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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Answering Those Doughnut Questions and Offering a Tasty Recipe

Ancient Romans have been credited for creating many food items that we enjoy today. Romans even enjoyed dough fried in oil which may have been the pre thought of the doughnut. Now we all should know what this little treat a doughnut is. The pastry that is small, fried, sweet and has a hole. Whether prepared with baking powder or yeast the doughnut is still considered a favorite of many. 

Types of doughnuts:::
  • bismarks
  • jelly doughnuts
  • raised yeast doughnuts
  • French cream puffs
Doughnuts can be filled or unfilled, plain, glazed or iced. 

It could be a windbag of a good time

The instrument known as the accordion here in the United States has a great variety of other names in different countries. Whether it be called the German Akkordeon or the Hand harmonika, or in Italy the Italian armonicca it is built in the same nature with a treble casing with external piano style keys or buttons and a bass casing that normally is found on the opposite side. 

The accordion instrument is played by compressing or expanding the bellows while pressing buttons or keys. This procedure allows the flow across strips of brass or steel call reeds. The reeds vibrate to make sound and valves on the opposing reeds of each note are used to make the instruments reeds sound louder without air leaking from each reed block. 

I hope you now understand a bit more about how the accordion works. There are many others confused on who exactly was the mind behind this instrument. Was it C. Fredrich L Buschmann who created and patented a handvoline as he called it in 1822 in Berlin or was it Cyril Demian of Vienna who in 1829 patented his accordion. However, the wind instrument soon captivated the world as immigrants from Europe brought the instrument to America and other places around the world.

Places in South America such as Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama popularized the music that was created by the accordion. Other places around the world the instrument did not create such a following. Folk music in America did showcase the accordion and this folk music traveled around the world as well. Thus making the accordion part of other genres of music. 

Cajun, jazz and classical music offers a platform for the accordion. 

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