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Monday, June 29, 2015

Let them Play Ball

Let them play ball. In this case let them play ball but in the mean time let them take a time out and search for valuable rocks and create mounds of dirt. I believe all of my children have had their turn playing in the dirt in their early ball years.

would love to hear all about your child's t-ball years Leave me a comment and share a tip or story

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  1. Oh yes...T-Ball is loosely organized chaos. I remember when my middle child was an eye opener for me. Basically just a bunch of parents and kids on the field running around.

  2. Kids seem to be attracted to dirt and rocks. My boys love playing in the dirt and finding things.

  3. I love it!! Kids are awesome.

  4. I love that! I'm sure that's how my kids would be, too. No matter what we do, dirt and rocks are always more fun.

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  6. I'm sure they have had a lot of fun playing in the dirt at t-ball! My kids never played t-ball, but have played in a lot of dirt!

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