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Thursday, December 11, 2008

cold feet

Being a diabetic and living in southern illinois does not always go together. The winters here can be colder than cold and warm socks are a must. The site is giving you a chance to win warm socks so go check it out

Have you seen the kodak digital frame?

I was introduced to the Kodak digital frame at a christmas party last year. You know these are so cool it is like looking through a picture album. Anyways now you can win one over at SO go check it out it is too cool

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family pictures

We had party time a bit early because my daughters family lives away from here the top is my granddaughter in her new bumbo seat that her grandma, (me) bought her. The next picture is all my kids and my daughters husband. There is one missing my son he had started a new job and came a bit later

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Charm House: Christmas Giveaway...

The Charm House: Christmas Giveaway...

They are giving a nativity scene away and all you have to do is tell them your favorite song. I love this idea because I love nativity scenes. I have a few throughout the house but could always make room for more.

My Art, My So Called Life: 18...A Giveaway & My Christmas Giveaway

My Art, My So Called Life: 18...A Giveaway & My Christmas Giveaway

give away for nice purse and other items check it out

Zero would have to be my alltime favorite candy bar

Carmel and chocolate chews I have loved since I was knee high

Gumdrops I have ate from a very young age as well. I can remember my mother having a gumdrop tree that would come out at christmas time.
How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! [Ps. 19:10; Prov. 8:11.]
Is Gods love not wonderful? It is to me you see although candy may fill our earthly sweet tooth God and his words in the bible fill our longing for eternity.


I find myself more and more grateful for the Heavenly Lord who watches out for each of us. I am thankful for my daughter and her family and a great visit that we just had together. Although we only see each other about 1 time a month that little baby Katelynn Casidy still knows that I am her mama and I am so proud of her for everything that she is. I am thankful for my son in law who works his tail off so that my daughter can stay home with her daughter.
I am thankful that My son started his first job and a good job on Saturday. He is looking forward to his first paycheck but I am happy that he feels the need to help his family out financially.
I am thankful that my middle son although not terribly athletic takes it upon himself to participate in sports and urges those on when ever his coplayers have an off day.
Most of all I guess you can say I am thankful for what God made me, a mom.

Monday, December 8, 2008

monday menu

I only have 4 or 5 days to cook this week YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
monday: cinnamon toast squares
lunchmeat sandwich

tuesday: granola bar snack
lunchmeat sandwich
chillidog casserole

wednsday: granola bar snack
ramen noodles
baked chicken, salad, roll (youth pary not sure if kids are eating or not)

thursday: bagel
ramen noodle
pizza with friend light parade

friday: bagel
shepherds pie, roll

saturday: monkey bread
ramen noodle
hamburger gravy with potatos

sunday: breakfast at church
will be a quick lunch maybe just sandwiches
church supper for christmas

I also plan to make simple drop cookies, cornflake christmas wreaths, peppermint almond bark, peanut butter blossoms and possibly peanut butter no bake cookies

the extras will be dessert and snacks

monday miracle our granddaughter

There is a blog which has a spot called mondays miracles. can i share with you about a little princes, my granddaughter that i love can be called her own miracle. You see she is a miracle (1) because my daughter and son in law had been told they could never have a baby please be careful when you say never when God is around because God never has a never in his vocabulary. (2) about a month ago she had the virus that causes meningitis they said she would be dead or loose mentality. First the virus was there and then it was no where to be found guess God does work in ways if prayer abounds. Praise God for this little girl for I know that He has plans for her. She will potray the baby Jesus in the church Christmas play allready he is working with her.

Two of a kind, working on a full house: HotWyre Jewelry Review And Giveaway

Two of a kind, working on a full house: HotWyre Jewelry Review And Giveaway

check out this give away it cool and jewelry so it could be something for us moms

Jolly Mom: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer-Pak Nak Review & Giveaway!

Jolly Mom: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer-Pak Nak Review & Giveaway!

there are some real cute items over at and the best thing is someone could win one

Simple Womans Day Book

For Today December 8, 2008

Outside my window:
The weather is a bit warmber but promises to get cold again. The sun has peeked aout a few times but does not promise to be out for long I can see the empty field which promises to be covered with snow this winter but at the present time looks like a fall day
I am thinking:
I am thinking about what a wonderful season christmas and what lessons I have learned from so many fellow bloggers. I have learned to save money, ideas to decorate, and the tips I have recieved have been used
I am thankful for:
Family, all of them , I have 6 children and each of them at this time are pleasing me. I am thankful my oldest son landed a great job. My son in law has also landed a terrific job. I am also thankful he was hurt no more than he was when he fell. I am thankful that I saved $21 dollars and the tips I have learned through blogs
From the learning rooms:
We are working on a few different things and incorporating lesson on themes. I have found some wonderful exercises to help stress handwashing and of course christmas
From the kitchen:
cooking up large pot of chilli and peanut butter plossoms to go with them
I am wearing:
comfortable yet not stylish sweatsuit but i do have santa on my sweatshirt
I am creating:
working on simple ornaments
I am reading:
looking for a great book at the present time have any recommendations?
I am hoping:
I can save a bunch of money on the holiday meal
I am hearing:
christmas carols from the card I recieved from fellow blogger recently
Around the house:
its beggining to look alot like christmas everywhere you look
One of my favorite things:
my only granddaughter Katelynn I love her so much
Plans for rest of week:
busy week christmas parade thursday and christmas church supper sunday

Read what others are doing over at

Nerd Family Things: Polliwalks Review and Giveaway!!!

Nerd Family Things: Polliwalks Review and Giveaway!!!

There is such a cool giveaway going on here. It is for shoes> Wow these blogs giving shoes away it is cool so go and check it out winner wins a pair of shoes Here is a link to the poliwalk shoes

felt ornaments

Tonight we will be making felt ornaments. They are very simple to make and I will post pictures after they are done.
To make ornament you simply trace christmas cookie cutter onto a piece of felt. We will then decorate the felt ornament with beads, ribbon and such that we have had left over from other projects.
We will also decorate the christmas tree. Although it is up and with lights we had not decorated it yet so tonight will be the night. I am also going to prepare a big pot of chilli.

Chilli (we cheat just a bit but family recipe)
4 cans meaty chilli
3 lbs brown hamburger
1 large can stewed tomatoes
2 can chilli beans
onion, chopped
can tomato juice
spices to taste

This is how I make my chilli. His grandmother always used a chilli block and chilliman chilli but my mom always made homemade chilli using homecanned tomato juice and she would cook it all day. You can say that I went in the middle and made my own.

Well that is what I have going on today that I know about will post pictures later.