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Friday, April 17, 2009

the friday 5

What is your favorite food from each food group?
1. Bread (Grain) Group: I do not like whole grain wheats at all don't ask me why I am 38 and yes I do feed it to my kids but no I will pass if there is no white bread. This is probably my worst area

2. Meat (Protein) Group: eat most anything but no wierd things like rocky mountain oysters or pig tongue you know regular food I am sorry that is how my mom raised me

3. Vegetable Group: love vegies I will eat all of them in this food group love garden tomatoes

4. Fruit Group: love fruit bananas, apples are favorite

5. Sugars, Fats and Oils: problem area here I am a diabetic need to cut back so do not tempt me

Want to play along go here

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