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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snorg Tees Review

I love great tees and my husband does as well. Snorg Tees have some wonderful tees with great sayings and the best part is they make sizes for my entire family. Snorg Tees pleases me because they make great looking tees for the small folks to the big man style. My husband is a 3x and yes Snorg Tees make tees for him, my daughter is a petite small size women and they have tees for her as well. So if you are looking for tees with great sayings and sizes that many companies do not sell look for Snorg Tees.

About 5 years ago a group of friends came together and decided that they needed to find something to do that was different than the normal job. Snorg tees has grown since that time. Snorg Tees are for those that are looking for eh pop-culture inspired tees that are the all around funny shirt. The best part about Snorg Tees is that the designs that are sold are primarily inspired by the employees own creations. The other part comes from the consumers ideas and point of views. Now is that cool or what? Snorg Tees request that any ideas that you have for future tees to be shared with them. I just think as a mom of an art student that is so cool.

If you are looking for great cool looking shirts then visit the SnorgTees website. The prices are all super as well. I am sure that you will find a tee that not only fits your personality great but one that you will love as well.

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