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Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Country Tis of Thee

In honor of the 4th of July holiday approaching swiftly I am sharing a song that we often sang in church around this time. My Country Tis of Thee

Samuel Francis Smith authored this song in 1831. Smith was born in Boston and attended the Bostin Latin School and then Harvard and Andover Seminary. Smith was fascinated by a man named Judson who was America's first missionary. During his first year at seminary he was saught out by Lowell Mason a hymn publisher. Mason needed Smith to help him translate some German hymns and songs While working on the music he became interested in a song that was set to "God Save The Queen" and included the words "Gott segne Sachsenland" which means "God Bless our Saxon Land" Smith used this information and adapted it to create a new hymn 'America' America was first performed by a juvenile choir at a sunday school rally on July 4, 1831. Samuel Francis Smith would grow into a powerful Baptist preacher, pastor, college professor, hymnist, linguist, writer and missionary advocate. Smith would rejoice when his son would become a missionary to Rangoon. Smith lived a good life and remained active into old age. He passed in his late 80s while traveling to a preaching appointment.

Fireworks Safety

Our family like many others will be celebrating our Nations birthday and having a bit of fun as well. Part of our fun will include fireworks. My parents never participated in lighting fire works but rather took us to a firework show. My own family will do both but there are some safety rules that we will be sure to do and you may want to follow as well
Never allow a child to hold or ignite a firecracker. Firecrackers are very dangerous as well as fun and when they go off they could take a finger or so. We never hold and light a fire cracker and never allow our children to hold anything more than a sparkler and always under adult supervision
It is not a wise idea to ever pick up or try to relight a fire cracker that has not went off. You may not be sure how hot it is and could accidently go off when you are not expecting it to
Fire crackers are little bits that are lit on fire and therefore could cause other items to catch on fire. For safety sakes keep a garden hose or bucket of water close by
Light fire crackers one at a time and move back quickly. you are never sure how much it will take for one of them to spark, ignite and go off  Likewise never point or throw fire crackers at another person. 

useful resource here

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In Our Neck of the Woods

In our neck of the woods the rain has becoming a lot. At times it has rained each and every day with the land getting very wet and unable to take much more it starts to back up and the rivers fill up. My grandmother would have said "the creeks are arising" That would have meant we were either headed into town to stay with family or friends or we were going to prepare for a flood.

Most that live in the lower lands have all ready experienced floods and know what to do. The basic plan is to be ready. Just like we are ready for storms and power outages by having flashlights, batteries, candles and a lighter close by a flood can be prepared for as well. It is best to  have basic needs in a safe place in the case that a flood would occur.

One thing to prepare for is what you will eat. A three day supply of non perishable food is what most suggest having on hand. Be sure that these are foods that your family will eat. In our supply you will find items such as peanut butter, crackers, a bit of candy for the young ones, granola bars, cereal, and canned meat and other can goods. We try to always pack away cans that are easy to open and no need for can openers. It is best to have foods that require no heating up or refrigeration as there may be none if the area does flood. Don't forget needs such as eating utensils, knives and yes while we do not rely on them here can openers.

Water is another need that must be met and may not be available in a flood. Again it is suggested that you store a 3 day supply. Needs may vary on health, age, physical condition, activity, diet and the weather. It is best if you count on at least one gallon of water per person per day. This water will serve for drinking and sanitation as well. If there are children, nursing mothers or sick among the group you may need more. If the weather is warm where you are you may need to store double the suggested amount. It is best if the water you store is commercially bottled water (however be aware that there was a recall recently) Be sure to check the "use" by date and store in a cool dark place.

A few other things you may want to have packed as well may include

Be safe out there and if you are in the low line areas prepare yourself for the "creeks are arising"


Monday, June 29, 2015

Looking a bit festive

Our nations independence day will be on Saturday July 4th. We are preparing the house and getting recipes for delicious food ready as well. This recipe like this one are perfect for the birthday of our great nation

these red white and blue fruit kabobs look great, taste great and pair well with pudding dip.

1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup milk
1 package instant pudding (any flavor: vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate)
1 half-pint of blueberries
4 bananas
1 pint of strawberries

Place Shamrock Farms Sour Cream, Shamrock Farms mmmmilk and pudding into a blender/food processor and blend for 2 minutes until smooth and creamy. Chill 1 hour. Peel and slice bananas about a ½ inch thick. Remove strawberry hulls and slice in half. Take skewers and assemble according to photo; serve with the dip! Tip: Squeeze citrus juice over the bananas to prevent them from turning brown (lime, lemon or orange works). Serves 6-8.

recipe source here

What will you be preparing for this great holiday? Share a recipe or link to a food post here I would love to visit your blog as well.

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Let them Play Ball

Let them play ball. In this case let them play ball but in the mean time let them take a time out and search for valuable rocks and create mounds of dirt. I believe all of my children have had their turn playing in the dirt in their early ball years.

would love to hear all about your child's t-ball years Leave me a comment and share a tip or story

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