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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sugabettens Bakery Bars and Brownies Review

Just take a look at this luscious goodies in the picture. Let me tell you the picture does not even compare to the wonderful taste of these lovely bars by Sugabettens Baking Oh let me tell you when they were delivered I immediately opened the box and the aroma of a delicacy rolled out of the box. As I unwrapped the foil the goodies were so lovely wrapped with the smell rose and my taste buds readied. The sweetness of these goodies rested on the foil just like at home the filling had oozed out just a bit and created a leak onto the foil. The bars you could tell had been wrapped warm with love and sent on their way. Let me share a bit about the bars and brownies that I received from Sugabettens Baking Company.

The Sugabettens brownies were terrific as well with the richness of the chocolate melting in your mouth. The brownies were not firm like you sometimes find them but had that home baked firmness which has its soft points in all the flavorful right places. Oh my the clouds we floated on after eating such goodies. Literally my children loved this review.

As I looked over the Sugarbettens web site I noticed many wonderful facts but perhaps the one that struck most to me was the philosophy that they held.
  • We will never sacrifice service for profit. Our customers come first.
  • We will provide the highest quality customer service to ensure you are satisfied
  • Our corporate philosophy is simple. keep our customers happy.

I believe that they met and went above their philosophy. The great insulated crate that the cookies arrived in help bring that thought home to me. What other company would care enough that their goodies tasted their best that they insulated the smell and taste of the goodies for security reasons LOL.

Buy: you can order SugaBettens Bakery delicacies online from their website here


  1. NONONONONO!!! I am CRAVING chocolate so bad and these bad boys look like GOOD Boys! Sugabettens wanna come to MY House? Ohh and my weakness is Brownies!

    I had to be nosy and go to their website! 2 Sisters baking Brownies, now ya Got me! A Family owned business!!! I LOVE IT!

    Those Twinkles want to make a visit to MY house, I just know it!

    Sugabetten Sisters from Boston I'd be happy to do a Review for you on my Blog!!!! hahhah
    YUM YUM!
    Leslie Loves Veggies But Leslie Loves Brownies TOO!!!!

  2. Come on Lucky 2,

    I want to win this!
    Gained a few pounds just looking at the pictures.
    Yummy, Thanks for this wonderful Giveaway.


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