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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tackling back to school

This week is the last full week before school starts so here are a few of the tackles I have been working on:

  • enrolling children in school. I had to do this on two different days because I have 3 in high school but I have 2 seniors an 1 sophomore. It gets rather crazy when they have so many forms to fill out. You would think after 12 years they would get a bit easier.

  • football practice two a days start while these are quite crazy for the boys they love them. It is up to us moms to get the boys to the practices and get it all worked out.

  • dorm rooms are in line for the oldest of the 5 still at home. He has been assigned a room and will move into it in 9 days. Very exciting yet a bit sad for me at the same time. We need to be sure that he has all that he needs though.

  • Books have to be bought for my oldest two children. We are getting off a bit lucky this year as a couple of the books they need we have found from students who had previously taken the classes. How lucky can we get. Books will probably be the highest cost of what we have to pay for.

have you or will you be tackling a task today? List them over on the blog 5 minutes for mom

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