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Friday, August 14, 2009

KOKOPAX review


We all know that the sun is dangerous for our little ones. My grandmother used to always tell us to wear a hat on our head at all times when we were outside. In the winter it would keep the heat in and in the summer it would keep the heat off of our heads. Kokopax has some of the most adorable hats available for our little ones. The great kokopax sun hats have been designed with our little ones heads in mind.

The wonderful Kokopax hats are designed with an adorable strap that helps keep the hat on the childes head. We all know that little ones easily remove hats and while the strap deferred my granddaughter a bit the strap is not meant to keep the hat on the child's head with restraint. I personally like this it is not tied so that the child struggles taking it off. To me if the child wants that hat off they should be able to remove it that is why I like the thought of Kokopax hat strap. The hat still offers the ultimate in sun protection and should be worn whenever the child is in the sun. The hat is made up of 100% cotton canvas and in the sizes 6 to 12 mos, 12 to 18 mos, 18 to 24 mos.

The Kokopax company believes in giving back and has teamed up with the i-m0perfect foundation. this foundation was created to celebrate the imperfect in all of us. The Kokopax company donates 10% of their earned money to this great foundation. If you would be interested in learning about the i-m-perfect foundation, please visit I admire the great Kokopax company not only for the wonderful sun hat they created and we received for my granddaughter Princess but also because of our strong desire to make everyone feel worthwhile.

Buy: you can buy the wonderful Kokopax products on their online website or find a retail store using this link

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