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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Cookbook Giveaway


Do you enjoy cooking?? Do you shop at Aldi's?? Here is a great giveaway that ties the two together. 

Terra Heck is currently running a giveaway over on her blog where the winner will receive a copy of this book The first question to enter is do you shop at Aldi's and how many cookbooks do you have. If you answer either of these you know you want to enter this giveaway so head over there now 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

French Fries, we all love them but where did they come from

 I am sure that we have all had them one time or another or at least seen them. I do have a friend that does not like them and there are many ways to prepare them. The item I speak of is french fries. 

Were you aware that there is a rivalry between 2 countries concerning where french fries come from. France and its close neighbor Belgian have long fought over the debate of who first debuted the french fry. Check out these delicious belgian fries 

Citizens of Belgian claim that the it was in the late 1700s that members of the community of Wallonie first fried up the potato. The menu of choice was often small fried fish but during the cold winter this was often difficult to accomplish. Thus chefs turned to using potatoes sliced in small fish shapes  

Citizens in France where the French Fry gained its name say that they were the first country to introduce this now international food. It was during the french revolution that it is claimed that the fried potato was invented by cooks that would be found under the bridges around the Seine river. 

This debate may continue on with no definite answers I am simply thankful that french fries were introduced to the world. 

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Babe Ruth Day

Today, April 27th is known in the sports world as "Babe Ruth" day. The legendary ball player was honored with his own national day on April 27th, 1947. Babe Ruth joined the New York Yankees in the year 1920. During the season he would set a new record for most home runs hit in a season. The record was nearly doubled when Ruth would hit 54 home runs destroying the old lead of 27 hit in a homerun. However, Babe Ruth had aan attitude of getting it done and also led the league in number of strike outs as well.

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Did You Know: 

George herman "Babe " Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1896. Babe Ruth would become a professional baseball player and enjoy the ride for 22 seasons. Ruth was given a few nicknames because of his ability to hit the ball. Nicknames such as "The Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat". Starting as a relief pitcher he quickly move to the position of outfielder. Regarded as one of the greatest sport heroes in America. Babe would be one of the first 5 individuals to be allowed into the baseball hall of fame. 


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sending Messages the Old Fashioned Way

 Have you ever wondered what the world was like before text messaging?? How would one send messages to others that were not in the same place?? One of these answers would be Morse Code, a telecommunication way that was born from encoding text characters via a series of dots and dashes. The code was designed by the inventor Samuel Morse. 

Morse code is based on a set of encodes that are derived from signals of punctuation, arabic numerals, english alphabet and some non english letters. 


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