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Monday, August 10, 2009

At The Well

How often does your house get quite? If you are like me your home may often seem like that Calgon commercial where the kids are fussing , the water is boiling, the doorbell is ringing, someone need to answer the phone and the baby needs tending. You may never truly find that wonderful peaceful moment. Perhaps if you are like me you will need to create a moment of silence by waking up earlier, staying up later or taking a walk where the little one falls asleep in the stroller. My quite time with the Lord is not as always evident as it may be with others. I pray all through the day. To pray you do not have to close your eyes you can thank him right where you are and the bible on tape is a great resource for working busy moms. Whatever you need to do to have quite time with the Lord make it happen. I believe that when you take time to be within the spirit of the Lord the day seems to go so much better
visit the blog At The Well to read how others find time for quite time


  1. i was just hinking along these lines, ms. annie, as the boys are so little and still very curious and mobile and everything else...will read At the Well..thank you and have a blessed Monday!

  2. Walking and talking with Jesus, all through the day! Love it!


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