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Monday, December 8, 2008

felt ornaments

Tonight we will be making felt ornaments. They are very simple to make and I will post pictures after they are done.
To make ornament you simply trace christmas cookie cutter onto a piece of felt. We will then decorate the felt ornament with beads, ribbon and such that we have had left over from other projects.
We will also decorate the christmas tree. Although it is up and with lights we had not decorated it yet so tonight will be the night. I am also going to prepare a big pot of chilli.

Chilli (we cheat just a bit but family recipe)
4 cans meaty chilli
3 lbs brown hamburger
1 large can stewed tomatoes
2 can chilli beans
onion, chopped
can tomato juice
spices to taste

This is how I make my chilli. His grandmother always used a chilli block and chilliman chilli but my mom always made homemade chilli using homecanned tomato juice and she would cook it all day. You can say that I went in the middle and made my own.

Well that is what I have going on today that I know about will post pictures later.


  1. Dd2 is getting alot of ideals from scraping.

  2. I have never thought of tracing out an ornament with a cookie cutter! What a brilliant idea! Thank you for linking up with us today and I hope to see you next Monday!


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