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Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Trip Friday

We made chilli for supper tonight with my basic recipe as follows

4 can of chilli ( I know I cheat but so does my mother in law)

2 can tomatoes, diced

2 lb hamburger, browned

bell pepper, chop

onion, chop brown with meat

mix all in crock pot heat and enjoy

We had Peanut butter sandwiches served with it because I love to dip my pb sandwich in the chili

This was my food trip for today what was yours? Share yours here or here at the Krazy Kitchen Blog as well at the blog Organize with Sandy


  1. it's been a while since I had chili. I have to wait for hubby's Superbowl Party since it's his specialty.

  2. This is one dish I haven't tried making. Thanks for the recipe. Will prepare some anytime :)

  3. I love chili!

    I've never heard of dipping a peanut butter sandwich in it. Although I remember when I was in jr. high every Friday was soup & sandwich day in the cafeteria, and they always served the chili with either a cinnamon roll or a pbj sandwich. hmm...

  4. hi, sounds like a simple recipe.masubukan nga.:)
    My FTF here

  5. Dipping PB&J in chili is a new one on me, but I'll try anything once.


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