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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Ten : fads I dont get

Ten fads you just don't get
  1. blue hair
  2. pants hanging down and boxers hanging out
  3. women wearing boxers
  4. pajama pants
  5. wearing fuzzy slippers outside on the street
  6. spray tans
  7. botox
  8. young girl carrying their dogs around in purses
  9. fascination with stripper poles
  10. Atkins diet so famous after founder died from the same diet

what are your top 10? Enter them here


  1. Good list! I don't understand why anyone thinks they look better with a spray tan.

  2. Oh I so agree what the heck? I've never understood the undies hanging out, my mom would have slapped me. Heck she'd slap me now if I wore a black bra with a white shirt!

  3. great list and i esp love #9 lol....yeah wassup with carrying dogs around in purses? so useless if you ask me.

    my list is here:

    but i only got to list 5. LoL.
    Enjoy the rest of the Day!

  4. I'm wearing "boxers". I got them my senior year of high school for magazine sales. I don't really wear them out tho.

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