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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

works for me Wednesday

Thrifty Jinxy

This works for me Wednesday I wanted to share with you some ways that I was able to recieve some great shopping deals. In our town we have a radio station and this radio station occasionally holds auctions for charities. This week they hosted an auction for the spring summer kiwanis baseball and softball. I was lucky enough to get some great buys. Here is what I bought.

(1) a haircut and style (value $25.00) bought for $12.00

(2) a ham from a local grocery store Toms Mad Pricer (value $25.00) bought for $18.00

(3) a value pack of one large pizza from Morello's ( a local pizza place real good food), 2 $5 gift cards to a local mexican place Luna (new in town) and $5 dairy queen dollars. (value of package $30.00) bought for $20.00

I got a real steal as I was able to buy $80 of products for $50 savings of $30 or nearly half. Thought I would just share this information. I do not know if charity auctions go on in your area but when you get a great buy they get money and all are happy.

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  1. I haven't seen any auctions around here, but I think maybe I'd better start reading the local paper more, LOL! Congrats on your great purchases.


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