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Monday, December 8, 2008

monday miracle our granddaughter

There is a blog which has a spot called mondays miracles. can i share with you about a little princes, my granddaughter that i love can be called her own miracle. You see she is a miracle (1) because my daughter and son in law had been told they could never have a baby please be careful when you say never when God is around because God never has a never in his vocabulary. (2) about a month ago she had the virus that causes meningitis they said she would be dead or loose mentality. First the virus was there and then it was no where to be found guess God does work in ways if prayer abounds. Praise God for this little girl for I know that He has plans for her. She will potray the baby Jesus in the church Christmas play allready he is working with her.


  1. Two miracles already in one tiny little baby!

    Thank you for sharing your miracle - and you are right - God knows the plans He has for her!

  2. Praise God for doing what man said could not be done! Congratulations on your precious miracle!


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