotel Combined will eary $5 for your charity. We do this every day when we follow others now you can earn your charity $5 for the simple task. After following please leave message letting them know what charity you would like the $5 to go to.
  3. Simply tweet this message Check out! I’m spreading the word for them and supporting World Vision at the same time (" will earn your choice of charity $10.

I recommend Hotels Combined and sent $20 to World Vision!

You can shout and help too.

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