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Thursday, August 13, 2009


As a grandmother I want to provide the best products to my little one. As she nears her first birthday the weather will begin to change. Kushies Baby has the perfect item to settle both those problems. The wonderful Kushies baby Long John set that we received or the gown would be perfect for the Central Illinois winters where the winters are long and the days are cold. The Long John set is not what you would consider the heavy type but is perfect to play inside with the heat on. The colors of the set are pastel and very pretty. The softness can not be compared to any and I can just imagine Princess getting snuggled up and staying warm in the lovely Kushies pajama set.

Kushies design their baby products to meet the highest of quality baby test. The goal of the Kushies company is to strive excellence in all areas from design to manufacturing to marketing. For more than 50 years Kushies has been pleasing parents and grandparents like myself and you. We all know that with experience comes excellence. The Kushies company was created by a company that was known for making wonderful doll clothes in Canada. Kushies started out creating form fitting cloth diapers that would be sold world wide. Because of Kushies love and demonstration of protecting the earth Kushies became a leader of clothing product in over 30 countries including the United States and Canada.

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