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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Stand Up and Respect for its National Anthem Day

 Today is known as National Anthem Day. It is the day where the song of the nation is sung around the world by all those that i.d. with the anthem of America. The Star Spangled Banner has a rich history behind its writing as well. 

Francis Scott Key, an attorney from Maryland was on board the British Sea Vessel that had kidnapped a fellow colonist accused of misleading the British troops. Key was able to get the British troops to release Dr. Beans who had been accused but that would not be the end of the frightful night. Because of the on going battle between the colonist and the British the Brits would not Keys or the prisoner to leave the ship as they feared secrets would escape as well

Francis Scott Key and Mr. Beans had to stay on the ship while an intense battle occurred at Fort McHenry. It was feared that the Americans would loose the battles but as Scott watched he saw the American flag standing flying high. It was the inspiration he felt as he saw the Americans had made it thru the night and the American flag was still flying that he used to write a poem. Thus unknowingly writing the Star Spangled Banner which became the national anthem. 


The song would become very popular with many variations being wrote. It was President Wilson that asked the Bureau of Education to create one version of the national anthem that would be used by all. Thus the group led off hiring musicians including John Phillip Sousa to help standardize the song which would be first performed on December 5, 1917.

After thieds point more individuals and groups started acknowledging the new version as the national anthem. In 1889 the Navy enlisted the use of the natham anthem. In 1918 the national anthem was played during the 7th inning of game during game 1. However it was not until March 3, 1931 that President Herbert Hoover would sign a congressional order into law making the Star Spangled Banner Americas national anthem. .

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Irish Gun slinging Outlaw helped Shape America in the Wild West

 March is Irish American month and thus I would like to share about the many Irish Americans who helped to shape the great United States of America

Billy The Kid A.K.A William Bonny was actually born Henry McCarty; in 1859. His parents were from Irish Catholic ancestry Billies mother would die of consumption or what is now known as T.B. and his father would leave him and his brother to be orphaned. With noone to take care of him or his brother Billie would turn to a life of crime. First steaing food and then just a little over a week later would rob a chinese laundry where they would steal clothes and pistols. After that he would be a fugitive from the law after escaping out of jail. 

For a bit of time William would work as a ranch hand and gamble away what he made. Soon he would meet up another Irish man who also worked as a ranch hand. Together the duo would steal horses from local soldiers. In the summer of 1877 Billy would make his first kill of a blacksmith. Some would say that he was simply protecting himself butt he law saw it differently. Later he would begin to hang with gangs and become known as "William H. Bonney" later to be known as "Billy the Kid" because of his young attractive appearance.

The Irish American lad who grew up to be outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West would end up killing at least 8 men before he was shot and killed at the young age of 21. ,

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